In Due Time

Hold it right there, have you read ‘Just Pop It Back Into Place’ ?

Carter, Nat, Nate, Jade, Olivia, Chelsea, and the rest of the gang decorated the floor with pillows and blankets, essentially making a pallet for them all to lay on. Stretching out onto the pallet, Carter attempted to lie next to Jade when Ryan slipped between the two, stealing Carter’s spot. 

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Jade asked, shooting daggers at Ryan. 

    “Getting comfy so I can watch the movie.” Ryan said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. 

Jade narrowed her eyes even more; the darkness of her pupils seeming to spill over and take over her entire eyes. 

    “You’re in Carter’s spot.” She said slowly, each word sharper than chef knives. 

Ryan turned to look at Carter, who was standing off to the side.

    “You don’t mind, do ya Cart?” Ryan said with a shit eating grin. 

Carter shrugged.

    “Fine by me.” He said.

Ryan smiled viciously as Jade’s face fell. Not even a moment later, it was Ryan’s turn for his face to fall as he watched Chelsea scoot away from Jade; Giving Carter room to lie on the other side of her. 

Opening his mouth, Ryan was about to say something when Jade presented him with her back and turned her attention to Carter.

    “Want some covers?” Carter asked as he offered Jade a corner of his blanket. 

Jade said nothing as she scooted under the blanket and snuggled into his side. Then, as the movie began, Jade could feel Ryan’s heated gaze burning holes into her back. Paying him no mind, she lifted her head and placed it on Carter’s chest. 

    “This okay?” She asked, her ear pressed to his chest. 

Carter gave a humm of contentment, the vibration from his words sounding like music to her ears. 

Then, as Carter shifted and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close, Jade focused her attention on the opening credits of the movie. 

Meanwhile, Ryan laid off to the side, his eyes never leaving Carter’s hand that laid at the small of Jade’s back. This wasn’t at all how this night was supposed to go. She barely knew Carter, yet there she was, all snuggled up into his side like he was her favorite person in the world. 

Pulling out his phone, Ryan adjusted the brightness on his screen before typing out a message to Jade. 

To Jade

From Ryan

Seriously Jade, you’re using this cocksucker to make me jealous? 

Pocketing his phone, Ryan turned his attention back to the screen as Jade’s phone buzzed. 

Pulling away from Carter, she checked her phone before snuggling back into Carter’s side. 

    ‘What the fuck?!’ Ryan thought to himself. 

Whipping out his phone again, Ryan’s fingers began flying over the screen of his phone. 

     “Hey, can you do that somewhere else? The light is kinda killing the movie theater vibes we got going here.” Nate said. 

Looking up from his phone, Ryan looked over at Nate. Then, just as Ryan was about to tell him to piss off, Chelsea gave Ryan a look that caused his heart to turn cold for a moment. 

    “Ryan.” She said through clenched teeth. 

He couldn’t be kicked out, he needed to stay so he could keep an eye on Jade and that fucker. So, rolling his eyes he pocketed his phone. 

    “Thank you.” She said, turning her attention back to the movie. 

Muttering to himself, Ryan looked back over at Jade and Carter who were still very much curled up together before looking back to the screen.  

    ‘This little charade between Jade and Carter will end in due time.’ Ryan vowed. 

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