On The Set Part.6- At The Height Of It


“We should go out!” Hunter says, sitting up.

Hunter knows his twin, the next few days will most likely consist of Huston running around city getting things their parents can’t get in Canada and packing. So now’s his last chance to spend with them.

Dropping their heads back, Huston and Cash groan simultaneously.

“Dude no!” They yell, already exhausted at just the thought.

Party’s always been more Hunter’s thing.

“Awe come on!” Hunter whines, jumping to his feet.

“It’ll be fun. We’re all young and good looking. We’ll go out, hit the town, maybe get a couple groupies?” He says, nudging Huston as he says that last part.

Back when Cash, Huston and Hunter had first booked ‘Tomorrows’ Crimes’, the trio went out religiously. A lot of the cast was fairly new to LA and hadn’t ever been in anything big before, so they could get away with going out without drawing to much of a crowd. So after long days of shooting, the cast as well as the crew would hit the town. Even though they still had to wait in line but, when they finally did make it to the front, the never had problems getting in. Then, as they show started to gain popularity, especially amongst the LGBT+ community, the cast began getting invites from gay clubs that paid them simply for showing up and having a good time. And with those events came attention, and with that attention came the woman. Women would flock to the trio like bears to honey; wanting nothing more than to sit in their section. That’s actually how Huston met Stephanie.

Tomorrow’s Crimes has just gotten picked up for two more seasons, whilst in the middle of shooting it’s second season. The trio was on a high, and that high only got higher when the show runners called Huston into their office. At first Huston was nervous, fearing that they’d done something wrong. But after sitting down in the conference room with Micheal and a few of the other executives, Huston was thrilled to find out that the show-runners were taking a page from Houston’s own life, and having their character, Detective Williams, come out as non-binary. Not only was it a big deal for Huston, but it was also a big deal for the studio as well. Prior to that moment, the Spot TV network has only ever dabbled in LGBTQ+ themes; a same sex kiss here, slightly hinting at a relationship there, but now, with Detective Williams, they were really going for it.

When the showrunners told Huston about it, Huston wasn’t totally surprised; the writers had been hinting at it since the very first episode of the second season, and Twitter had been going crazy with theories.

So after telling telling Cash and Hunter the good news, Hunter insisted that they celebrate ‘the monumental moment’ as he called it. Sure a big reason for Hunter wanting to throw a bash was so that he could show off his new place and get shit faced, but Huston knew that he was genuinely proud and excited for the development of Huston’s character. So, the trio put the word out about the party and it began to spread like wildfire.

Huston was a little surprised at how quickly word got out. They’d gotten the news Wednesday evening and by Thursday afternoon, it seemed liked everyone in studio city was counting down the minutes until Friday night. When Friday did finally roll around, Hunter’s house was packed with any and everyone, from traditional actors and models to high profile social media influencers and everyone in between. With the party in full swing, Cash, Huston, and Hunter bounced back and forth between lightly networking and collecting business cards to shooting the shit with actors they’d grown up watching.

Whilst mingling with the crowd, Huston had first noticed Stephanie across the room, huddled up with a group of actresses. Laughing, Stephanie listened to them stories as she sipped her wine.

Meanwhile, Huston stood by the refreshments, half listening to Hunter tell a story about seeing Sylvester Stallone for the first time in a Whole Foods. As he talked, Huston did their best to nod and fit their ‘yeah’s’ and ‘that’s crazy’ in the most natural spots as possible.

“What cha lookin’ at?” Hunter yelled over the music, causing Huston to jump.

At that exact moment, Stephanie and the other women had spotted the twins, causing them to giggle.

Looking up, Hunter locked eyes with a red head from the group. Smiling, she wiggled her fingers at him, causing him to smile as he raised his glass to her.

“We should go over there and say hi.” He said, turning back to Huston.

Before they could protest, Hunter had them by the arm, attempting to tug Huston towards the women.

“Are you crazy?! We can’t do that!” Huston hissed, snatching their arm from his grasp.

“Alright then.” He said with a shrug.

Then, with a small chuckle, Hunter made their way behind Huston. Using his shoulder, he rammed it into their back, forcing his twin forward before making his way in front of them, grabbing their hand. Then, without a word, he began making his way over to the women.

“Hunt no! Let go of my arm!” Huston hissed, dragging their feet.

Hunter paid his twin no mind as he dragged them over to the huddle of women.

“Hey! I’m Hunter Boyd and this behind me is my other half, Huston!” He shouted over the music.

“We’re not together! I’m gay and his twin!” Huston blurred out from behind him.

The women laughed, causing Huston’s entire face and neck to turn fire truck red.

“Hey! I’m Stephanie and this is Jasmine and Lisa.” Stephanie said, pointing to the women to the left and right of her.

The entire time that she spoke, Stephanie’s eyes remained trained on Huston, making them feel as if they and Stephanie were the only two in the room. Her eyes, a mixture of blue and green, reminded Huston of the warm waters in the Caribbean. Relaxing a little, Huston glanced down at Stephanie’s almost empty glass before looking back at her.

“What are you drinking?” Huston asked, pointing to the glass.

Stephanie smiled a wicked grin, sparking something within Huston.

“Martini. Dirty.” She said.

“Looks like you could use another.” Huston said, offering their arm.

Without a moment of hesitation, Stephanie snacked her arm around Houston’s before looking at her friends.

“BRB.” She said with a wink.

After making it to the bar, Huston ordered them a couple shots before getting Stephanie another martini. Then, moments later, the couple found a couch in the corner of the room.

“Wait! Don’t you play Detective Marshall on Tomorrow’s Crimes?” She said, squinting a little.

Huston smiled pridefully.

“Yep, that’s me.” They laughed.

“Oh my gosh! You and Hunter are like sibling goals! What’s it like working with him?” She asked excitedly.

Huston’s smile faded a little. This has been happening a lot recently. Huston will start talking to a woman, and before they’d even get a chance to make a move, the woman was slipping Huston her number, asking them to pass it on to Hunter.

“Um, it’s pretty great. No one really gets me like he does.” Huston says, forcing a smile.

Stephanie laughed, flirtatiously running a hand down Huston’s arm.

“So like how pissed does he get when finds out all his girlfriend’s are into you?” She asked, leaning in conspiratorially.

Huston couldn’t help but chuckle, their disappointment fading.

“Nah, we only had that problem once, we solved it pretty quickly by arm wrestling. He cheated and now they’re married. But I’m over it so whatever.” They joked, pretending to be upset.

For the rest of the night, Huston bought them and Stephanie drink after drink as the two talked and flirted. Then, just as they were beginning get cozy, one Stephanie’s friends made their way over, announcing that they had to get going.

Stephanie pouted before reluctantly saying goodbye; but not before programming her number into Huston’s phone.

Shaking the memory from their mind, Huston leans back into the couch.

“Nah. I’m really not in the mood for any outing. Let’s just chill here.”

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