On The Set Part.3- Bad Things Come In Twos


Standing in the doorway of their and Stephanie’s bedroom, Huston’s blood runs cold. Unable to move, nor look away, Huston watches as Stephanie and Rick leap out of bed and scramble to cover themselves.

“My bed.” Huston says slowly, their voice a ghost whisper.

“Baby it’s-“

“Don’t! Don’t say a word.” Huston says, surprised at how clam their voice is.

Crossing the threshold, Huston makes their way into the bedroom, taking in Rick’s shirt haphazardly thrown by the door, Stephanie’s tank top just inches away. As they walk further into the room, Huston finds Stephanie’s thong and matching bra lying next to Rick’s, red and white polka bot, boxers.

Huston says nothing as they squat down and reach into the breast pocket of their shirt. Pulling out a pen, they scoop up both the thong and the bra and examine them.

“Wait. Didn’t I buy you this?” They ask, holding the underwear up for Stephanie to see.

With the covers pulled up to her chest, all Stephanie can do is nod.

“Un-fucking-believable.” Huston laughs humorlessly.

Dropping the pen, Huston stands up.

“Get the fuck out.” They say, their voice void of any emotion.

“Hue! Wait I-“

“I said get the fuck out of my house! Now!” Huston shouts.

Scrambling up from the bed, Stephanie and Rick punch their limbs through sleeves and pant legs before hurrying out the door.

Now alone, Huston stands in the middle of the room, the stench of sex clinging to the air.

“My house. She brought fucking RICK to MY FUCKING HOUSE!” Huston says staring at their bed.

Unable to look at the mattress anymore, Huston grabs a corner of the bed and rips the entire mattress off the box frame. Then, dragging the mattress out onto the balcony, they toss it over. The bed lands with a loud SMACK as Huston makes their way back inside. A few minutes later, Huston sits in their backyard, in their favorite lawn chair, gripping the neck of a Jack Daniels bottle, a box of photos in their lap. One by one, they feed the photos to the flame, only stopping every now and again to take small sips from the bottle.

“What the fuck? Are you burning your bed?” Yells a voice from behind them.

Turning around, Huston comes face to face with Cash and Hunter.

Standing in the doorway, both men look from Huston to the fire then back at Huston, horrified by the sight before them.

“Yeah. I was gonna scrub it with some soap and hot water, but I didn’t wanna touch it. So I put some gas on it and dropped a match and WHOOSH!” Huston replies, throwing their hands in the air mimicking an explosion.

“You peed the bed again didn’t you?” Cash jokes as he and Hunter pull up lawn chairs and sit beside them.

“Nope. Stephanie and Rick had sex on it.” Huston says before taking another swig of the alcohol.

The playful grin that once played at Cash’s lips falls as a look of horror takes over both men’s faces.

“She did what?!” The men shout, practically jumping out of their seats.

“Yep. Ain’t that some shit? While I’m out busting my ass all day to make the money that she loves to spend, she’s here. Fucking Rick. In MY BED.” Huston says.

Cash and Hunter stare at one another with disbelief before looking back at Huston.

“You caught her?!” Hunter asks.

“Yep. I came home and her moans were the first thing I heard as I walked through the door.” Huston says.

Cash and Hunter sigh before shaking their heads. Rick and Robert are the pure definition of ‘like father, like son’.

With a glorified, overpaid errand boy for a daddy, Rick’s never had to learn the meaning of hard work. Instead, he visits the studio, grabbing selfies with the hottest actors and actresses and posts them on his Instagram, helping him to get laid. It’s quite genius actually, had it not been in their own house, Huston might have actually applauded the man.

“Yep. Ain’t that some shit? She cheated on me under my own fucking roof, in my own fucking bed. I just brought that mattress too.” Huston says.

Shaking his head, Hunter lets out a deep sigh.

“Fuuuck man.” He says, shaking his head as he reclines into his seat.

“Yep.” Is all Huston can manage to say, as they stare into flames shaking their head.

Getting fired and them come home to discover that your girlfriend of four and a half years has been cheating on you, for only God know how long, is a lot. But in the back of their mind, Huston saw it coming. Things had been stale for a long time. At work their scene were getting shorter and shorter, and things with Stephanie has been fading for quite some time. But Huston was still trying to make it work with her, and they’d thought she was trying too.

Thinking about it now, Huston has fallen into this state of complacency. Having gotten their dream job at only eighteen, and then making more money then they knew what to do with at only twenty one, Huston was at the eight of it all. But what comes after that? They hadn’t really thought that far ahead. But now, here they are.

“Hue, you gonna be okay?” Cash asks carefully.

The worrisome look in his eyes reminds Huston that they’ve yet to tell Hunter about their firing. So, taking a deep breath, Huston sits up a little straighter, mentally preparing themself.

“Hey Hunt I have to-“

“This is horrible for the environment!” Calls out a voice.

Snapping their heads in the direction of the sound, the trio turn around just as their older sister, Morgan, is standing by the gate. With her hands on her hips, Morgan shakes her head at the three.

“Shut up Morgan! Hue just went through a break up!” He yells before taking another swig of his beer.

Walking over to the trio, Morgan takes a seat on the arm of Cash’s lawn chair before looking over at Huston.

“Huey? You and Stephanie broke up?” She asks, a little shocked.

Morgan was never a big fan of Stephanie, but she seemed to make Huston so happy.

‘Might as well get it all out now.’ Huston thinks to themself.

“Yep. Oh, and I also got fired today too.” Huston adds on.

“What?!” Hunter and Morgan yell simultaneously.

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