Let’s Make It Official

Jordan Piker could think of a million and one places he’d rather be; the gym, the DMV, the supermarket, hell the fucking dentist; but rather than being in any of those places, he was in the law library of NYU. How long Jordan had been there was anyone’s guess, but if the blending of the lines in his textbook, and the burning in both his eyes and his shoulders where anything to go by, then it was safe to say it’d been a long time. 


‘Sit up boy, you’re gonna turn into a damn hunch back.’ Gladys, Jordan’s grandmother always used to tell him. 


Sitting up straight, Jordan stretched his arms high above his head before using the back of his chair to crack his back. Jordan’s back popped and cracked so loud, he feared the security guard would make their way over and asked Jordan to leave. 


Once the tension in his back was relieved, Jordan turned his attention back to his textbook and notebook. 


For Jordan, he found that copying whatever he was reading, into a notebook, rather than just reading it, helped him better understand the material he was learning.  


Though extremely time-consuming, his grades showed that it was well worth it.  


Halfway through the final page, there was a loud bang, followed by a gust of wind, causing Jordan’s head to snap up. On the other side of the table, Jordan’s best friend, Charles, pulled out the chair across from Jordan. 


“Damn man, could you be any louder?” Jordan hissed. 


Around the men, students and library staff glared at the pair before turning their attention back to their tasks.  


“Fuck, I was up all-night last night, cramming for Mr. Clarks test, and I didn’t even think about what I was doing until I let go of the books.” Charles said. 


Jordan shook his head in mock disappointment, but he understood.  


Jordan used to be a frequent all-nighter; even when he didn’t have test or papers due, Jordan was often burning the midnight oil to get ahead. 


“Keep that shit up and you gonna work yourself into an early grave.” Jordan said. 


Charles rolled his eyes. 


“Mom’s always saying that same shit. But how else am I supposed to  keep this fucking scholarship?” Charles asked. 


Charles and Jordan had been given generous scholarships; the only thing the men had to worry about was food and getting too and form class. And even then, transportation and food were a flat fee of about three hundred bucks for an all you can eat pass, and another pass that allowed them to take the metro anywhere both on and off campus.  


Jordan opened his mouth to say something when his phone pinged, letting him know he had a message. 


“Oooh, is that Corey and Tia?” Charles asked, leaning over the table to peek at his best friend’s phone.  


“Damn nigga, chill!” Jordan said, leaning away from the other man as he opened the message. 


‘T and I are thinking of getting some Italian for dinner tonight. Maybe something from that place Ralph’s. Care to join us?’ The message read. 


Jordan couldn’t help but smile as his fingers flew over his screen. 


“You’ve been seeing Corey and Tia a lot lately. I take it that that means you’ve had ‘the big chat’ with them?” Charles asked. 


Jordan finished typing out his message before looking up at his friend. Jordan’s face was flat, letting Charles know that his best friend hadn’t spoken to them. 


Jordan sucked his teeth.  


“Why can’t you be happy for me? Damn nigga.” Jordan said. 


Charles laughed, holding his hands up, he shook his head. 


“Aye, I’m just looking out for you. I don’t want my guy getting hurt.” Charles said. 


Jordan huffed and rolled his eyes.  


“I’ll bring it up tonight.” He said. 


Charles simply nodded before the men turned their attention to their books and began studying. 


Corey William’s must have walked over the same spot about a million times. He’d walked from one end of the foyer to the other so many times that his feet were becoming imprinted into the carpet. 


“Baby please, I’m already at an eight and you’re taking me to a twelve with all that damn pacing.” Tia said from her place at the mini bar. 


Reaching for another glass, she fixed her husband a scotch on the rocks, his favorite. 


“Baby breathe. We’re just gonna have a simple conversation. The world isn’t going to end, I promise.” She said, handing Corey the drink. 


Corey only offered up a quiet thank you as he took the glass.  


Without hesitation, Corey knock the drink back just as the doorbell sounded. 


“Oh God, that’s him.” Corey said. 


“Babe, I’ll get the door. You stay here, fix yourself another drink.” She said, patting his chest. 


Corey let out a shaky breath. 


“Okay, another drink! I can do that, I can do that.” He said, chanting the last part. 


Tia shook her head, tonight would be a long night. 


Tia pulled open the front door to find Jordan standing there in a deep red button up and a pair of black slacks. 


“Hey Jay, how was school?” She asked as she invited him into the house. 


Rather than answering right away, Jordan swiped the glass of wine Tia had been drinking and took a sip. 


“Fucking horrible, like it always is.” He said after swallowing. 


Tia laughed as she closed the door. 


“Aw it can’t be that bad. Just think, in two more years you’ll be done with school.” She said, just before pressing a kiss to his lips. 


“Yeah, and then residency starts.” He said, with an exhausted huff. 


Before she could respond, Jordan was already making his way into the living room. 


“Oh shit, what’s wrong babe?” Jordan said stopping in the entryway of the living room. 


Corey stopped dead in his track and looked up at Jordan, and Tia who was now standing behind Jordan. 


After a moment of silence from Corey, Jordan’s anxiety began to rise. 


“Did someone die?” Jordan asked, panic in his voice. 


“No, no one’s dead.” Corey promised as he and Tia moved closer. 


Making her way around Jordan, she took his left hand, while Corey took his right. 


“Then why do you guys look like ghost?” Jordan frowned. 


Corey and Tia exchanged looks before turning their attention back to Jordan. 


“Jay, T and I have been talking and….” Corey trailed off, before shoving a hand into his pocket and pulling out a black box. 


Jordan’s brows bunched together as he looked from Tia to Corey. 


“Y’all know polygamy isn’t legal right?” He said, looking back and forth between the couple. 


Corey waved a hand, physically dismissing Jordan’s statement.  


“No, no, no. That’s not what this is.” Said Corey. 


Grinning from ear to ear, Tia nodded towards her husband, causing Corey to open the black velvet box. Inside was a golden key with the name Jay etched into it. 


“We want you to move in!” Tia said excitedly. 


Jordan was silent for a moment. Looking from the key to Tia, then Corey, then back at the key again, he slowly processed what had just been said to him. 


“For real?” He asked excitedly. 


Corey nodded. 


“We know your slammed at school right now, so we understand if you want to wait, but Tia and I want to fall asleep and wake up with you, in our house, in our bed.” Corey said. 


Unable to put what he felt into words, Jordan pulled his partners into his arms before kissing them. 


“So I’ll take that as a yes then?” Tia laughed. 


Jordan nodded, causing Corey and Tia to laugh, before pulling them in for another hug. After a few kisses were exchanged, the trio sat down to have dinner and iron out the details of their new living situation. 

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