Leo LaVine

  1. All In A Day’s Work 
  2. Let’s Start The Day
  3. Picking Up A Friend
  4. Forgotten Birthday Dinner
  5. Mikey
  6. Party Crashers
  7. We’ve Got Some Catching Up To Do
  8. The Other LaVine
  9. Brotherly Love
  10. Party At The LaVine’s
  11. Caught Up
  12. Never Thought I’d See You Again
  13. Mr. Young’s
  14. Smitten
  15. A Slippery Slope
  16. Funny Seeing You Here
  17. “Friends”
  18. Another Date
  19. Wildfire
  20. The Morning After
  21. You’re Looking A Little Blurry
  22. This Has To Stop
  23. Ronnie LaVine
  24. An Unexpected Visitor
  25. What A Mess
  26. It All Comes Out
  27. Lying With Pigs
  28. Let’s Put A Pin In That
  29. A Snow Storm Is Coming
  30. Switching Sides
  31. It All Happened So Fast
  32. This Can’t Be The End
  33. Leo LaVine
  34. Catching Them Up
  35. Aftermath

Wait! Have you read ‘This Can’t Be The End‘?

A few days ago

Mikey stood outside the prison as his heart pounded against his ribcage. Looking down at his watch, he checked the time, eight-thirty. Shit, he was thirty minutes too early. Looking back at the building, he allowed his mind to drift back to the other day.


Yesterday after Paula left, Pauly changed the code and the locks of Paula’s apartment and gave Mikey the code and new keys. It was awkward, standing in the middle of his sister’s apartment, watching as one of his father’s men loosened the screws on the locks.


It’d only been a few hours since the incident that caused Paula to storm out of their father’s office, and now here Pauly was, changing the locks on her apartment.


Mikey was uncomfortable, like sitting in soaked jeans or swimming with all his clothes still on. His body felt waited down, unable to move.


“That ungrateful little bitch! Everything! I gave that little brat everything! And this is how she treats me?!” Pauly yelled as he paced back and forth.


“Don’t let her get you all worked up.” Vinny chuckled.


Mikey eyed his uncle from the corner of his eye; Vinny reminded Mikey of a serpent; slimy, and sneaky. 


Mikey had been too young to remember his uncle, and for that he was grateful; cause if Vinny was anything like he is now back then, Mikey was certain he would hate him.


“If she comes back you call. Don’t open this door, got it!” Pauly said after stopping his pacing and turning to his son. 


Mikey quickly nodded, but apparently, that wasn’t good enough.


In two quick strides, Pauly was across the room and in front of Mikey. 


“Say it!” He demanded, grabbing Mikey’s face.


Pauly’s eyes were wide, wild, and bloodshot. A thin layer of sweat covered his face, and his breath reeked of alcohol. 


“If she comes, I’ll call.” Mikey said.


“Good.” He said letting go of his son’s face.


After patting Mikey’s face, Pauly, Vinny, and their men headed out the door, leaving Mikey all alone.


 According to Paula, their father didn’t drink. He’d always been quite particular about the things that went into his body. But lately, it seemed like Pauly was slowly turning into someone completely different. 



Two Days before The LaVines Brother’s Deaths-


Mikey sat outside the Mayville Correction Facility; Flicking his eyes to the clock on the dashboard, he realized that he was a little early. So, turning the car off, he pulled out his phone and unlocked it. 


He was tempted to text Paula. Mikey was worried about his sister and didn’t want to see his family fall apart. But alas, Mikey decided against it. He didn’t know for sure, but Mikey was certain his father was monitoring his phone somehow. After they changed the locks, Pauly snatched Mikey’s phone and he and Gus went into Paula’s room for a while. When they came back out, Pauly tossed Mikey his phone and warned him not to contact his sister.


After they left, Mikey went to unlock his phone and noticed that it’d been restarted. Though he thought that was odd, he knew better than to ask questions. 


A loud buzzer sounded, causing Mikey to look up just in time to see the gate open.


“Hey baby brother.” Leo said with a smile, as he walked out of the prison gate.


Leo held his arms out for a hug, and Mikey walked into his embrace. Mikey didn’t know much about his older brother. It had been so long since he’d last seen Leo, and Mikey was merely a baby. But over the past few months of being with his father and sister, Pauly and Paula talked about Leo non-stop.


After finding out that Leo was in prison, Mikey began to write his older brother and found out that Leo was getting out soon.


“Lee, it’s so good to see you!” Mikey said, wrapping his arms around his massive brother.


Leo laughed, patting his brother’s back as he hugged Mikey back.


“It’s good to see you too.” Leo laughed.


After a moment longer of hugging, the LaVine brothers hopped into the car Mikey had borrowed from their father and took off.


“They’re selling drugs?! Really! After everything that happened to Ronnie?!” Leo yelled, his booming voice partially raddling the car.


“Yeah, I know, Paula’s pissed. After the meeting, she left and hasn’t come home.” Mikey said. 


“Well, where is she?” Leo asked.


Mikey shrugged.


“I don’t know. She hasn’t been answering any of my calls.” Mikey said, causing his brother to sigh and shake his head.


Mikey hated that Leo was walking into this mess, but from what Mikey had learned from his sister, being a LaVine was always chaotic.


“Do you have a phone on you?” Leo asked.


Stopping at a red light, Mikey fished his phone out of his pocket and handed it over to his brother.


“Who are you calling?” Mikey asked, looking over at his brother.


“A friend.” Leo said, pressing the phone to his ear.



“Lee, are you fucking crazy?” Mikey yelled as they pulled up to the police department.


Leo paid his baby brother no mind as he pulled into the back of the station where all the police cars were parked.


“Leo what the fuck are you-” Leo held up his hand, signaling for Mikey to stop.


A moment later, a tall, dark-haired man exited the station and made his way over to the car. Pulling the back door open, the man got into the backseat.


Shifting the car into drive, Leo began driving again.


“Who’s this?” The man asked, looking over at Mikey.


“My baby brother. He’s cool, don’t worry.” Leo said, looking over at Mikey.


Mikey said nothing as the man in the backseat began talking to Leo again.


“Do you really think you’ll be able to take out your own father?” The man asked.


Mikey’s eyes nearly double in size. When he’d spoken to Leo a couple of days ago about Leo’s plans after he got out, the older LaVine never said anything about killing their father.


Leo looked at Mikey.


“I relive Ronnie’s death day after fucking day. Dad and I found him. I was the one that helped dad take him down after he hung himself. That shit lives in my head and I’m not gonna let dad and uncle Vinny put another family through what we went through.” Leo said.


Mikey had heard Paula speak of Ronnie a couple of times and Mikey knew that his oldest brother had killed himself, but no one ever talked about it.


Figuring that his older brother knew better than he did, Mikey simply sat back and said a silent prayer, hoping that all went well.

You think Mikey’s prayer is gonna work? Also what do you think of the time jumping?

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