On The Set Part.4- Breaking The News


“Fried? You got fired and you didn’t think to tell me, your brother? You’re twin? YOU’RE FUCKING CO-STAR!” He yells, every vein in his neck now visible.

“Hunter clam down!” Morgan says.

“No! Don’t tell me to fucking calm down.” He shouts.

“Four years! For fucking years we gave that fucking studio, and now they’re just gonna cast you aside? No. I won’t hear of it.”

“Hunter!” Huston says, trying to get his attention.

But it’s no use. Amped up, Hunter begins pacing back and forth.

Huston had expected this, Hunter’s never been one to take bad new well. As a kid, when he found out that his favorite cartoon, Six Speed, had gotten canceled he trashed his entire room and didn’t eat for about a day and a half. He was going for two weeks, but when their mom made his favorite, baked macaroni n’ cheese, he caved.

“No! Fuck that. How could they-“

“Hunter, fucking listen to me!” Huston shouts, causing him to stop dead in his tracks.

“Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing.” Huston says, shrugging.

Cash and Hunter look at Huston as if they’ve grown another head.

Since they were kids, Huston’s alway been obsessed with movies and TV shows. Everyday they’d spend hour upon hours in front of the TV watching the behind the scenes for all their favorite movies. Then, after getting a camcorder for their teeth birthday, Huston became even more obsessed. Everyday they would round up Cash and Hunter as well as any and all of the neighbors kids, that would cooperate, and they’d reenact all of their favorite films and TV scenes.

“Not a bad thing! Not a bad thing?! Okay, who are you and what the fuck have you done with my twin?” Hunter asks, pointing a finger at them.

Huston scratches the back of their neck.


Sighing, Huston sinks down, into the couch. They hadn’t wanted it to come out like this. First getting fired, then the whole Stephanie situation, and now this. But it has to be said.

“What if I don’t wanna act anymore?” Huston asks slowly, looking from one sibling to the next.

The words hang in the as Cash, Hunter, and Morgan look at one another before turning their attention back to Huston.

“What do you mean?” Cash asks, confusion in his voice.

“I mean, what if I don’t wanna be in front of the camera anymore? I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and playing Detective Marshall was starting to feel like a job. I loved being on set, but for the past few months there’s been this dread that washes over me every time the director yells action.” Huston confesses.

Saying it out like is like a bolder being lifted off their chest. For so many nights Huston would lie awake, mulling the idea of quitting over in their head; But every time they’d always talk themself out of it. But now, the executives have done their job for them. They’re free.

“So what now?” Cash ask after a moment of silence.

Turning to their right, Huston looks out at the Mountains.

“I need a break. Maybe I’ll pay mom and dad a little visit.” Huston answers, heading towards their bedroom.

Hunter nods, silently convinced his approval.

“Shit! Now I wish I’d gotten fired too. I miss them” Cash says.

A moment later, Huston returns, their laptop in hand.

“Wait, you’re booking your flight now?” Morgan and the guys ask simultaneously.

“Yeah. Why not?” Huston shrugs, plopping down between their brother’s.

Gathering around them, Morgan, Cash, and Hunter all gather around Huston.

“Wait, wait, wait. You’re booking a one-way?!” Hunter asks.

“Yeah. I’m not sure how long I wanna stay for. This way I don’t have an expiration date.” Huston answers.

Hunter eyes his twin skeptically.

“Are you just visiting or running away?” He asks with a knowing look.

Huston pauses for a moment, mulling it over.

After graduating high school, Huston, Hunter, Cash, and Morgan had moved to LA to pursue their dreams. For Morgan that was modeling and acting, for the trio. But in the back of their mind, Huston had always planned on leaving LA after making it big. But that never happened. Instead, they’re entire career has become a struggle of either being paid well and playing an LGBT character that’ll eventually get killed off or acting in mediocre LGBT films that won’t even make it to the big screens.

“A little big of both.” Huston admits sheepishly.

Morgan open her mouth to speak when the buzzing of her phone interrupts. Looking down at the device, she sighs.

“Shit! I totally forgot, Thomas and I are going out for dinner. I’ve gotta go.” She says.

Then, after kissing all three of her siblings’ cheeks, she rushes out the door.

With Morgan’s departure, Hunter and Cash decide to forget their questions about Huston’d choices. They know their sibling, and even if Huston’s acting purely on emotion right now, the men know that Huston would never let things get out of hand. So, Hunter and Cash sit back and watch old movies and shoot the shit with Huston until eventually passing out.

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