Just Pop It Back Into Place

Jade helped Carter into the house and over to the couch.

“Wait right here, I’m gonna call an ambulance.” She said.

“No, don’t!”Carter yelled, grabbing her hand, the movement causing him to jostle his arm and cry out in pain.

“Carter we have to take you two the hospital, your could be- ”

”It’s not! My shoulder’s just out of place. Jade please, I don’t want to go to the hospital!” Carter pleaded in between cries of pain.

“Well what the hell are we gonna do then, your arm’s dislocated!” She pointed out.

Carter let out another cry as he shifted on the couch, trying to get his phone from his pocket.

“Here, let me get it. You’re gonna end up hurting yourself even more than you already are.” She said.

Standing up, Jade slipped her hand into his pocket and began feeling around for his phone. As she searched through his seemingly endless pocket, her hand brushed against his penis.

“Girl, I said grab my phone, not me.” He laughed, causing Jade to blush.

Blushing? Jade didn’t blush. She’d done far more x-rated things with guys she’d known for a shorter amount of time then she’d known Carter for, and didn’t even bat an eye; Now grazing his dick was turning her into a Catholic school girl?

Shaking her head, Jade focused her attention back on the task at hand. Finding the device, she pulled it from his pocket and handed it to him.

Fumbling with his phone, Carter made a FaceTime call. The phone rang for a couple of seconds before a red headed man that looked quite similar to Nat and Nathan appeared on the screen.

“Hey Bub, what’s up?” The man said.

“Dad, it happened again. ” Carter said, causing the man to shake his head.

“Damnit Cart! I swear you should come with fragile stickers.” Carter’s dad said with a laugh.

“Yeah, yeah. Can you talk Jade through popping it back in place for me?” Carter asked, causing Jade’s eyes to triple in size.

“Wait! You want me to do what?!” She said in disbelief.

“Aw come on Jade, it’s simple. I do it all the time. Dad will talk you through it.” He said.

It took a few more minutes of convincing but Carter and his father finally managed to talk her into popping Carter’s shoulder back into place. After a few demonstrations from Carter’s father, Teddy, Jade was finally able to get her stomach under control.

“Ready Jade?” Teddy asked, causing her to take a deep breath and nod.

He then counted down from three before Jade pushed Carter’s shoulder back into place.

“Fucking hell!” Carter cried out, a few tears escaping his eyes.

Teddy clapped his hands together and gave a triumphant smile.

“Jade ya did it!” He said with a victorious fist pump.

A moment later a woman’s voice could be heard in the background calling out for Teddy.

“Aw shit, gotta go. Cart, stop trying to impress Jade before you really get hurt.” He said.

Carter gave an eye roll before giving a dry ‘bye dad’. Then, after saying their goodbyes, Carter ended the call just as the rest of the gang came inside.

“Cart, you good man?” Nat said as they flopped down onto the couch beside him.

“Yeah, nurse Jade just popped it back in place.” He said.

Nate gave a laugh as he sat down on the coffee table across from his brother.

“I swear man, you’ve been falling apart since Nat and I were like four.” He said with a laugh.

Carter gave his brother a gentle slap to the face as everyone else made their way over to the couch.

“Well now that we know he’s not dying, movie anyone?” Nate asked, looking around.

The gang all gave a collective ‘yeah, sounds good’ causing them all to make their way to the basement where the home theater was.

So what do we think of Carter, Nat, and Nate’s dad? And how often does Carter’s arm get dislocated?

Anyways, as always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of the Carter and Jade/Nat and Olivia series. If you did, hit that star. If that’s not your thing or you can’t don’t worry, hitting that star does wonders for the site. 

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