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Carter pulled into the quiet suburban cul-de-sac and pulled into the driveway of a tan house. 

    “This is Jimmy’s house?!” Chelsea and Jade asked at the same time. 

    “Yeah, were you expecting him to live in a trailer park?” Nate asked looking at the women. 

Chelsea and Jade shared a ‘he’s joking right?’ look before turning back to Nate. 

    “Um, yeah.” They said simultaneously. 

Nate opened his mouth when the tall, black gate in the middle of the driveway opened up to reveal a man who looked to be in his late thirties or early forties. Dressed in a light blue button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a pair of slacks, Jimmy waved his hand in a ‘come forward’ motion. Doing as he was instructed, Carter pulled into the gated area of the drive way before the man closed the gate behind him.  

    “Cart, Nate, how’s Nat?” Jimmy asked after setting his hands on the roof of the car and sticking his head into the window. 

    “Nat’s doing well. I’ll tell them you said hi.” Carter said. 

    “Hey, I’m making meatloaf, you guys wanna stay for dinner?” He asked with a hopeful smile. 

Jimmy has always been the kind of dealer to sell you a couple baggies of your drug of choice and then make you a pot roast afterwards. A couple of times Carter, Nat, and Nate took him up on his offer, and the food was to die for, but hanging out with Jimmy was always a little awkward. 

Having lived a sheltered life as a child and not having many friends, Jimmy lacked some people skills; But that didn’t mean he didn’t try. 

    “Actually Jim we’re kind of on a time crunch. We’re gonna have to take a rain check.”Carter said, feeling somewhat sorry for the man. 

Jimmy gave a nod before tipping his head towards the house. 

    “Shall we head in?” He asked, earning a nod. 

Getting out of the car, Carter, Nate, Jade and Chelsea made their way into the house. The inside of the house was your typical modern American home; with an open floor plan and lots of natural light, you’d never guess Jimmy sold drugs. But then, as they walked into the basement and into Jimmy’s lap, it was clear that he took his work seriously.  

On a table near the right wall sat a maze of pipes that traveled from one glass container to the next. 

As the women looked around, Jimmy noticed Chelsea noticing the white crystals that sat on the table. 

    “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna try and up sell ya. I might sell drugs but I still have morals.” Jimmy said with a chuckle. 

Making his way over to his desk, he sat in the red leather office chair. Then, bending down, he opened the bottom drawer of his desk where he pulled out a scale and a clear baggy. 

    “Now, how much are you wanting to buy?” He asked, folding his hands together. 

Jade dropped her fork onto her plate and licked her lips. If it wasn’t so frowned upon she would have licked the plate clean. 

    “Damn Jimmy, you really know how to bake a pie.” She said leaning back in her chair. 

    “Yeah, my mee-maw might have been a cold hearted bitch but she made a mean apple pie. Thank God I got the recipe off her before she kicked the bucket.” Jimmy said. 

Raising their glasses of milk, Jimmy, Jade, Carter, Nate, and Chelsea all raised a toast to mee-maw before Carter informed Jimmy that they had to hit the road. 

    “Thanks again for eating with me guys, I know hanging out with your dealer isn’t ideal but it meant a lot to me.” Jimmy said as they helped him clear the table. 

Then after saying their goodbyes, the gang all made their way back to the car. 

    “You know, I was wrong about Jimmy, he’s a good guy.” Nate said. 

Carter nodded in agreement as Chelsea unlocked the doors. Then, ducking into the car, the foursome made their way back to the cabin. 

So what do we think of Jimmy? Would you guy weed from him? I hope you all enjoyed this installment of the Jade and Carter/ Olivia and Nat series. If you did, be sure to hit that star. Thank you, Cyrus.

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