Looking Dapper

Mya sat outside the dressing room, waiting for Huston to step out. Mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, she liked a few pictures here and there before she heard someone clear their throat. Looking up, Mya took in Huston as she leans against the door frame.

“You like?” Huston asked.

Pushing off the wall, Huston stepped out into the middle of the hallway and spun in a small circle; giving Mya a full view of her attire. Huston wore a black, form fitting slacks with a matching suit jacket. Underneath the jacket, she wore a blood red button up; the first few buttons left undone; her neck and the space just above her breast on full display.

Looking at Huston, Mya’s mouth went dry. All the moisture that once coated her tongue had now traveled southward, ruining her favorite pair of black, lacey, underwear.

“Mya?” Huston called out.

Maya’s head was spinning at this point. Six months. She’d spent half of a year, trying to convince herself that she was straight; that Riley was the one whom she loved. One hundred eighty-two days of convincing; wiped away in a matter of fourteen days.

Looking at Huston, Mya lost it. Before Mya knew it, she was up on her feet, walking towards the other woman. Without a word, she pressed her hands to the blonde’s chest, pushing her backwards.

“My, you okay?” Huston asked.

Mya didn’t respond; instead she pushed on Huston’s chest until they were inside the dressing room. Confusion took over Huston’s features as she watched Mya lock the door with the shaky hands. Then, turning back around, Mya pressed Huston against the wall of the small dressing room; their faces just inches apart.

“Kiss me.” Mya whispered.

Her voice was thick with need; her tone needy and pain filled. Huston couldn’t believe her ears.

“Wh- what?” Huston asked.

The blonde’s eyes fluttered as she tried to process what she was hearing.

Mya moved in closer, pressing her body against Huston’s. Drunken with desire, she brushed her nose against Huston’s; her eyes fluttering.

“I… I want you to… kiss me.” Mya said hesitantly.

Something snapped within Huston causing her to launch forward, capturing Mya’s lips with her own. Their mouths came crashing together; tongues embracing one another as if they were old friends reuniting after being a part for far too long.

Huston tasted like Hubba Bubba and cigarettes; a combination that sounded horrible on paper; But Mya seemed to find it to be heavenly in that moment.

They kissed one another hungrily, their hands roam each other’s bodies frantically; It was almost as if the two were using the sense of touch to memorize one another. Mya’s hands slid up Houston’s shirt, gliding over her toned stomach, and up her rib cage as Houston’s hands gripped Mya’s ass.

Then, when the need for oxygen made itself present, Mya pulled back from the kiss; Still in a bit of a daze. Then, tilting her head back, Mya sighed with pleasure as Huston strolled kisses up and down the length of her neck. Huston left a few bites here and there, as she got lost in the other women’s soft, sun kissed skin, before realizing that Mya’s movements had stopped. So Huston stopped as well.

“Shit, sorry.” Huston said.

Withdrawing herself from Mya, Huston wiped her mouth. She didn’t look at Mya.

Mya’s heart was still racing as she cleared her throat, rubbing the part of her neck where Huston’s mouth had just been. She had a hickey. There was no question about it.

“I like the suit.” Mya said suddenly.

Her eyes grew dark; a lustful hunger arising within her.

“Take it off so we can buy it and go.”

Without question, Huston began stripping; Mya, still in the dressing room.

Mya didn’t even make the effort to even pretend she wasn’t looking. She simply sat down on the bench, watching Huston strip down. Then, once Huston was back in her own clothes, Mya slipped out first; Huston waiting a few minutes before following. She then paid for the suit before walking out the store to find Mya awaiting her. After Mya grabbed Huston’s hand, the two women practically bolted to the car; neither caring about the odd looks they got.

Mya shoved Huston into the apartment before walking in herself and dropping her bag by the door. Lunching forward, Mya threw herself at Huston, forcing the blonde to catch her. Just like in the dressing room, their mouth collided, the kiss twice as hot and passionate as the one they’d shared in the dressing room. Within seconds, clothes began falling as the two women stumbled blindly through Huston’s loft. Bumping into the dining room table, Huston spun them around. Then, with one swipe of her arm, she cleared the table and hoisted Mya onto it. Huston then pressed a few kisses to Mya’s lips before trailing her kisses down Mya’s neck. Moving unto her chest, Huston kissed, and kissed, and kissed some more until her face was buried in Mya’s cleavage. Needing more skin to worship, Huston pulled Mya’s tank top from her jeans; pulling back to look at Mya.

“Whaddya say we get rid of this?” Huston asked, causing Mya to bite her lip.

Without a word, Mya peeled off the top, tossing it behind Huston.

Huston smiled, before dipping her head to kiss the exposed parts of Mya’s breast. Meanwhile, Maya slipped her hands beneath Huston’s shirt and scrapped her nails against the blondes abdomen.

“I want this gone.” Mya demanded, tugging at the offending fabric.

“So take it off me then” Huston teased.

Pushing the blonde back, Mya removed the shirt in one swift motion before tossing it to the ground. Then, grabbing her by the belt, Mya pulled Huston flush against her, kissing the blonde deeply and passionately. Then, as they kissed and kissed some more, Huston ran a hand down Mya’s body, over her belt, and between her legs. Pressing hard against her center, Huston rubbed the other woman’s center.

Groaning, Mya worked her hips to the pace that Huston had set. Then, before she knew it, her hips speed up, wanting more of what Huston was more than willing to give her.

“Upstairs. Take me upstairs.” Mya pleaded.

Granting her wish, Huston lifted her from the table; Mya’s endless legs snaking around Huston’s waist. Then, turning around, Huston began making her way to the stairs.

“Mmm. Fuck. Can’t see.” Huston mumbled, as Mya smothered her with kisses.

Mya reluctantly moved to the right side of Huston’s neck; assaulting the flesh there with a few kisses, stokes of her tongue, and a couple of nibbles here and there.

Breathing heavily, Huston focused on getting them to the bedroom; Doing her best to ignore her shaky knees that threatened to buckle under her. The way Mya’s mouth worked against the blond’s neck made Huston dizzy.

When Huston finally reached the top of the stairs, she fisted her hand into Mya’s hair, her hand full of brown curls, and pulled Mya from the crook of her neck.

Then crashing her lips into Mya’s, Huston stumbled down the hall to her bedroom. Upon arrival, Huston kicked the door, causing it to fly open, hitting the wall with a loud smack. Still kissing Mya, Huston crossed the threshold, kicking the door once again; this time closing it.

It was only then that Mya untangled her legs from around Huston, causing the blonde to set Mya back on her feet.

Mya fell back onto the bed, propping herself up on her elbows so she could take in the sight that was Huston.

“Strip.” She demanded, causing the blonde to smirk.

“Do you want me to dance too?” The blonde asked, losing her tie.

Mya shook her head.

“No, just take off your clothes.” Mya said.

Doing as she was told, Huston pulled off her tie off, dropping to the floor starting on the buttons of her shirt. Staring into Mya’s eyes, Huston unbuttoned her shirt one button at a time, her eyes never leaving Mya’s. Then, when all of the buttons had been undone, rather than taking the shirt off, she kicked off her shoes whilst undoing her pants. Once her pants her open, she let them fall to the ground before removing her shirt as well. Then, standing at the foot of the bed, she wore nothing but a black harness, a matching dildo hanging from her hips, and her socks.

“I like to keep my socks on. That’s cool with you?” Huston asked, cocking her head to the side.

“Yeah. Now come fuck me.” Mya said.

Not needing to be told twice, Huston crawled onto the bed and over Mya before settling between her legs. Then, after lining the toy up with Mya’s entrance, Huston sunk down into her, beginning a long and wild night.

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