On The Set Part.5- Never A Right Time


The next morning Huston wakes up sandwiched between the guys. Sitting up, they stretch before slowly inching their way to the edge of the bed, careful not to wake either men. Then, after successfully marketing it out of the bedroom, they head across the hall to the bathroom. Once inside, they turn on the cold water, slashing some on their face before grabbing the toothpaste. Then, grabbing their toothbrush, Huston’s hit with ta memory of happier time.

Huston and Stephanie stumbled through the front door of their penthouse around one in the morning. On wobbly legs, the couple made their way up the stairs and to the bedroom. They second they made it through the door, the pair began stripping one another. With very little trouble, Huston had gotten Stephanie out of her jacket before peeling her shirt off. Then, after taking their own off, Huston unhooked Stephanie’s bra, allowing it to fall to the ground. Now, chest to chest, Huston snacked their arms around their girlfriend, pressing her against them, their heartbeats synchronized; fusing them together.

“Hey.” Stephanie whispered, brushing her nose against Huston’s.

Huston looked down into her ocean eyes.

“Hey.” The laughed drunkenly.

Stephanie threaded her fingers into Huston’s hair, gripping their fiery locks.

“I wanna marry you.”She whispered, almost sounding sober.

Huston laughed, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind Stephanie’s ear.

“Should I consider this a proposal?” Huston asked, an eyebrow cocked.

The couple swayed back and forth, drunkenly slow dancing.

“No silly. Not right now.” Stephanie giggled, shaking her head.

Huston smacked a hand over their heart.

“What?! So you don’t wanna run down to the court house and get married right now. I’ve got a blazer in my truck and this dress of yours is pretty cute.” They joked.

Stephanie bunched up her face in that cute little way Huston adored.

“Not right now. It’s not the right time.”

But funnily enough, there never was a right time.

Huston drops the toothbrush into the trash before making their way back into the bedroom. Then, heading for the door, Huston is about to leave when shuffling from the bed causes them to turn around.

Sitting up, Cash rubs the sleep from his eyes.

“Hey.” He mumbles, stretching.

“Hey, I’m about to head out to the store to get a new toothbrush and probably get some breakfast too. Wanna come?” Huston asks.

Cash slowly scooches his way to the edge of the bed before rubbing his eyes.

“Sure, but why do you need a new toothbrush?” He asks.

Huston takes a deep breath before letting out a huff.

“Steph and I use to share one.” Huston says quietly.

Cash freezes, slowly rising his head to look at his sibling.

“Y-you did what?” He asks before gagging.

“Yeah… I really don’t wanna think about that or the places she put her…” Huston trails off, shivering at just the thought of it.

“So you coming or what?” They ask, shaking the thought from their head.

“Yeah, I guess.” Cash says, rising up from the bed.

Their pair head back to the bedroom and swish some Listerine in their mouths, before heading out to the car.

“How are you feeling?”Cash asks as Huston cranks the car life.

For a moment, as they put the car in reverse and back out of the driveway, Cash thinks he’s being ignored. But, after getting on the main road, Huston takes a deep breath.

“I’d be lying if I said I’m unfazed and completely fine. But I don’t feel like I’m about to fall apart either. It’s like losing your favorite pair of socks. It sucks, but life goes on.” They explain.

Cash nods understandingly.

“Can I ask you a question?” Huston ask.

Huston chuckles.

“You technically just did, but I’ll allow another.” They say, pulling onto the main road.

“How come you seem so cool about this. I mean your girlfriend of five years just cheated on you; IN YOUR FUCKING BED and you’re just chillin’. What gives?”

Stopping at a red light, Huston looks over at him.

“It was over man. It’s been over for a long time now. I knew it, she knew it. When I saw her, I was more pissed that she was fucking up my sheets and with Rick of all people, than anything else. It’s just being in that relationship was comfy. I had someone to talk to, someone to due stuff with, and you know, lazy sex. Between the show and all these parties we were going to.. I don’t know, I guess I just stopped giving a fuck.” Huston explains.

Shaking his head, Cash speaks.

“Fuck man. Been there.”

“Yep.” Huston says.

An hour later, the duo finally return home. Getting out of the car, Huston rests their arms on the roof of their car, before looking out at the sky. The sun’s beginning to set, turning the sky into a mixture of reds, oranges, and pinks.

“Out of all the things I’m gonna miss about LA, the traffic sure as hell won’t be one of them.” Huston sighs, turning to face their brother.

“Man keep talking and I might just have ti hop on that plane with you.” Cash says with a laugh.

Huston rolls their eyes.

“Yeah whatever. You fucking hate the snow.” They laugh.

Making their way up the walkway, the pair head for the front door when they hear what sounds like Hunter arguing with someone.

“I said leave, now!” Cash and Huston hear him yell.

“Hunter please! I just need to talk to them.” Stephanie pleads.

At the sound of her voice, Huston is taken back to the other night. Like a movie, images of Stephanie and Rick degrading Huston’s California King bed, plays in their mind.

Shaking their head, Huston make their way to the side door, Cash following behind them. Hunter could handle Stephanie on his own. But, once they entered the house, Huston begins to think otherwise.

“Hunter! Just let me in. This is my house too!” She yells.

Her voice comes out rough, like she’s struggling against him. Great, the last thing Huston needs right now is paparazzi showing up at their house. So, setting the food down in the kitchen, they head to the front door.

Huston makes it into the front courtyard as Hunter is backing Stephanie towards the front gate.

Screaming, Stephanie pushes against him, trying to get to the house, when she looks up to see Huston.

“Hue! Thank God you’re here. Your asshole bro-“

“Stephanie what the hell are you doing here?” Huston asks, cutting her off.

Stephanie freezes, a look of surprise on her face.

What? Was she expecting to be greeted with open arms?

Shaking her head, she pushes past Hunter, headed towards Huston.

“Baby I’m so sorry. Last night was a mistake.” She says, reaching down in an attempt to grab Huston’s hand.

Huston tucks their hands into their pocket as they take a few steps back.

“Is that all?” They ask, their face void of any emotions.

Stephanie’s face falls.

“Baby please! Can’t we just forget about this?” She pleads.

“Is this bitch serious right now?” Hunter laughs.

Stephanie’s head snaps in his direction, fire raging in her eyes.

“Who the fuck was even talking to you?!” She says through grit teeth.

Huston sighs, exhausted with the entire situation.

“Look Stephanie, I’m kind of on a tight schedule. So I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.” Huston says flatly.

Stephanie’s whips back around, her eyes darting this way and that way.

“What?! No! Can’t we just talk about this?” She pleads, crocodile tears forming in her eyes.

“Talk? You brought a man into MY HOME and slept with him in MY BED. What’s there to talk about?” Huston asks with a shrug.

Stephanie’s lips quiver before a single tear begins making its way down her right cheek.

“So that’s it? You’re just gonna throw everything we had away? Over one mistake? One fucking mistake?!”

Huston chuckles humorlessly.

“Me? I’M throwing away our relationship? Okay Steph. Keep telling yourself that.”

Unable to even look at her anymore, Huston turns on their heels, and heads back inside.

“Hue wait!” Stephanie yells, trying to chase after them.

But, before she can even take five steps, Hunter is back in front of her.

“Steph, come on, you’re only embarrassing yourself. Just go back to Rick.” He says.

A flame of rage ignites in her eyes.

“That was ONE FUCKING TIME!” She says through grit teeth.

“And for Hue, that was one time to many.” Hunter say before closing the door.

Not even a second after locking it, Stephanie bangs her fist against the door, crying out for Huston. But, paying her no mind, Hunter makes his way into the kitchen where Huston and Cash have begun eating their breakfast already.

“Jesus! I’m so sorry Hue. I was really trynna get rid of her before you guys got back.” Hunter sighs.

“Bro don’t even sweat it.” They say, sliding him his breakfast.

Hunter takes a seat next to his twin and the trio begin eating. Then, after only a few bites, the sound of Huston’s phone ringing breaks through the silence in the room.

“I swear to God!” Hunter shouts, throwing his eating utensils down and popping up from his seat.

Huston reaches over, patting their twins chest.

“Relax bro, it’s just dad.” They say with a laugh.

The anger leaves Hunter’s body like air from a ballon, causing him to sink back down onto his seat.

“Oh. Tell him I said hi.” He says calmly before returning to his food.

Shaking their head at their twin, Huston chuckles before answers their phone.

“Hey pops!” Huston says putting him on speaker.

“Hey kiddo! How are you and those brothers of yours?” Their father, Gunther, asks, his voice barreling through the phone.

“We’re doing alright. I’m actually sitting with them right now.” Huston says.

“Hey dad!” The men chorus into the phone.

“Hey! How are my second and fourth favorite kids?” Gunther asks with a laugh.

“Hey! What happened to not having favorites?!” Hunter asks childishly.

Gunther laughs again.

“Your mother doesn’t have favorites. But me, I’ve always been upfront about mine.” He says.

Before Hunter can think of a comeback, their father is addressing Huston.

“Huey, what time did you say your flight is suppose to land again?” Gunther asks.

“Around six A.M.” Huston says.

Gunther sighs into the phone.

“Jesus. I don’t know why you and that mother of yours like to fly so got damn early.” He says.

“Gotta make the most of the say sweetheart!” Their mother yells from the background.

Gunther’s eye roll is practically audible as he lets out another sigh.

“Oh God. Hue, hurry up and get here already.” He says, causing the trio to laugh.

Then, after asking Huston to bring him a few things from the states, he passes the phone over to his wife.

“Hi mom!” The trio chorus into the phone.

“Oh no you don’t! Don’t ‘hi mom’ me. Why am I only getting to see one of my FOUR children after almost a decade of you four being away?” Their mother, Isabella asks.

Cash and Hunter look at one another for a moment, trying to come up with a logical explanation. Being in LA, the trio definitely prioritize work over all else; they don’t even see Morgan that often, and she lives in the same city. But they could never tell their mother that; she’d kill them.

“Well you know mom, with the constant go, go, go of the city-”

“Oh! So what I’m hearing is that Hollywood’s more important than your dearest mother!” She says.

Rolling their eyes, the trio almost groan at their mother’s attempt at a guilt trip. They, as well as Morgan try to call or FaceTime their parents both as a group, and on their own as much as they can. And over the summer, the trio met up with their parents in Hawaii.

“Mom, we just saw you guys in Hawaii.” Cash points out, earning a sigh from Isabella.

“While I do love the trips, I still miss you guys. It doesn’t take that much to make a FaceTime call, at least once a week.” She says sadly.

The trio hang their heads in shame. She’s right.

Cash, Huston, and Hunter as well as Morgan and Gunther were all born in New York City and grew up there most of their lives. After Huston and Hunter were born, Gunther and Isabella toyed with the idea of moving to Canada, where Isabella’s originally from. They talked about it for years, going back and forth on the matter, until Cash started up grade school. By then Isabella had given up, fearing that moving the family to en entirely different country would be to hard on them. But Isabella’s longing for her home country never really went away. She was never resentful or pouty about being in the sates, but Hunter could tell his wife was home sick. Then, around Cash and the twin’s senior year, the trio had fallen in love with filmmaking, and Morgan was stepping into the modeling scene. Morgan started pursuing modeling quite heavily and despite living in New York City, she was making more connections on the west coast, and of course warmer weather. So after traveling back and forth for the better part of a year and a half, she finally sat down with Gunther and Isabella and told them she wanted to head to LA.

Confident in the daughter they raised, Isabella and Gunther gave their daughter their blessing.

Not long after Morgan left for the west coast, the trio finished up their schooling and started focusing heavily on filmmaking. Cash, Hurston, and Hunter worked tirelessly day in and day out on their films for about a year before talks of moving to Canada started to get serious. So, after talking it over amongst themselves, the trio sat their parents down and explained to Isabella and Gunther that they wanted to join their sister in California. Bella and Gunther weren’t surprised, but they were a little sad. But they weren’t going to stand in the way of their children achieving their dreams. So, Bella and Gunther gave the trio their blessing and headed further up north while Cash and the twins headed to join their sister in California.

The trio promised to call and visit their parents every chance they got; And for the first two and a half years of living in LA, they honored that promise. Every Sunday the trio, as well as Morgan, would FaceTime their parents, but then, as their schedules became more hectic, finding time to call was becoming difficult. The Morgan, Cash, Huston, and Hunter still texted all the time, but the FaceTime calls began getting shorter and shorter, and getting Morgan, Cash, Huston, and Hunter all together at the same time was becoming impossible. So, Gunther and Bella settled for texts and sporadic FaceTime calls.

“We know mom. We haven’t Been the best at call. But as soon as the season wraps, Cash and I will be on the first flight to you guys.” Hunter says.

“I’m holding you guys to that.” Isabella says with a smile.

After squaring that up, the trio began updating their mom on their lives, choosing to leave out Huston’s firing and their breakup, before reluctantly ending the call.

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