Maria Grace

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. There’s The Tea
  3. One Fateful Night
  4. The Best Family
  5. Mr. And Mrs. Grace
  6. Port Prince Media
  7. The City of Love
  8. Running A Little Late
  9. Maria Grace
  10. Nothing Between Me and You
  11. The Middle Man
  12. Another World
  13. The Premier

Wait! Before you start this story, have you read ‘Running A Little Late‘?

Superwoman was the only word Myles could think of to describe his wife. 


Standing backstage, holding her half-drunk coffee, Myles turned his head this way and that way, tracking Maria’s every move as she moved around the room, working to get the models all set for the show. 


This had to be his favorite part of being the husband of Maria Grace. He got an all-access pass to her brilliance; from a simple sketch in the notebook, she never went anywhere without, to her items being on the racks in the stores; Myles got to see it all. 


“Twirl for me.” Maria said, gesturing in a circular motion with her finger.


The model turned in the floor-length gown and Maria clapped her hands together before bringing them to her face.


“Gosh, I don’t know what I love more, you or the dress.” She said.


Sydne, the model standing before her, laughed before being swept away by men in black sweaters. 


Clyde, Maria’s assistant, handed her her now-filled water bottle and followed her into the next room so they could check up on the other models. 


Since the show would be starting soon, Myles figured he’d change into his suit and make his way to his seat.

Unlike his wife, Myles didn’t care for fashion. His love for Maria and his desire to support her passion led to Myles knowing quite a lot about fashion for someone who wasn’t that into it. Myles was more of a shirt-and-pants kind of guy. If the paparazzi caught Maria and Myles outside on a given day, Myles looked more like her bodyguard or driver than he did her husband. 


The emerald suit fit like a glove, but of course it did; Maria had made it just for him. Another perk of being married to the best fashion designer in the business. Myles was a blank canvas, or at least that is what Maria and her colleagues called him. She loved to dress him up and take him out, watching as women fonded over him; it really got her going. And Myles didn’t mind being her canvas one bit; whether he was going to a meeting, spending the day on set, or going to a red carpet-event, Maria always made sure her hubby was looking his best. 


Myles made his way to his seat and watched as people began to file in for the show.


“Holy shit! You’re Myles Grace! You made Sledding, and the movie about nothing! Two of my all-time favorites! I’m Parker, I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I’m your biggest fan!” A tall bearded man said as he sat down next to Myles.


It wasn’t often that Myles ran into fans. Chances were if you knew who Myles Grace was, you were either a big-time movie buff, a filmmaker yourself, or IMDb was your favorite website. 


Myles couldn’t help but smile as he watched the six-foot bearded man squirm like a hyper little kid in his seat.


“Thank you, I really appreciate that.” Myles said, placing a hand over his heart.


Myles adored his supporters, they were after all the reason he was able to live the luxurious life that he lived. 


On any given day, Myles never hesitated to stop for pictures or conversations with fans. 


The man fluttered, placing his hand over his heart, which was probably racing at this moment. 


‘Here it comes’ Myles thought to himself.


This had to be his favorite part of meeting supporters.


“I know you’re probably here supporting your wife, but can I get a quick picture?” Parker asked.


Myles smiled.


“Of course.” He said.


The man was so nervous Myles had to be the one to take his phone and snap the picture. They took a couple, and the man thanked him, and then it was time to watch the show.

Thank God for Ray-Bans. The flash of the cameras were so bright, Myles felt like he was staring into the sun. The show had ended about an hour ago, and now Myles and Maria were mingling with models and designers in a ballroom a couple of blocks from where the show had taken place.


With his hand in his wife’s, Myles allowed Maria to lead him around the large room, introducing him to models, designers, and other friends of Maria’s. 


Though Maria and Myles’s lives were very intertwined, Maria had a whole other life when it came to her work. She had friends and colleagues littered across the globe, and boy did she keep up with them. 


Maria and Myles both had their little groups of friends. They had friends that knew them as a couple, they each had their work friends, and the friends that they only ever saw whenever said friends would visit New York, or when Myles and Maria were in their friends’ towns. 


But where the husband and wife differed in their friendships was that Maria was far more intuned with her friends. Even the ones she didn’t see as often, she always checked in on them via social media to see what they were up to. 


She was constantly sending and receiving care packages from friends in England, here in France, and from various other countries. 


At times, Myles was so wrapped up with work that he didn’t even get to really connect with Donte, let alone someone all the way on another continent. 


Sipping his wine, Myles was happy to just sit back and observe his wife. 


Standing in a huddle of models, designers, and photographers, Myles sipped his drink and watched as they all fought to get Maria’s attention.


“Maria! Your attention to detail is..” The man paused for a moment, pinching his fingers together, he kissed the tips of his fingers before  extending his arm, almost as if he were releasing a bird.


“Magnificent!” Said the man.


The group talked, laughed, and knocked back drinks all night. Since it was Maria’s night, Myles made sure not to drink too much, he wanted Maria to be able to fully enjoy herself and not have to worry about how they’d get home.


Maria and her friends talked all night until the cleaning crew told them it was time to leave.


So, after making sure all of Maria’s friends had rides home, Myles helped his wife into the car before slipping behind the wheel.


“I wanna go home.” Maria said, looking over at him.


It took a second, but Myles realized she was referring to the home the couple had just outside the city. 


“Alright, let’s go.” He said, pressing a kiss into the palm of her hand.


Cranking the car to life, Myles headed back to the hotel, and after getting Maria out of her dress and into some comfy sweats and shirt, he packed up the room and they were off.


The second the couple was on the road again, Maria was out like a light. 


Turning onto the main road, Myles embarked on a nine-hour road trip to Collioure, France, where their home was.

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