Privet Party

Angelica floated around the room, barking orders at staff members as she went. 


“Everything needs to be perfect people!” She yelled before stopping at the head chef’s stove to taste the pasta sauce.


“Fuck, that’s good.” She said, looking up at the middle aged man.


He only offered up a tight smile, probably wanting nothing more than to tell her to get the hell out of his kitchen.


As she continued on her path, Blue, her sibling-in-law, and her older sister, Monica leaned against the door frame of the kitchen entrance.


“Your sister’s a fucking psycho path.” Blue whispered to their wife as she leaned against them.


“I fucking told you. I said we should plan this thing are fucking selves, but no, you wanted the works. Here it is babe, here’s the works.” Monica said, gesturing to her sister.


Blue laughed, shaking their head.


It was their and Monica’s tenth wedding anniversary and Blue wanted to do something big. Every other year they and Monica had planned the parties themselves, and it always ended up with them playing host and hostess, leaving little to no time for them to actually enjoy their own party.


“Why are we even down here? It looks like psycho sis has everything covered.” Blue said as they turned their wife to face them.


“You wanna leave the staff with my deranged sister?!” Monica asked, her eyes doubling in size.


“They’ll be fine. If anything pops off, they can just call security.” Blue said, waving a dismissive hand. 


Monica took one last look over at her sister who was typing away on her iPad like a mad woman. With a shrug, Monica placed her hand in her spouse’s, and allowed Blue to lead her out the kitchen. As they made their way past a few family members they offered up smiles and hurried along. Then, making their way to the stairs, the air around them began to shift. With all the second hand stress from the kitchen now gone, Monica could feel the excitement brewing within her stomach. With every step they climbed, the coil of excitement in Monica’s stomach only grew tighter and tighter. 

When they finally made it upstairs, Blue elongated their strides, making quick work of getting to the room without looking suspicious to those passing by them.


Upon making it into the room, Blue spun their wife around, pushing her into the door, causing it to slam shut. As their lips found her’s, all thoughts of the party and what was happening downstairs vanished. 


In a flash Blue’s tongue found Monica’s, embracing like old friends who hadn’t seen one another in far too long. 


As their mouths worked against one another, Blue’s hands found the zipper of Monica’s dress.


“Lock the door.” Monica said, her breath labored.


Not wanting to be separated from their wife, not even for a moment, Blue held her tightly against them and back tracked to the door. After locking it, Blue pushed forward, making their way straight for the bed. In the ten steps or so that it took to get from the door to the bed, Blue managed to get the top half of their wife’s dress off. Then, after working the dress down her hips, Blue took a step back, marveling at their wife. Standing in nothing but her matching, dark navy blue lingerie and matching heels, Monica was pure sex.


“Jesus, you’re gonna kill me.” Blue groaned, dropping their head back to look up at the ceiling. 


Leaning forward, Monica took their ear between her teeth, giving it a light nibble.


“That’s the plan.” She whispered before licking the shell of their ear.


Blue could only groan in response as Monica pushed them down onto the bed. 


Blue hadn’t even yet settled onto the bed before Monica was on them. Then, as her lips found theirs, Blue gripped their wives thighs, groaning as the heat from her center burned through their slacks. 


The couple began to make out for what felt like an eternity before Monica rolled them over and pushed Blue up so that they were standing.


“Strip.” She ordered, causing Blue to groan.


Stepping back from the bed, Blue took their sweet time, pulling off one article of clothing at a time. Then, when they were naked as the day they’d been born, Blue sank and knee into the bed as they grabbed their wife’s foot. Pulling her towards them, they reached up, hooking an index finger in the side of her thong. In one swift motion, the underwear had been removed and discarded somewhere behind Blue. Pushing her legs apart, Blue dove face first into their wife’s pussy. Normally, Blue liked to tease and work Monica up to the point of begging, but there was no time for that. Swirling their tongue, Blue teased and sucked on Monica’s clit, causing her back to bow off the bed.


“Blue!” She called out, threading her hand into their dark hair.


Pushing forward, Blue buried their tongue inside their wife, causing Monica to groan as her hips bucked. 


After adding a single digit, and then another, Blue took their wife higher and higher until there was nowhere else to go but crashing back down to earth.


As Monica’s orgasim tore through her body, Blue swiftly moved up the bed, clasping a hand over their wife’s mouth as they continued to finger fuck her.


Wave after wave, Monica’s climax washed over her until she began to shake. Then, once the waves subsided, Monica fell into a slump against the bed.


Sitting up, Blue licked their fingers, savoring the taste of their wife as they watched her chest rise and fall.


“You okay there?” They asked, a cocky grin gracing their lips.


Monica gave a thumbs up as she stared at the ceiling. Then, after a few more minutes of recovery, Monica took a hold of Blue’s hand.


“Your turn.” She said, tossing them down onto the bed.


After making Blue cum, several times, the couple made quick work of getting dressed and heading back downstairs.

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