Other Kids|Casey And Mya Pt.2

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After spending quite some time driving on route 54, Mason turned into the parking lot of a diner called Big Frank’s. Big Frank’s was a wide, flat building that looked as though it had been ripped right from the 60’s. Everything from the trash cans to the building itself reminded Casey of the movie Grease. 


Mason pulled into a parking spot right in front of the door and after killing the engine, he and Casey made their way inside. The bell above the door rang as Mason pulled it open, holding it open for Casey. 


The door of the diner acted as a time machine, taking Casey back to the late fifties, or early sixties. The sound of The Penguins’s Earth Angel floated through the air. The smell of french fries, burgers, and various baked goods made Casey’s mouth water.   


As they walked up to the hostess, heads turned as smiles and greetings were thrown their way. 


“Hey Mase, how was the city?” Asked a blonde with a name tag reading; Heather. 


“Aw, it was alright.” Mason said, as Heather grabbed two menus from underneath her stand. 


Turning around, she gestured for the two to follow her as she began walking. 


As they made their way through the diner, it wasn’t hard to see that Mason was quite the popular guy. Every few feet there was a man calling his name, high fiving him, or giving him a playful shove as they passed. 


When they finally made it to the very back of the diner, Heather sat the two in a booth. 


“I take it you’ll have your usual?” She asked, looking at Mason as she pulled out her pen and notepad. 


“Yeah, but can we hold off on that until after Casey orders?” Mason asked. 


“Sure thing. I’ll be right back with a menu.” She said with a warm smile. 


After looking over the menu, Casey settled on getting a steak with a side of fries and a strawberry milkshake. 


When Casey first placed their order, Mason and Heather shared a look before Heather chuckled and flipped her small notebook close. 


“Something wrong?” Casey asked, looking from Heather’s back to Mason. 


Mason laughed as he smoothed a hand over his beard. 


“Let’s just say I have a bit of a habit of convincing everyone to eat good food.” Mason said. 


Casey frowned. 


“What does that mean?” Casey asked. 


Before Mason could answer, an older couple, who were walking by the table, stopped right beside him. The woman, who was closest to him, placed a hand on his arm and leaned down towards Casey as if she were about to give them the secrets of the universe. 


“It means this narcissistic shit, is always trying to push his ideas and feelings onto everyone!” She said, hooking a thumb in Mason’s direction. 


Judging by the way the entire diner stopped to watch the interaction, and the way they all laughed and teased him, not at his expense but just for fun; made them all seem like one big happy family.  


Once the older woman had left, and the commotion had settled down, Mason leaned back in his seat and looked over at Casey. 


“So Casey, tell me about yourself.” He said. 


‘What is this, a job interview?’ Casey thought to themself. 


Not wanting to be rude, they decided to answer him. 


“I really like movies.” They said, 


Mason laughed, probably thinking their answer was as childish as they did. 


“Do you have a favorite genre?” He asked. 


“Well it’s a tie between horror and thrillers.” Said Casey. 

Mason chuckled. 


“My second oldest is a horror film fanatic.” He said. 


Casey’s stomach sank. If there was one thing Casey hated more than anything, it was foster parents with biological children. To the parents their children could do no wrong, and the children walked around like they knew it. At Casey’s last foster home, they got blamed for almost everything; which was part of the reason they left. 


Then, just before the food arrived, Casey said a silent prayer that Mason’s kids would be somewhat decent. 


As Heather placed the food in front of them, all thoughts of what their ‘siblings’ would be like went out the window. 

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