One Hundred Homes

“Would you still love me if I was a murder?” Alexis asked, walking through the front door of her home.


Sarah, Alexis’s wife, poked her head through the serving window of the kitchen.


“Depends on who your victims were.” Sarah said with a shrug. 


Kicking off her shoes, Alexis tossed her keys into the bowl next to the door before making her way to the kitchen bar. Plopping down onto one of the bar stools, she swiped the glass of wine that’d been sitting on the countertop.


On the other side of the bar, Sarah crossed her arms over her chest and stared at her wife; a look of half amusement, half arousal on her face.


“Wow, this is the good stuff.” Alexis said, pointing to the now empty glass.


Sarah laughed.


“It better be! That’s our celebration wine.” She said.


Alexis paused for a moment, her eyes doubling in size as she looked from the glass to her wife, then back at the glass, and back at her wife once more.


“You didn’t!” Alexis said, her eyes doubling in size.


Sarah nodded and Alexis gave a little yelp as she jumped up from the bar stool.


Shaking her head, Sarah couldn’t help but laugh as Alexis hurried around the island and threw her arms around the realtor’s neck.


“You did it! You fucking did it. Oh I’m so proud of you!” Alexis said as she peppered her wife’s face with kisses. 


Sarah laughed.


“Well, technically  Donte and I did it. This would have been impossible without him.” She said, pulling out her phone.


Alexis set her glass down and took the phone from her wife. Swiping through the photos, she couldn’t help but grin widely.


“Awe, Donte!” Alexis said, stopping on a photo of her wife and the older man.


Donte was Sarah’s mentor and partner in crime. Upon joining the firm, Sarah and Donte met and it was like pouring gas on a lit match. Donte was generous enough to share his listings with Sarah and took her under his wing. Their blend of old school and new school helped them gain a broad demographic of clients and before they knew it, the duo were selling houses like hot cakes. 


So much of Sarah’s life had led up to this moment. For as far back as she could remember, Sarah had been obsessed with two things; travel and homes. As a kid, she and her family use to bounce back and forth between The States and South Africa to be with both sides of her family. Her parents had homes in several parts of Africa and for Sarah, that made traveling so much easier. To her, she could live anywhere in the world so long as the place where she laid her head at night was a house she truly loved. To the realtor, no amount of money was too much when it came to homes. 


Turning around in her wife’s arms, Alexis took the other woman’s face in her hands.


“I’m so proud of you.” She whispered, stroking Sarah’s cheek with her thumb.


Sarah said nothing as she pulled her wife into a passionate kiss. Wasting no time at all, Sarah pushed the other woman’s blazer off her shoulders before dropping it on the stool next to the one Alexis had been sitting on. Pulling the other woman to her feet, Sarah ran her hands up Alexis’s side. After pulling Alexis’s silk blouse from her slacks, Sarah ran her hands up the shirt, nails lightly scratching Alexis’ stomach on their way down. 


“Wait!” Sarah said, pulling back from the kiss.


Alexis groaned before looking at the other woman.


“Why were you going to murder someone?” The realtor asked.


Alexis shook her head. 


“Not important right now.” She said before crashing her lips into Sarah’s.


Kissing Alexis back with the same passion Sarah had for her during their first kiss, seven years ago, Sarah could feel the other woman melting under her touch. That’s one thing she could never understand about them. No matter how many times they kissed, how many times they had sex; none of it was ever enough. 


In no time clothes began falling until the women were stretched out on the living room floor, their bodies moving in sync. It didn’t take long before the realtor’s nails were digging in Alexis’s back as Alexis latched onto Sarah’s nipple as she pushed two fingers deep inside the realtor.


In a matter of minutes, Sarah was arching off the carpet, a string of profanities falling from her lips as she fell apart beneath the other woman. 


When her orgasm finally subsided and her vision returned to normal, Alexis looked up at her wife with hooded eyes.


“I’m so proud of you baby.” Alexis said running her finger along her wife’s jawline.  


Too spent from the orgasm, Sarah slumped forward, her head falling on her wife’s chest. 


Alexis laughed, hugging the other woman close as she pressed a kiss to the top of her head. The women stayed there, stretched out on the living room floor,  for an uncertain amount of time before finally going upstairs. 

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By Cephinise Modestin

I once told my mom I wanted to be God.... she wasn’t happy about that. I don’t think God was either, cause I got electrocuted a few hours later. Coincidence? I think not. So I gave that up on that dream and decided to go with a much safer career path... Being a writer. I build worlds, put people in those worlds, and most importantly, I tell stories of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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