I See You

The door opened up slightly, the creaking sounding like an old woman, trying to beckon the neighborhood stray. 


Thomas Hollin sunk his teeth into his bottom lip. Holding the door with a death grip, Thomas did his best to minimize the creaking.


“Tommy hurry up! Grandpa moves faster than this!” Franklin, Thomas’s brother groaned from behind him.


Thomas froze in place; with carefully measured movements, he twisted around and glared at the other boy.


“Watch it!” Was all Thomas said, thumbing his brother’s chest.


The younger Hollin boy grumbled as he rubbed a soothing hand over his chest.


“If we wake grandpa, we’re dead. Six feet under!” The older boy hissed.


The bed creaked, and the old man grumbled something about his grass needing a haircut, before falling back into his fit of snores.


Thomas and Franklin exhaled slowly before tip-toeing across the room. With every step, the boys paused for a moment, holding their breaths and doing their best not to make a sound.


When they finally reached the TV stand, Franklin and Thomas could have leapt for joy; but at last, grandpa was still sleeping.


In between the hole where the TV sat, and the cabinet where grandpa kept his dirty magazines, sat Thomas and Franklin’s Xbox. Luckily for the brothers, their game system was all wrapped and ready to be pulled out of the slot.


Handing Thomas the controllers, Frankie peeked over at grandpa, expecting him to be asleep, but he wasn’t.


Frankie froze for a moment but, one wink from grandpa and he knew they were in the clear.


Frankie tried to wink back, but his seven year old eye-lids didn’t have the know how. So instead, Frankie squeezed both eyes shut, and opened them again; almost like he was blinking extremely slowly. 


Grandpa’s belly bounced, and Frankie was pleased with himself for getting a laugh out of the old man.


“Frank, let’s go!” Thomas hissed.


Frankie threw one more look grandpa’s way and another wink was met with another slow blink.


After pulling the door shut, the boys hurried back to their room.

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