My Very Own Room | Casey and Mya Pt. 5

HOLD! Before you read this, have you read part.4?

Casey followed Mya up the long, hardwood stairs. Upon making it to the top of the staircase Casey and Mya were met with a long hallway. 

Making their way down the hall, Casey took in the photos that hung on the wall. At the very opening of the hall, all the photos were rather old, looking as though they’d been taken in the late nineties. Casey recognized Mason, standing next to a woman, in a few of the photos. As they ventured further down the hall, the woman’s belly began to swell. It seemed like with every photo, she doubled in size. As Mya and Casey continued, Mason and the woman slowly acquired all three of their daughters. Then, just like with their parents, Megan, Maddie, and Mya grew bigger and bigger in every photo.


“I like the timeline.” Casey said, pointing to the wall.


“Oh yeah. Would you believe that it was all accidental?” Mya said.


“What?! No way. There had to be hours of organization that went into this.” Casey said, surprised.


“Yeah there was, but he likes to tell people it was an accident.” Mya said, causing them both to laugh.


As they stood in the middle of the hall, Mya pointed out all the bedrooms and both bathrooms; causing Casey to become confused.


“Wait, there’s two bathrooms in the hall. Why?” Casey wondered.


“Let’s just say Maddie and Megan don’t play nice in the morning. So rather than having to bury a daughter and visit the other in jail, daddy just built another bathroom. ” Mya said. 


Continuing on their tour, Mya stopped in front of a door between Maddie’s bedroom, and her own.


“And this is your room.” Mya said, opening the door.


The room wasn’t much, just a bed and a desk, but to Casey that was all they needed; More than all they needed to be honest. In all their life, they’d never had their own room. For the first few years of their life, they shared a crib with Cain, and then after that, they’d always had anywhere from one to three other roommates. 


“Mom and dad didn’t know what to put in the room, so they opted to leave the it blank. Kinda like a fresh canvas. Whenever you’re ready, you can go to them, and they’ll give you your budget.” Mya said.


‘Budget? Room decorating?’ All of this was so foreign to Casey. The closest thing to decorating their room Casey had ever gotten was when their foster dad let them hang some drawings they had made when they were in the third grade. 


“Well, I’ll let you unpack and get settled in. I’ll be in my room if you need me.” Mya said.


Casey thanked Mya as she slipped out of the door. Then, putting their duffle bag on the desk, Casey took a moment to marvel at the room. 


The room was a nice cozy size with lots of walking room, even with the desk and bed. The closet was also a nice size, nothing too big, not that Casey had that many clothes anyways. In fact, everything they owned only took up a third of the closet. 


As they finished hanging the last of their clothes, and setting a few personal items on the desk, a knock came at their door. 


That was new; people usually just barged in, especially on the first day. 


“Come in.” Casey said, trying the words on for size.


A moment later, the door opened, and in walked Maddie. Leaning against the wall next to Casey’s desk, Maddie looked around the room.


“You like?” Maddie asked.


“Yeah, it’s perfect.” Casey said with a smile.


“Good, good. Well we’re gonna be leaving for the party in like two hours. You have time, but I just wanted to let you know.” Maddie said.


Casey gave an ‘okay’ before their bedroom door opened up a little wider. A moment later, Casey spotted Megan peeking into their room.


“Um excuse you. Don’t you know how to knock?” Maddie asked, glaring at her sister.


Pausing for a moment, Megan sheepishly looked over at Casey. 


“My bad.” Said Megan.


“No problem.”Said Casey.


“When are we leaving?” Megan asked, looking over at her sister.


Maddie looked down at her watch.


“Hour and a half.” Said Maddie.


Then, as Megan made her way out of the room Maddie turned her attention back to Casey.


“Always gotta lie to her about the time or else we’d be late to everything, even school.” Maddie said with an eye roll.


Then exiting, the room Maddie allowed Casey to relax before getting ready.

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