It’s A Match

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Alexis said goodbye to her assistant as she and the twenty-something-year-old made their way to their cars. Pulling out of her parking spot, she thought about the amazing day she’d had. Today was a brainstorming day; Alexis’s second favorite, lengthy interviews being her first favorite. 

During the session, one of the writers suggested the topic of how dating apps have changed the way that people get into relationships, and that piqued the talk show host’s interest. 


Alexis had been so young when she met Micheal, and after things ended with him, she immediately started dating Sarah. Alexis really didn’t get the chance to date around. While she loved Sarah very much and understood how lucky she was to have found the realtor, Alexis was curious about dating in the new age. How did apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Her, change the way people meet and form relationships? And hook-up culture, what was that all about?


With every new thing Alexis learned, more questions arose, and her curiosity grew more and more.


Sitting in traffic, Alexis thought about all the many different apps, all with the purpose of helping people find ‘the one’, or in some people’s case, a good lay. 


As she pulled into the driveway, she mentally prepared herself for the conversation she was about to have with Sarah. What was she even going to say? ‘Hey babe, I’ve gotta make some dating profiles for a segment I’m doing’. Alexis chuckled at the ridiculousness of that statement; but nevertheless, she grabbed her items and began making her way inside.

Upon opening the door, Alexis was greeted with the smell of rice and curry. Alexis’s mouth practically watered as she abandoned her bag, shoes, and blazer by the door. 


“That smells heavenly.” Alexis said, walking into the kitchen.


Making her way over to Sarah, Alexis pressed a kiss into her wife’s shoulder before stealing a piece of goat meat that sat on a plate beside the stove.


“How was work love?” Sarah asked, giving the pot a stir before removing the spoon and setting it into a holder.


“Pretty good. The writers are actually giving me good material. It only took an hour-long lecture, but things are looking good.” Alexis said.


Sarah laughed, remembering the many nights Alexis would come home and complane about some of the ridiculous ideas her team tried to pitch her.


“I wish I could’ve been there to see you lay down the law.” Sarah said, winding her arms around her wife.


Alexis couldn’t help but chuckle before kissing her wife tenderly. Then, pulling back from the embrace, she continued, wanting to get to the topic of the apps.


“Yeah, so Dylan actually pitched the idea of dating. Like how has dating evolved since the creation of apps like Tinder and Bumble?” She said, looking down at the counter.


Communicating with her partner was always something Alexis struggled with. Michael’s cold shoulder towards the beginning of the end of their relationship really affected Alexis’s confidence when it came to talking about things that troubled her or things that were important to her. Of course, now, she felt comfortable with her wife, but sometimes, Alexis still worried about how to bring up certain topics. 


“And so the team thinks that since I’m the least experience when it comes to those kinds of apps, I should be the one to try them out.” She said, her voice getting smaller towards the end.


Sarah had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing; her wife was truly adorable. 


“Of course, you’ll have the password, and you can read all the messages. Hell, we can do it together!” Alexis said.


Sarah said nothing as she grabbed her wife’s face and kissed her. Pulling back, she couldn’t help but laugh. 


“Alright.” She said nonchalantly.


Alexis’s eyes nearly doubled in size.


“Alright?” Alexis repeated, causing her wife to laugh.


“Yeah, let’s do it.” Sarah said.


So after having dinner, the wives curled up on the couch.


“So how are we gonna do this.” Sarah asked, taking a sip of her wine.


“Well, I was thinking we could go the throuple route. Of course, after we match with the women, we’d tell them about the show and how this is an experiment, but I think making a profile and setting everything up could be fun.” She said nervously.


Sarah set her glass down on the coffee table before taking her wife’s face in her hands.


“You’re adorable.” Sarah said, pressing a kiss to the talk show hosts’ lips.


“Shut up and help me set this up.” Alexis said.


Being that half-assing things just wasn’t in Sarah’s nature, before the women could go any further, Sarah took the women down a rabbit hole of articles. From how to choose a profile picture, to what to write in the bio, and what apps were best for what, the women read it all. Then, after about an hour or so, they decided to download two apps, one with a queer focus, and one without. 


The women couldn’t lie, it was quite fun choosing some sexy photos of one another.


“You’re pretty good at this.” Alexis stated as she watched her wife type the perfect description of the two of them.


After about forty-five minutes the women were ready to start swiping.


“Ohh, she’s cute.” Sarah said, stopping on a redhead.


“Yeah, cute as a baby! She’s eighteen babe!” Alexis said, causing the other woman to groan.


“Aw, we forgot to set the setting!” Sarah said.


After adjusting the age filter to an appropriate age, and messing with the distances and a few other settings, the couple was ready to begin again.


“Alright, here we go. Round two.” Alexis said.


The women swiped and swiped, groaning out loud every time they came across a clear miss placed man. The women saw many butch and stud women, and they were fine with that, but the clear-as-day men, looking for a woman they could ‘turn’ made them gag. 

Then, just when the women were about to call it a day, they came across a familiar face.


“Ohh, she’s hot, swipe right!” Alexis said.


“Babe no! That’s my client.” Sarah laughed.


“No she’s not! She already brought her home!” Alexis shouted, attempting to grab the phone.


Sarah held the device out of her wife’s reach, as she tried to hold the woman back.


“You’re way too excited about this.” The realtor laughed.


Lunching herself across her wife’s lap, Alexis grabbed the phone. 


The phone vibrated, causing Alexis to look down at the phone and gasp.


“Look what you did.” The talk show host said, pointing the screen at her wife.


Looking at the device, Sarah was shocked to see the words ‘it’s a match’ displayed across the screen. 

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