Oh How Times Have Changed

Felicity Myers stretched out across the long, lounge chair. With her shades resting high on her nose, she laid back, basking in the sun as the soft sound of Jon Bellion’s ‘JT’ poured through the Bluetooth speakers. 


‘A song a day for six years seems like light years away from today’  Jon sang.


As Felicity let the words wash over her, she thought about the lyrics. Jon sang about celebrating his dreams coming true, Felicity couldn’t help but think of her own life. Just a few years ago Felicity and her wife, Vivian, were living with Vivian’s parents, struggling to make ends meet. The women couldn’t even afford to stash money away in their saving account because each month was like hitting the reset button on their finances.  Many nights Felicity would lay awake until the wee hours of the morning, sweating from the anxiety of not knowing whether or not she would have all of her half of the rent. A few times either Felicity or Vivian would have to ask Vivian’s parents to spot them because they were a few hundred dollars short. 


Now, lying in the sand on a beach in the south of France, times like those felt like a different life entirely. 


“Now my beats make feasts for holidays in Greece And I don’t mean John Travolta” Jon Bellion sang. 


After spending years and years learning everything she could about filmmaking. After countless all-nighters spent editing film after film when she should have been resting so she could head to work the next day, Felicity’s dreams of becoming the next Spike Lee or Jordan Peele finally came true. It didn’t happen all at once; for years it was radio silence; Felicity would spend all day in a stuffy pantsuit crunching numbers for eight hours then come home and either get with Connor, her best friend and director, and the rest of their team and write and work on marketing, or she would spend hours and hours editing short films and web shows. Yet despite the blood sweat and tears that they put into their movies, and all the marketing, they still only got a few views, most of which were from family members. There were many nights were Felicity would cry her eyes out wondering what it was all for. But as she watched Connor’s son, Daniel, run out to the crystal blue water, Felicity felt pride swell up in her chest. On the hard days, she and Connor thought about these moments; hell they damn near predicted them. And to now be able to reach out and touch what was once a figment of their imaginations still felt crazy to them.


“We fucking did it.” Connor said as he walked over to Felicity.


Scooting over on her beach chair, Felicity made room for her best friend.


“Yes we did.” She said pridefully. 


After watching Daniel play in the sand a little longer, Connor and Felicity gathered up their families and began making their way back to their privet bungalows.


Lacing her fingers in with Felicities, Vivian bumped her shoulder against her wife’s. 


“I’m so proud of you babe.” She said, her eyes twinkling with joy.


Raising their interlocked hands, Felicity pressed a kiss into the back of her wife’s hand. 


“Thank you.” She said.


The women continued on to their bungalow where they had sex before proceeding to get ready for lunch with the rest of their family. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this short. If you did, be sure to hit that star. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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