Just Immature, Right?

Wait, wait, wait, before you read this, have you read; ‘It’s A Match

Xena’s morning was filled with bullshit meetings and another round of the Wells brother’s reminding Xena why she didn’t date men. Trent, the younger of the two brothers, was a little more tolerable than his older brother, Travis, but after just a few minutes of talking to Trent, it became clear to her that Travis was the brains of the two brothers. Unfortunately, Travis seemed more preoccupied with getting her number than answering any of Xena’s questions. How these two idiots managed to keep the business at the level that their father and grandfather had built it to be was beyond Xena. 


Shaking her head, Xena sat at her desk, looking over last quarter’s earnings reports when her alarm went off. Thank God, it was lunchtime. Shutting her laptop, she rose up from her seat and grabbed her bag before making her way out the door. Upon stepping out of the office, she immediately ran straight into Travis. 


“Geez, Xena, if you want me, all you have to do is say so. No need to throw yourself at me.” He said, steadying her as the group of men behind him began to laugh.


“Mr. Wells, not to be a party pooper, but I would advise against making such jokes. If said to the wrong person, that could be a serious HR problem.” She said, stepping away from the CEO.


Behind him, Travis’s posse chuckled and let out oh’s and burn’s, reminding Xena of some of the boys she went to middle school with. Shaking her head, she stepped around Travis and his minions. It was clear to her that Travis’s colleagues were a lost cause; but for the sake of his company, Xena could only hope and pray that Travis would get his head out of his ass. 

The work that the Wells brothers were doing was important, potentially life changing even, and Xena would hate to see it all crash and burn because Travis couldn’t be serious for more than five minutes at a time. 


Exiting the building, she stepped out into the California sunlight just as her father sent a text.


‘Lunch?’ the message read with the address to a little bakery.


The bakery was right around the corner from the building, so Xena sent her father a thumbs up before beginning her walk. Five minutes later, she arrived in front of the bakery right as she spotted Sarah and Alexis hopping out of the realtor’s car.


“Hey stranger.” The realtor greeted, as she approached Xena.


The women made their way over to Xena, hugging her and Xena couldn’t lie, the women smelt just as good as they looked. 


“What are you doing here?” Alexis asked, pulling back from the hug.


Before Xena could answer, her father stepped out of the bakery with Andre and another man trailing behind him.


“What is this a party?” Sarah asked, throwing her hands in the air.


The men laughed before making their way over to the women and hugging them. After getting a table outside, Sarah, Xena, and Alexis sat across from Andre, Ali, Sarah’s father, and Joey. 


The party of six were seated and placed their orders before Xena’s phone pinged with a message.


“What the hell?” Xena said, looking down at her phone.


“What’s wrong?” Five voices asked at once.


Shit, she hadn’t meant to say that out loud. Shaking her head, she pocketed her phone and focused on the two women sitting on either side of her, and the three men sitting across from them. 


“It’s nothing.” She lied.


Well, it wasn’t a full lie. All she saw was a headline, that could mean anything.


Luckily the others let it drop; though, for a moment, her father eyed her carefully, seeming a little concerned. But they continued with lunch and once they finished, Joey, Ali, and Andre began arguing over who got to pay the bill, so the women decided to leave them to it.


“You sure you’re alright?” Sarah asked looking at Xena as they and Alexis walked over to Sarah’s car.


“One sec.” Xena said, pulling up the article.


Multiple sources allege that Travis Wells made grand promises of promotions, company cars, apartments, raises, and job opportunities that all vanished the moment he got bored with his ‘plaything of the month’. 


Xena stared at her screen in horror. Her stomach twisted, the feeling of nausea washing over her like a wave.


“Xena? Are you okay?” Sarah asked, her voice making Xena feel as if she were underwater.


“Babe, go get her some water.” Xena heard one of the women say.


Everything felt out of focus as she felt an arm wrap around her.


“Here, just sit down. Breathe Xena, just breathe.” 


A door shut, blocking out the LA heat and a moment later cool air was being blown on Xena.


“What the fuck is happening?” Xena asked herself.

Uh-oh, things aren’t looking good. What do you think will be Xena’s first course of action. What would be your first course of action if you were in her shoes?  Anyways, I hope you’re enjoying this series, and if you are, but sure to hit that star and if you REALLY like this series, consider buy a cup of coffee! One cup is only four dollars and would do wonders in helping out the site. If you can’t, or that just isn’t your thing, consider hitting that star and sharing the site with a friend! Thanks for read! – C

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