Mama Mary

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Xena pulled into her assigned parking spot and after turning the car off and hopping out, she and her father headed to the back doors. After grabbing the last two boxes, the pair made their way toward the building. 


“Home sweet home.” Joey said as a man exiting the building held the door open for them.


After thanking the man, the father and daughter made their way through the lobby and into the elevator.


As they stepped onto the elevator, Xena pressed the number for her floor before stepping back. Leaning against the wall, she let out a sigh.


Thanks to her parents she was able to get packed and moved in no time. While at work dealing with tweedle dee and tweedle dumb, her mother was at her house packing and labeling boxes while her father booked the movers. 


Then, today, after having the movers take all the bigger items, Xena grabbed and move valuable items and drove them over with her father.


“You can say that again. God, I couldn’t have done this without you and mom.” She said.


And it was true, Xena didn’t have to take any time off of work because her mom took care of everything.


The elevator stopped and the doors opened, allowing the pair to step off.


“I don’t know, I might move in.” Mary, Xena’s mother said, as Xena and her father walked through the door.


“Fine by me. No cooking, hooray!” Xena laughed as she and her father set the boxes down.


Unlike many of Xena’s friends and peers, she actually enjoyed the company of her parents. Mary and Joey were the perfect blend of parents and friends. As Xena got older, their grip loosened and she found herself calling them whenever she was confused about love, work, or just life in general. Joey was always there for a good laugh, and Mary made Xena feel like she could tell her mother anything. 


“Speaking of cooking, I made soup.” Mary said.


Of course she did; Leave it to Mary to chef up something in the time that it took Xena and her father to make their final trip. 


“You’re the best!” She declared, rounding the kitchen island to hug her mother.


“Oh yeah, ’cause she did all that heavy lifting.” Joey said sarcastically. 


Mary stuck her tongue out at her husband, causing their daughter to laugh before Xean invited her father in for a group hug.

Thereafter, Mary fixed plates for her daughter and husband, and the trio ate. At that moment, smushed in between her mother and father, Xena was grateful to be their daughter. 


“Xee, when are we going to take a family vacation huh?” Mary asked, pointing her spoon at her daughter.


‘Here we go’ Xena thought to herself. Her mother was always on her case about finding a ‘work-life balance.’. While Xena wasn’t about killing herself for the sake of a few extra dollars, she did love her job, and work isn’t really work when you love it, right?


Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, Xena sighed.


“Mom I’m-”


“Building for the future.” Mary interrupted.


Mary had heard that line before.


“Honey there will be no future if you continue to kill yourself working.” Mary pointed out.


Her mother was over exaggerating, it wasn’t like Xena was doing physical labor.


“Mom-” Xena began.


Mary held up her hand, physically rejecting the excuses she knew would be coming from her daughter.


“Zee, I want a daughter-in-law and grandchildren. And I wanna be alive to meet them!” She said, leaning into her daughter with a menacing look.


“Mom, I have time!” Xena said, causing Mary to huff.


“If you want it done, you have to do it yourself.” Mary said, standing up.


“Where’s your phone?” She asked looking around.


Joey passed the device over to his wife, and Mary unlocked the device before her fingers began flying over Xena’s screen.


“Mom! What are you doing?” Xena yelled, jumping up.


Joey grabbed his daughter as his wife continued to tap away at the screen.


“Dad!” Xena yelled.


Joey simply laughed and held his daughter back as his wife smiled and tapped away on the device.


After a couple of minutes, Xena realized she wasn’t getting out of her father’s grasp, so she had no choice but to wait.


“And voila!” Mary said, presenting Xena with her phone after what felt like a lifetime.


“Mom! What did you do?!” Xena yelled, jumping up as she stared down at the device. 

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