In Just A Few Hours

It was twelve thirty in the morning and Red Martin had to be up in just a few hours.


His freshly pressed suit was laid out on the sofa next to his bed, and his shoes sat waiting in the foyer.


Tomorrow, well technically today, was a big day for Red. After years and years of proving to his father time and time again, that he was the man for the job, Red’s father, Harry, would finally be handing the company over.


To say Red was excited was an understatement. When Harry told his son that he’d be passing the company down to him, Red nearly fainted.


Red’s entire life was Martin Co., a tech company dedicated to helping to connect small companies with budding influencers, and teach both how to run profitable businesses.


Red put everything into Martin Co. Many nights, Red would stay late, or rise early in the morning an spend hours upon hours combing through reports, meeting with everyone from the top performers, to the people who weren’t doing so well, just to figure out how to make the company better.


And now, in just a few hours, Red would be taking the empire he and his father had built, and taking it to new heights.


A few weeks from today, Martin Co. would be launching in its fifth country, and Red, was buzzing with excitement.


There was so much to come; Red’s mind was already running wild with programs he wanted to start, influencers he wanted to work with, and causes he wanted to get involved in; but for now, Red needed to get some sleep. Soon he’d be standing before his company, where he’d be addressing his team for the first time as their new CEO.


So with that, he closed his eyes, took some deep breaths, and allowed himself to slip into a peaceful slumber.

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