On The Set Part.2- Did Me A Favor

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Huston steps out of the conference room, pulling the door behind them. Then, tucking their hands into the pockets of their jeans, they make their way down the hall; the squeaking of their shoes now miles away. In silence, Huston hops onto the elevators. In no time, they’re back in the metal box, headed for the ground floor. Without Robert there, chatting away, the ride is twice as long; the moments between floors seeming to stretch on for days. By the time Huston makes it to the first floor, they’re calm, as if their entire world hasn’t just been obliterated. Stumbling out onto the streets of LA, Huston’s numb; Even the pressure of their own steps, now lost to them. Making their way back towards the studio, they head for the parking lot. Then, arriving at their car, they reach for the door handle when their phone begins buzzing, causing them to fish the device from their pocket. It’s Cash. At first Huston considers simply not answering the phone; But, knowing Cash, that’ll probably result in the deployment of a search party. So, with no other option, Huston accepts the call.

“Hey bro!” They say, doing their best to sound okay.

“Hue! Where the fuck are you? The fucking director wants to have an impromptu meeting. Apparently the fucking exces wanna change the whole got damn script!” Cash says, very much annoyed.

Huston swallows hard. They definitely don’t want to deliver the news over the phone. But they can’t lie to Cash either; He can sniff out bullshit better than a bloodhound.

“I’m not gonna be in today’s scenes.” Huston says, cringing.

It’s the best they can offer; they’ve never been good at lying.

“What?! What the hell are you talking about? You’re one of the main characters! You’re like in every other fucking scene!” He says.

Huston sighs; an internal war happening.

“Look, I don’t want you to overreact, but just know that I got fired. They’re killing off my character. Something about having a non-binary cop ‘doesn’t make sense for the show anymore’.” Huston explains.

“What?! They can’t fucking do that! You’re one of the main fucking characters!” Cash shouts into the phone.

Huston pauses for a moment. When they, Hunter, and Cash got pitched the show, the producers made a big deal about having a non-binary detective and LGBTQ+ themes within the show. In fact it was quite a huge part of the selling point during the marketing campaigning. But when the time to deliver on those promises finally came, the show runners gave every excuse under the sun as to why it ‘just isn’t the right time’. The show runners wrote episodes discussing everything from immigration laws to abortion and everything else, but whenever Huston tried to talk to them about furthering the LGBTQ+ plot, they were met with all the same lame excuses. So Huston simply thank their lucky stars that they even got to play a non-binary character in the first place, and decided to let go of the rest. Because at the end of the day, acting was their job, a very fun one, but a job nonetheless.

“Actually they can. It’s their show Cash.” Huston reminds him.

Sighing, Cash goes silent for a moment.

“Hunter’s gonna go ape shit when he finds out.” Cash says.

“Oh trust me, I know. That’s why I’ve convinced the exces to let me be the one to tell him. So I need you to run interference today. He can’t hear it from anyone else.” Huston says.

Cash can’t help but laugh.

“Are you fucking kidding me? The exces fuck you over and now you’re doing them favors? Seriously?!”

“Cash, come on. This isn’t about the exces,this is about making sure that you and Hunt keep you’re jobs. I don’t need either of you losing you’re careers by trying to stand by me.” Huston explains.

Cash sighs. They’re right; getting fired along side them would do nothing for anyone.

“Alright fine, whatever you say. So when are you gonna tell him?” Cash asks.

“The sooner the better, so just swing by mine with him after you guys get off.” Huston says.

Cash gives a final sigh, shaking his head before saying;

“This is a fucking mess.”

Then, after hearing someone call his name, he says goodbye before ending the call.

Huston hangs up the phone before dropping it in their cup holder. Then, after sitting in traffic for almost half an hour, Huston finally makes it back to their Beverly Hills home. Exhausted, they pull into their driveway, their mood instantly lifted upon spotting their girlfriend’s, Barbie pink, Audi sitting in the driveway. So, after parking their car next to hers, they exit the car, a pep in their step. Making their way up the long, winding staircase, Huston finally reaches the door, unlocking it. Then, pushing the door open, Huston’s greeted by the sound of loud moans and grunting. At first Huston thinks the sounds are from a porn. After all, it isn’t uncommon for either them or their girlfriend, Stephanie, to be in the theater room, the surround sound blaring and a porn on the screen. So, picking up their pace, Huston takes the stairs two at a time, planning to burst into the theater room and scare her. After arriving at the top of the stairs, Huston makes their way down the hall only to realize the sounds aren’t coming from the theater. No, their coming from their bedroom. The sound of a male’s voice, calling Stephanie by name, causes Huston to stop dead in their tracts. The deep voice is thunder, rolling it’s way through the house, shaking the walls, rattling all their framed memories, and testing the foundation of the home Huston and Stephanie had built. Spoiler alert; the foundation is no good. Kicking the door in, Huston is shocked to find Stephanie, in the middle of their bed, on all fours, Robert’s son Rick behind her.

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