Myle’s Confession

The rain fell lightly over the small town of Vespen as Veronica made her way to her boyfriend, Myles’s house. After a very long and tiring shift at the diner, all she wanted was to be wrapped up in his arms. Turning onto the dead end street, the tension in her muscles began to subside as Myles’s trailer came into view. Spotting his truck in the driveway, Veronica smiled brightly; She wasn’t sure if he’d be home or not. He’d just started a new job and he was on call, so unless she called or texted beforehand, it was a fifty fifty chance of whether he’d be home or not. After a long shift, her brain was a mess, causing her to forget to reach out before making the trip. But his house was only about a five minute drive from her job and a ten minute drive from her house; so if he wasn’t home it was fine.

Pulling up to his trailer, she beamed in delight as she spotted his blue Tacoma sitting in the driveway. Parking next to his truck, she cut her engine and hopped out of the car. Excited, she skipped her way to his front door where she knocked on the door.

Inside the trailer, Myles was a wreck. He and Veronica have been dating for a little over four and a half months now and they were taking it slow; sluggishly slow. Prior to meeting her, Myles had been scheduled to get bottom surgery but complications with his insurance and the doctors caused him to have to halt his physical transition. At first he didn’t really mind; to him having a penis didn’t make him anymore or less of a man. But after meeting Veronica, he began getting a little anxious about it. It wasn’t as though he was questioning his masculinity; and with them taking it slow, sex wasn’t at the front of his mind. But over the past few weeks, things have gotten hot and heavy on several occasions. For Myles, pumping the breaks was unbearable, especially when they’d be sitting on his couch, his hands on Veronica’s bare breast, her tongue in his mouth, and her nails in his back. But to have her find out about his transition as they were undressing would be the worst way and he couldn’t do that to her.

Myles’s thoughts were interrupted as a sharp knock came at the door. Jumping slightly, he turned to the door and froze. He wasn’t expecting company. Another knock came, forcing him to make his way to the door. Opening it, he came face to face with a beaming Veronica. She smiled so brightly that he’d considered grabbing his Aviators. Before he could say a word, she charged at him, causing him to stumble backwards into the trailer. As her lips crashed against his, she whined her arms around his neck, kissing him with all she had.

Out of pure instinct, Myles kissed her back, his arms wrapping around her waist. Pulling her close, he groaned as she bit his bottom lip and sucked on it. Fuck she was a good kisser. As her hands wandered up his shirt, Myles remembered the predicament he was in. Groaning, he reluctantly peeled himself from her.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” She said, redness creeping up her neck and onto her face.

Myles let out a breathy laugh. His head was spinning.

“No, I enjoyed that. A lot.” He said with a grin.

Veronica let out another laugh.

“I’ve just been thinking about you a lot.” She admitted.

Myles couldn’t help but smile at her admission. If he had a nickel for every time she popped into his head he’d be on the Forbes list.

“I’ve been thinking about you too.” He said, his stomach now fluttering.

Her grin was that of a lottery winner.

“Is that right.” She said in a low, seductive voice.

‘Fuck! She’s not gonna like this at all.’ Myles thought to himself.

Looking down at her shoes, Myles twisted his hands together.

“Myles what is it?” Veronica asked, tilting his head up so that she could see his eyes.

Myles blew out a breath of air. His stomach was a mess of fluttering butterflies.

“I should’ve told you this a long time ago and I’m so sorry V. I wasn’t trying to deceive you or anything I just…” Myles trailed off, gripping the back of his neck.

Scensing how nervous he was, Veronica grabbed his hand, pulling him to the couch.

As they sat down, Myles stared at their intertwined fingers.

‘She’s gonna hate me.’ He thought to himself as he looked at her perfectly manicured nails.

As he laced and unlaced their fingers, he thought about losing his privilege to touch her, kiss her, hold her in his arms; All because he was too much of a coward.

“I have something I need to tell you.” He began slowly.

When she didn’t say anything he took that as a sign for him to continue.

“I know I should have told you this way earlier. And if you don’t wanna talk to me after this I get it.”

He looked up at her, his eyes peering into hers.

“I would understand completely.” He said.

Veronica chuckled nervously.

“Myles what is it? You’re kind of scaring me.” She said.

Taking a deep breath, he held his breath for a moment. Then, after exhaling, he spoke.

“I’m trans V, and I haven’t gotten bottom surgery yet.” He said, looking down at his shoes.

“ I know I should’ve told you months ago, and this must feel like a waste but I don’t know. I guess I was just being selfish. You’re just so…”

Myles dropped his head, exhaling.

Veronica remained silent for a moment.

‘Well that explains why he knows so much about periods.’ She thought to herself.

Shaking her head, Veronica turned her attention back to him.

“Is that all?” She asked just above a whisper.

She wasn’t quite sure how to behave. The way Myles hung his head it was almost as if he committed a crime or something.

Putting a hand under his chin, she turned and tilted his head so that she could look into the forest like eyes she loved so much.

“Myles I don’t really care what’s in your pants.” She told him with a smile.

Myles returned the smile.

“You don’t?” He said, his voice filled with hope.

She shook her head.

“Not really. I mean I’ve never been with a trans guy before, or anyone with a vagina for that matter, but it seems kind of silly to throw away a good thing over something as simple as anatomy. ” She said.

“But I have some questions if that’s okay.” She said with a timid look.

Myles laughed, glad that he wasn’t the only nervous one.

“Ask away.” He said with a smile.

“Would it be okay if we had this little chat while I sit in your lap?” She asked, her voice now low and seductive.

Myles let out a groan.

“I’d love that.” He said.

In one swift motion, she swung a leg over his hips and situated herself in his lap.

The fact that she even wanted to be this close to him, coupled with the heat of her sex, practically burning a hole through his shirt, made Myles’ breathing become labored.

Taking notice of the effect her touch was having on him, Veronica smirked as she ran her hands down the center of his chest.

“So, in the event that we would have sex, what would you like me to refer to your….” She trailed off, glancing down at his pants as her hands rested on his belt.

Myles gripped her ass, groaning at the thought of her center pressed against his.

“Pussy’s fine.” He said, his head beginning to spin.

Veronica grinded against his belt buckle, causing Myles to groan; his hands tightening on her ass.

Leaning forward Veronica leisurely strolled kisses up the right side of his neck before reaching his ear.

“And can I taste that Pussy?” She whispered softly.

Myles’ hips bucked, his clit beginning to pulse.

“Oh fuck, I’d love that.” He admitted, dropping his head back.

Veronica wasted no time taking advantage of all the exposed skin this new position granted her. Starting at the base of his neck, she licked, sucked, and nippled at his skin.

“Veronica.” He groaned, kneading her ass.

Again she grinded against his buckle as she latched onto another part of his neck, just below his jawline.

Panting with need, Myles threaded his fingers into her hair, pulling her face from his neck. Then, crashing his lips onto hers, he kissed Veronica like he’d been lost in the desert for days and her lips were his first taste of water.

She kissed him back for a few moments before pulling back. Staring down at him, she watched his chest rise and fall, a sense of pride building. She did that to him. Biting on her bottom lip, butterflies fluttered in the pit of her stomach.

“Should we take this to the bedroom?” They both asked in unison.

The couple couldn’t help but laugh at one another. Then, scooting to the edge of the couch, Myles allowed her to wrap her legs around his waist. Then, as he rose up from the couch, Veronica let out a high pitched squeal as she gripped onto his shoulders.

“Relax, I got you.” He said with a smile.

The softness with which he spoke caused her to relax. Then, leaning down, she kissed him with everything she had. Though they haven’t been together that long, she trusts him, even more so after their conversation, and she wanted to show him that. But as she gripped his face, giving him all she had, he pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, searching his eyes.

Myles chuckled.

“I kind of need to see where I’m going .” He said.

“Oh, right.” She laughed before moving her mouth to his neck.

As her lips made contact with his neck, Myles inhaled sharply before composing himself.

‘Don’t drop her. Don’t drop her. Don’t drop her!’ He chanted in his head.

Thankfully it was only a few steps to get to his bed. As he lowered her onto the mattress, Myles felt light and carefree. Now that he’d come out, that was one less thing between them, and after he got her out of her clothes, there’d be even less between them.

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