Memories Made of Dust

The airport was packed. Making her way through the sea of bodies, Aaliyah Jackson dodged large men as she approached the baggage claim area. Scanning the revolving belt, Aaliyah searched for her bag. After a couple of minutes, she spotted the ugly, green, polka-dotted suitcase. In a hurry her arm jutted out, grabbing the bag at the exact moment a pale hand went in for the same bag. Aaliyah got to the bag first, and the stranger grabbed her hand.

A jolt of electricity coursed through Aaliyah as the freezing cold hand covered hers. Snapping her head up, red hair blew in the air-conditioned airport, freezing Aaliyah into place. The world slowed down as blue eyes stared back at her. Could it be? There was no way.

“Hi.” The redhead said with a smile.

Aaliyah’s mouth hung open as she stared back at the other woman.

“This is my bag.” She said a bit louder than she’d meant to.

The woman removed her pale hand from the handle and smiled tightly.

“My bad.” She said standing up.

Aaliyah mentally facepalmed.

“I’m sorry, that came out harsher than I’d meant it to be.” She explained.

The woman smiled a genuine smile that made Aaliyah’s heart flutter.

“Wait, what are you doing here?” Aaliyah asked, her heart pounding.

“I’m visiting dad and Greg. You remember Greg, right?” The redhead asked.

Aaliyah playfully rolled her eyes and chuckled.

“I wish I didn’t.” She said, causing them both to laugh.

“You and me both.” The redhead said.

Behind the women, a crowd of travelers gave them dirty looks causing them to smile awkwardly as they grabbed their luggage and made their way through the crowd again.

As they walked, Aaliyah felt cold fingers lace in with hers, causing her heart to quicken.

“Liz, how are your hands so cold? It’s like a million degrees in here.” Aaliyah laughed as the women began to walk.

“All my blood’s gone,” Elizabeth said seriously.

Aaliyah’s head snapped towards the other woman.

“Liz, what the hell are you talking about?” She asked as they stopped walking.

“I’m dead remember? Have been for the last five years.” Elizabeth said casually.

Aaliyah began to feel as though she were underwater; the noise around them becoming muffled.

Piece by piece the walls began to crumble as the passengers around them scattered. All the while, Aaliyah stood frozen in place, her heart feeling as though someone had stabbed her.

Feeling Elizabeth’s grip loosen, Aaliyah turned to her right just in time to watch the other woman turn to dust and blow off into the wind.

Lunching up from her bed, Aaliyah’s heart pounded as she looked around. She was back in her bedroom. Turning to the left, she took in the golden urn that sat on her nightstand. As the tears began to fall her arms gave out, and her body crashed into the bed. Grabbing the pillow beside her she held it close, burying her face in it, she released a scream. She was gone and was never coming back.

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