Not A Very Good Spy

Before you dive into this story, hand you read ‘Sending Her Off To Dream Land’?

Chelsea awoke a little after noon to the smell of eggs, bacon, and pancakes filling her nose. If there was one thing she loved more than anything, it was a late breakfast. Sitting up in bed, she looked over at the other bed to find Jade missing. Knowing that Jade has never been able to sleep at night, Chelsea set out to get some breakfast and locate her best friend. Making her way downstairs, Chelsea expected to see her bestie seated at the counter, trying to steal pieces of bacon as Olivia made breakfast. Instead Nat was seated in Jade’s usual seat, trying to steal the bacon. 

    “Hey, has anyone seen Jade.” She asked, entering the kitchen. 

    “Check the family room, maybe she finally crashed.” Olivia said as she slid a pancake onto Nate’s plate. 

Making her way towards the family room, Chelsea looked around but found no Jade. So, making her way upstairs, she was about to head back to her room to grab her phone, when she heard voices coming from Carter’s room. Making her way over to the crack door, she peeked inside, to find him shuffling in bed before reaching over for his phone. Then, just as Chelsea was about to knock on the door the sound of Jade’s voice stopped her. 

    “Good second morning.”  Jade said to Carter. 

Watching her best friend sit up in Carter’s bed, Chelsea’s jaw fell slack. 

    “That whore!” Chelsea whispered,yelled to herself. 

    “Who are we spying on?” Nate said, snacking on a piece of bacon behind her.

    “Jesus Nate! What the hell is wrong with you?” She hissed as she jumped a little. 

    “‘What’s wrong with me?’ I’m not the one spying on my best friend.” He said, pointing his bacon at her. 

Chelsea quickly turned back to the door and pulled it close. 

    “I wasn’t spying. The door was cracked and I was just checking if  Carter was awake.” Chelsea half lied. 

    “Alright, whatever, just don’t get caught.” Nate said before heading for the stairs. 

Turning back to the door, Chelsea leaned in just as Jade kicked the covers off herself. 

    “Alright, I’m gonna bounce before Chelsea wakes and sees me coming out of your room.” Jade said sitting up. 

    “Yeah, I love the girl, but she can be nosy sometimes.” Carter said. 

Chelsea scoffed as Jade picked up a pillow and playfully hit him with it. 

    “Hey! She’s not nosey, just curious!” Jade said, defending her best friend. 

    “Yeah, tell him Jade.” Chelsea whispered. 

Then, as Jade began making her way to the door, Chelsea ran across the hall and pretended to look at a photo on the wall. 

    “Aw come on Chels! I was just defending you!” Jade yelled, causing Carter to laugh. 

Before Chelsea could say a word, Jade made her way downstairs. 

A moment later, Carter appeared at the door.  Chelsea opened her mouth when Carter cut her off. 

    “We slept, that’s all.” He said. 

Then, before Chelsea could respond, he headed off to the stairs. 

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