It’s A Bet

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“Ryan, come on dude, I gotta get in there. I swear to God if we miss this party because-”

“Calm down you big baby. I’m out. Happy?” Ryan said after swinging the bathroom door open and coming face to face with his younger brother, Ricky. 

“Damn Ryan, is there even any hot water left?” Ricky asked, causing his brother to shrug. 

“God! You’re such an ass.” Ricky said, pushing past his brother. 

As the door slammed behind him, Ryan shook his head and laughed. 

“What a fucking baby.” He said to himself before proceeding to his room. 

Ryan pulled on his jeans as a knock came at his bedroom door. 

    “Ry, you decent!” Chase, Ryan and Ricky’s other roommate, asked. 

    “Aw come on Chase, I know you wanna see this sexy bod. Come on in, don’t be shy.” Ricky said, putting on deodorant. 

The door swung open to reveal an unamused Chase. 

    “Are you almost ready fucker. You know how much I hate being late.” Chase said, stepping into Ryan’s room. 

“Geez Ry, my fucking nana gets ready faster than you.” Chase said as he flopped down onto Ryan’s bed. 

“Oh sorry we can’t all jump out of bed, grab a shirt, sniff it, and put it on.” Ryan said, sifting through his shirts. 

“Don’t lie Ry, you’re just trying to look good for her.” Chase said with a laugh. 

“Look good for who?” Ryan asked, stopping his rummaging. 

Chase let out a laugh that rattled the walls. 

“Ryan, Please, save your bullshit for the bitch that ends up under you tomorrow morning. We all know you’re stuck on Jade.” Chase laughed. 

Ryan stiffened at the use of his ex-girlfriend’s name. 

“Please. No one’s worried about her. One phone call and I could have Jade up under me, panting, sweaty, and begging me to take her again and again.” Ryan said with a smirk. 

Chase crossed his arms over his chest and cocked a brow. 

“Is that right?” He said, with a cocky grin. 

“Hell yeah. That bitch loves me. Everyone knows it.” Ryan said, sounding so sure of himself. 

“Prove it. Bring her home. Tonight.” Chase said extending his hand out. 

Looking down at Chase’s hand, Ryan laughed before grabbing a hold of it. 

“Bet.” He said with a smirk. 

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