I’ve Got These Feelings

Olivia Wild stared at the carpet of her bedroom floor as her best friend, Megan Williams walked back and forth. Megan had gone over the same spots so many times Olivia was sure she’d burn a hole in the carpet. Megan made her way from the bedroom door to the closet door for what felt like the millionth time before she turned to Olivia.

“Liv I-” Megan sighed, her shoulders falling, as a look of utter exhaustion taking over her face.

With one quick turn, Megan got back on track and began pacing again.

“Megan what’s wrong? Did someone die?” Olivia asked, sounding concern.

“No, but someone might die. Megan said under her breath.

“What?” Olivia asked.

“Nothing.” Megan said quickly, shaking her head.

Turning on her heels, Megan got back on track and began pacing again. Back and forth she went as she listed off all the ways that this could go wrong.

Megan and Olivia have been the bestest of friends for the better part of four years. Megan moved to California from New York to live with her father after her mother had discovered that she was a lesbian and kicked her out. Megan’s mother didn’t even bother telling her father. So for days, Megan was homeless, wandering the streets, until a close call with a strange man in one of the shelters she’d been staying in, brought her to her senses. Borrowing a kind stranger’s phone, she called her father. When Megan told him what had happened he was livid. After sending her some money, he booked her the earliest flight he could find. The next day when she landed in LA, she discovered that she’d already been outed by her mother to both sides of her family. Her father didn’t really care; said all he wanted was a healthy and happy daughter.

Then, that fall, when she started up school, she met Olivia after Olivia’s older sister, Grace, was suppose to show Megan around but ditched her after third period. Luckily for Megan, she and Olivia had the exact same schedule. As they made their way around the school, Olivia pointed out all the cool kids, the kids to steer clear of, and got her up to speed on all the latest gossip. By lunch, Megan felt like she’d known Olivia for years.

“Earth to Megan!” Olivia shouted, pulling Megan out of her daydream.

Turning her attention back to the other girl, Megan looked at her best friend who was now lying on her stomach, her chin in her hands.

“Are you in some kind of trouble with the mafia or some big loan sharks? Oh! Did you accidentally steal some really valuable art and now you’re running from the Russian mob?” Olivia said with far to much excitement.

Megan sighed.

“You read too much.” She deadpanned.

Olivia scoffed.

“No such thing.” She said matter of factly.

Megan took a deep breath. So much of her life included the drop dead, gorgeous blonde lying on the bed. If this went sideways everything between the two would change. Although, if it went the way Megan was hoping, things would still change, but for the better, hopefully.

Deciding to say ‘fuck it’ Megan faced her best friend and took a deep breath.

“Olivia Patricia Wilde, I like you. Not as a friend, not like a sister, but as a lover. I understand if you don’t feel the same but-“

“No, no, no!” Olivia shouted, shaking her head.

Megan’s face went ghost white.

“You can’t do this!” Olivia said.

Megan’s head began to spin as she tried to rack her brain for something, anything, to say. Before she could find the words, Olivia jumped up from the bed and bolted. It happened so fast that Megan didn’t even realize what had happened until she heard Olivia rushing down the stairs.

“Liv wait!” Megan shouted, running out of the room.

Practically sliding down the stairs, Megan made it to the bottom just as Olivia threw the door open.

“Olivia!” She shouted as the other girl ran to her car.

Running after her, Megan was fully prepared to chase after Olivia’s car; Only Olivia didn’t hop into the driver’s seat and speed off like Megan thought she would. Instead she headed for the trunk.

As Megan skirted to a haunt, she watched as Olivia open the trunk of her car. As balloons rose up from her trunk, Megan stood their perplexed. Olivia reached into the trunk, grabbing a few things before turning to face Megan.

Holding a bouquet of wild flowers in one hand, a basket containing snacks and candy in the other Olivia stood their with a poster board that read; ‘Be mine? Yes or No’.

Luckily, Megan just so happened to have a sharpie in her back pocket. Grinning from ear to ear, she made her way over to the other girl and knelt down. Pulling out the sharpie she scribbled something onto the poster, causing Olivia to grow confused. Then, after a moment or so, Megan took the poster from the other girl and turned it around so Olivia could see it.

‘YES, HELL YES!’ Read the sign.

Grinning from ear to ear, Megan did the one thing she’d been dying to do for a year now. Gripping Olivia’s face, she pressed her lips to Olivia’s. The kiss was better than either of them could of imagined; And oh how they imagined.

And for those few moments, as they kissed in Olivia’s front yard, everything was right in their world.

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