Looking Good

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Olivia finished applying her lipstick before turning around and facing the full body mirror. Turning this way and that way, she assessed her attire; The black, painted on dress hugging her curves tighter than a sports car zipping through the back roads.

Finished with her makeup, she dropped the lipstick into her makeup bag and turned around. 

    “Gottdam Liv! Holy shit, you’re making me question my sexuality!” Sophie said as she entered the bathroom. 

Moving in front of the mirror, Sophie grabbed Olivia’s makeup bag. 

    “So is there a reason for the fuck me pumps?” Sophie asked, looking her best friend up and down. 

Olivia rolled her eyes. 

    “Yeah, I wanna look cute.” Said Olivia. 

    “For?” Sophie shot back. 

Olivia avoided her best friend’s gaze, one look and Sophie would have her spilling the beans. 

Sophie eyed Olivia carefully. 

    “Could this person already be downstairs?” Sophie asked, her tone playful. 

Olivia rolled her eyes again. 

    “Please, I just met Nat.” Olivia said with a scoff. 

Sophie gasped. 

    “I WAS TALKING ABOUT NATE!” Sophie all but shouted. 

    “Shh, keep your voice down!” Olivia scolded. 

Sophie opened her mouth to say something when there was a loud thud against the door. 

    “Liv, come on, you’ve been in here for- Sweet baby Jesus! Who are you and what the fuck did you do with my baby sister?!” Jade asked as she walked into the bathroom. 

Olivia swatted her sister’s arm. 

    “Language!” Olivia said. 

Jade rolled her eyes. 

    “Please tell me all of this isn’t for that ass hat.” Jade said, gesturing to her sister’s attire. 

Now it was Olivia’s turn to roll her eyes. 

    “Why is it when a girl looks hot, it has to be for someone? Can’t I just look hot? Damn!” Olivia said, throwing her hands in the air. 

She then stormed out of the bathroom before Jade or Sophie could say anything else. 

    “I don’t care what she says, she’s trying to-”

    “Shut up Sophie!” Olivia shouted, causing both the women in the bathroom to laugh. 

Olivia made her way downstairs to find Nat stretched across the couch, their head in their twins lap, and their feet kicked up on Carter’s lap. 

    “Hey Liv! Is everyone-Oh shit! You look….” Nat trailed off, rising up from the couch. 

Like a gravitational pull, they floated over to Olivia. 

    “Hi.” They said, standing an arms length away. 

With Nat so close, Olivia could smell the sweet smell of vanilla. Such a light contrast to their black jeans and black button up.

    “Hi.” She said nervously, her heart slamming itself up against her ribcage. 

    “You look beautiful.” They said softly. 

Olivia was a little shocked. Normally when she received compliments on her appearance it was something along the lines of hot, or sexy, never beautiful. 

    “Thank you. So do you. I mean you look handsome… or sharp…. Or….” 

Stumbling over her words, Olivia face planted into her hands. Nat chuckled before grabbing Olivia’s hands and pulling them down. 

    “Handsome works.” They said with a panty dropper smile. 

Olivia was almost tempted to grab their face and plant one on them. But atlas the doorbell rang. 

    “I’ll get it!” Nat yelled. 

Then, before Olivia knew what was happening, Nat was in her personal space. 

    “Save me a dance?” Nat asked. 

Olivia’s head was spinning a mile a minute, the fact that she even heard them was an act of God; there was no way she would be able to respond. So instead she bit her lip and gave a little nod. 

Then, stepping around her, Nat headed for the door. 

I think Nat and Olivia are pretty smitten. What do you thing? Anyways thank you for talking the time to check out this weeks story. If you like it, don’t for get to hit that start.-Cyrus

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