Only Time Will Tell

The beach was packed with graduates from Lakeman High. Nursing their beers, the teens clustered together, talking, dancing, and enjoying themselves. Among the partygoers, Wallace Hall made his way over to a truck that held the keg and refilled his red solo cup. Sipping the foam he turned around just as a pair of arms were thrown around his neck.

“What am I gonna do without you?” Abe said as he twirled the hair at the nape of Wallace’s neck.

Wallace sighed. The men had talked about the unavoidable ending of their relationship extensively. They flirted with the idea of long-distance but after doing the math they realized it just wasn’t a possibility. They’d barely be able to afford their schooling let alone be able to fly back and forth to see one another. 

Wallace fought back tears as he looked at his boyfriend.

“Meet other cute boys.” He half-joked, half-seriously suggested.

Abe shook his head.

“But nobody will ever be as cute as you.” He said, caressing the other man’s face.

Wallace puckered his lips causing Abe to lean in. The men’s mouths slowly worked against one another as they kissed each other passionately. Then, when neither man could breathe, they pulled apart.

“I love you.” Wallace said, nuzzling Abe’s nose.

Abe leaned in for another kiss.

“I love you too, and maybe that love will stand the test of time.” He said.

Wallace had thought about waiting for Abe and asking him to do the same, but that was selfish. The next four years or so would throw so much at the two and asking Abe to wait felt like freezing time. 

“Only time will tell.” Abe said, not wanting to get his hopes up but also not wanting to dismiss the idea entirely.

Needing a break from the saddening topic Wallace pulled his boyfriend into the crowd of their friends and classmates. They had the entire summer to make memories and discuss the future; At that moment all Wallace wanted was to get drunk and enjoy the party.

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