Nothing Between Me and You

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. There’s The Tea
  3. One Fateful Night
  4. The Best Family
  5. Mr. And Mrs. Grace
  6. Port Prince Media
  7. The City of Love
  8. Running A Little Late
  9. Maria Grace
  10. Nothing Between Me and You
  11. The Middle Man
  12. Another World
  13. The Premier

Before you start this installment, have you read ‘Maria Grace’?

“Hey sleepy head, woke up just in time.” Myles said as he turned onto the brick road.


Maria sat up and stretched as the car ascended the winding hill.


As the road twisted and turned, Maria could feel the excitement building within her. It’d been so long since they’d been to their house. 


The moon poked its head through the trees, and Maria couldn’t wait to make it to the house, where her vision of the night sky would be free of all obstructions.


Myles pulled up to the buzzer and rolled down his window. After keying in the six-digit pin, he settled back into his seat.


“Yes, didn’t even have to look it up.” He said, giving a victorious fist pump.


Maria laughed as the large metal gate swung open and Myles proceeded into the yard.


The couple was so exhausted, Myles considered leaving everything in the car and just going inside, but knowing Maria, she’d probably wake him up early tomorrow and make him get the bags. 


So, popping the trunk, the spouses collected their bags and made their way inside.

It’s been so long since they’d actually been to their house that Myles almost felt like he was seeing it for the first time. 


As they walked into the house, the living room instantly lit up, thanks to the motion sensors they kept throughout the house.


Myles kicked the door close, and after dumping their bags by the door, the couple slipped out of their shoes and ventured deeper into the house.


“Drink?” Maria asked, already heading towards the kitchen.


“Yes please.” Myles groaned, tugging at his tie.


Stripping out of his tie and jacket, Myles ditched them on the bench next to the door before entering the living room.


Making his way down the shallow stairs, Myles entered the living room and plopped down onto the sofa.


“Home sweet home.” He said with a sigh. 


Maria quickly whipped up their drinks before joining Myles on the couch.


The couple leaned back, their backs propped up on pillows so that they could look at one another.


“What do you think, should we shower and then bust out the oils?” Myles asked, wiggling his eyebrows.


Maria bit her bottom lip in contemplation. On one hand, a nice hot shower, followed by a massage sounded heavenly; But on the other hand, all of that required getting up and moving around, none of which she was in the mood for right now.


“Will you carry me?” She asked, giving her husband her best puppy dog eyes.


Myles dropped his head back and groaned. 


“Such a spoiled little…” Trailing off, he laughed as he rose up and turned his back towards his wife.


Beaming, Maria bounced up onto her feet and leaped onto her husband’s back.


After grabbing a few items from their luggage, Myles rushed towards the stairs and quickly made his way up.


Maria’s nails sunk into the filmmaker as he took the stairs two at a time. In no time flat, they were upstairs and making their way into the bathroom. 

The room was pitch black, the only light came from the scented candles that Maria had lit while Myles was preparing everything else.


With nothing between them, Maria straddled her husband before grabbing the bottle of oil that sat on the little table beside them.


“Behave.” She warned.


They hadn’t even begun yet, and Myles’s hands were already all over her. 


“What?! I’m always on my best behavior.” Myles said, reaching up to knead his wife’s breast. 


Maria’s eyes fluttered closed for a moment, a low hum escaping.


“Myles.” She said in a warning tone.


Myles removed his hand from her breast and slowly tucked them behind his head.


“Thank you.” She said, causing him to laugh.


After giving him a quick peck, she poured some oil into her hands and began rubbing them together to warm the oil.


Their shadows danced across the wall as the scent of lavender filled the air around them.

Closing his eyes, Myles let go. 


Pre-transition, the thought of anyone touching him was something Myles couldn’t bear. Even before he knew he was trans, Myles always kept his partners at a literal arm’s distance. He couldn’t fathom the idea of someone touching him, running their hands over his whole body; even with his clothes on. 


Even after getting top surgery, Myles was still pretty hesitant to be touched. He often worried about being rejected by girls because of his top surgery scars, but luckily for him, Maria was amazing when it came to things like that. Before things ever got physical between the pair, they had countless conversations about where they wanted to be touched, how they wanted to be touched, and how much pressure felt good where.


In the beginning, they talked a lot during sex, and still do. But sometimes, when the mood hit just right, Myles and Maria would play each other’s bodies like instruments.


“Is the pressure alright?” She asked, working the oil into his chest.


Myles ran a hand up his wife’s thigh, as he looked into her eyes.


“A little harder.” He said.


Doing as she was told, Maria applied more pressure, and Myles let out a groan as his eyes fluttered closed.

And there it was, Maria’s favorite thing about pleasing her husband.


Myles was unashamed. He was secure in his masculinity, and therefore he didn’t need to perform it. He wasn’t ashamed to vocalize that Maria was doing a good job.


In past relationships, since Maria was always the only one making sounds, she felt like a performer, like she had to put on a show for whomever she was having sex with. That pressure to perform kept her in her head, which made it harder to be in the moment, thus making it harder to reach climax, which in turn bruised the ego of whomever she was sleeping with. 


The whole thing turned Maria off, and for a long time, she went without sex. Then, when she met Myles, having sex felt like performing a duet. She’d sing to Myles, and he’d sing right back to her, unashamed of how he sounded, or who might hear him.  


“Just like that” Myles said as he exhaled.


Maria worked him until Myles was as limp as a wet noodle. Then, after giving him a little time to recover, the couple swapped places.


“Not to be cheesy, but you really are a work of art.” Myles said as he started on her back.


Maria only hummed as a means of response. 


Whenever Myles’s hands were on her, he always took Maria to another world. And the thing Maria loved the most about Myles’s massages was that they came with no expectations. Just being naked and running his hands along her body was enough for Myles, and that level of intimacy only made her love him more.


Running his hands up her spine, Myles worked her muscles, making sure to break up any and all knots he came in contact with.


As his thumbs worked her lower back, Maria let out a moan. At this point, she was melting.


“Girl, keep making those sounds and you gonna end up on ya back.” He said, taking her earlobe between his teeth.


Maria laughed before rising up and rolling over. Looking up at him, she smirked, almost as if to say ‘Your move.’


Myles laughed before leaning down so that he was next to her ear,


“Oh did I mention, this oil is edible.” He whispered.


At this point, Maria was wet beyond belief. 


Unable to put her desires into words, she simply arched her back, pushing her breast up at him; a silent plea for him to take her. And take her he did; all night long, and into the early hours of the next day as well.

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