Made It To The City


Perry and Jasmine made it into the city around one in the afternoon. Making their way through the streets of Manhattan, the couple drove around aimlessly, killing time as they waited for their Airbnb to be ready.

“Oh my gosh, why did I have to book my surgery in the city!” Perry groaned as they sat in bumber to bumber traffic.

Reaching over, Jasmine ran a hand through Perry’s hair, pushing the dark locks out of their eyes.

“Babe take a deep breath.” Jasmine instructed as she rubbed the back of Perry’s neck.

Slowly, the cars in front of them began to inch forward, causing Perry to press on the gas a little. Then, just as they began crawling forward, a group of teenage boys on bikes came zipping between the cars, causing Perry to slam on the brakes.

“Jesus!” Perry shouted, as they and Jasmine jolted forward.

“Learn how to drive asshole!” Yelled one of the boys as the others laughed.

Shaken up, Perry gripped the steering wheel, took a deep breath and closed their eyes before exhaling. Then, as they opened their eyes again, a loud horn sounded from behind them.

“Move your ass!” Yelled an older black man driving a taxi.

Tapping the accelerator, the car crawled forward about an inch before coming to a dead stop. At this rate Perry and Jasmine would be able to collect social security by the time they reached the AirBnB.

Curling their fingers around the steering wheel, Perry blew out a breath of air.

Looking over at her partner, Jasmine ran her hand through her lover’s hair, pushing their dark locks off their face.

“Hey, why don’t we stop at a 7-Eleven and get a slurpee or something. I feel like I’m melting.” Jasmine said, pointing to the store just up ahead.

Hopefully getting off the road, even if just for a few minutes, would do them some good.

Releasing their grip on the wheel, Perry smiled for the first time since entering the city.

“That’s a great idea.” They said.

Reaching behind their head, Perry grabbed Jasmine’s hand and laced their fingers in with her’s before kissing the back of her hand. Then, maneuvering through the cluster fuck that was New York City traffic, Perry managed to get them to the corner store without anymore close calls.

“Ahh, I can’t wait for the day when I can just peel my shirt off and just bask in the sun.” Perry groaned as they let their seat back a little.

Taking a break from sucking down her drink, Jasmine looked over at her partner.

“You can’t drive without a shirt on you whore.” She playfully scolded, slapping their chest.

“Why, cause people would get distracted by my sexy body?” Perry joked, running a hand down their body.

Jasmine rolled her eyes.

“No, cause no one wants to see your pasty ass without a shirt on.” Jasmine said jokenly.

Perry’s hand flew to their chest as they gasped dramatically.

“Take it back.” They said, pretending to be offended.

“Nope, I said what I said.” Jasmine shot back, holding her head up high.

Setting their drink in the cup holder, Perry turned so they were facing their girlfriend.

“Take it. Back!” They said in a warning tone.

Jasmine took a long sip of her slurpee before setting her drink in the cup holder beside Perry’s and leaning over the center console. With her nose brushing against Perry’s Jasmine spoke just above a whisper.

“Not a ch-”

Before she could even finish her sentence Jasmine was curled up in her seat as Perry dug their fingers into her sides.

“I said take it back!” Perry shouted, as they tickled her.

Thrashing in her seat, Jasmine howled.

“I met what I said!” She yelled.

Perry doubled their efforts, causing Jasmine to reach for the door handle; but, before she could open the door, Perry grabbed her hand, pulling their girlfriend over the center console and into their lap.

“Okay! Okay, okay. I take it back! I take it back!” Jasmine yelled, causing Perry to halt their movements.

Perry smiled smugly.

“That’s what I thought.” They said triumphantly as they allowed Jasmine to settle into her seat.

Then, a notification popped up on Perry’s phone, letting the couple know their Airbnb was ready. So, cranking the car to life, Perry backed out of the parking spot, as Jasmine plugged the address into the GPS. Then, making their way back on the road, the couple headed to their Airbnb.

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