Itssa Gay Time Machine

Blood leaked from his face. The fragments of the metal plate lodge in his face.

“Wallace! Wallace, can you hear me!”

Everything was distant. Blurred.

Wallace Malcom Jean pressed his palm into his side, right over his rib cage. His wound throbbing as if it had its own pulse.

Wallace blinked several times, the clarity of his lover’s face fading in and out.

Wallace, you’re hurt. It looks pretty bad. Are you in any pain?” Roger, his lover, asked.

Everything was so far. The room, Roger, hell even his own body. It all felt light years away.

Wallace attempted to speak, but his lips only flapped like hawk wings; no sound coming from him.

Thick, black smoke, slithered it’s way through the lab, preventing the two men from seeing anything other than one another.

Roger smacked the ground, feeling around the the manilla folder that Wallace had be holding before the explosion; When suddenly the lab door flew open.

“What the fuck?!”

Bethany Jean, Wallace’s daughter, looked around at what was left of the lab before looking to the two men in the middle of the room.

“What happened?” She asked, looking to Roger.

Roger looked up at her.

‘Should I tell her?’ He wondered.

She wouldn’t understand. She never did. Besides, if Beth found out about the time machine, and the fact that he and Wallace had been in contact with both past and future versions of themselves, she’d freak. So, he settled for giving her as little information as possible.

“Experiment gone bad.” He mumbled.

Beth rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, no shit? But why? How? What were you assholes doing?”

Fuck. Roger wasn’t good at thinking on his feet.

“The gays.” Wallace croaked from the floor.

“What?” Roger and Beth chorused.

“The gays from the past. We wanted to see how they lived. It is Pride after all.” Wallace said.

Beth rolled her eyes.

“See. This is why you shouldn’t be allowed to date people half your age. They make you do dumb shit like this!” She said.

Not waiting for a responds, she stormed out of the lab, leaving the two men to stare at one another.

“Good cover up.” Roger laughed.

“Yeah. But now I really do wanna go see those gays now.” Wallace said.

Roger rolled his eyes as he helped Wallace into a sitting position.

“Alright babe. But if someone tries to fucking hang me, I swear. Being black is hard enough. Sometimes being gay and black seems impossible.”

Roger collected his boyfriend off the floor and walked him over to the computer in the center of the room. After a little bit of Googling, they found their area.

“Sixties, here we come!” Wallace laughed.

After typing in the year 1969, mostly for tickles, Wallace powered up the other time machine once again, this time letting it warm up a bit before taking Rodgers’ hand and jumping into the vortex.

The End

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