I Don’t Normally Work Like This


Carter’s fingers flew over the screen of his phone as he stood in front of the open fridge. Typing out a message, he let everyone in the group chat he was in with Nat, Nate, and the rest of their friends, know that they would be leaving tonight rather than tomorrow.

Looking down at his phone, Carter was met with nothing but positive responses. Blake, the second editor for Carter and the twin’s company, Dark Flame, sent fist pumping emojis, while the twins as well as a few other writers scent dancing gifs.

Satisfied with everyone’s reaction, Carter switched his phone to vibrate and pocketed the device. Then, grabbing a granola bar and a Gatorade, he made his way back down to the office. Sitting down in front of his computer, he quickly fell back into the groove of things, and before he knew it, he was editing the last scene of the film.

“Have you been slaving over that movie all day?” Nat, Carter’s younger sibling, and best friend, asked, as they entered the office.

Turning around, Carter looked up to find Nat holding a box of pizza. If it weren’t for the twins constantly bringing him food, Carter would forget about eating altogether.

“Yeah, but I’m on the last scene right now.” Carter said as he turned back to the computer.

Before he could even touch his keyboard, he was being spun around again.

“Bro, chill. The movie doesn’t go up until tomorrow. Take a break. Have some pizza.” Nat said, tossing the box down in front of him.

Carter lifted the lid of the pizza box and his mouth instantly began to water as the smell of Pizza hit the air. Italian sausage, pepperoni, and green peppers, his all time favorite. So consumed by his own hunger, he barely had time to mumble a thank you before stuffing his face.

Chuckling, Nat shooed him from his seat and took over the editing while Carter ate. By the time they finished, Carter was victoriously slumb in his seat, the empty pizza box beside him.

“Jesus! Remind me to schedule more lunch breaks.” Nat laughed.

Normally Carter was pretty good about taking breaks, but today, he became all consumed by the film.

Wiping his mouth, Carter shook his head.

Nah, this was a one time thing.” He assured Nat.

Patting Carter’s leg, Nat gestured for him to move so they could sit down. Once they were in the chair, Nat took over the editing while Carter made suggestions here and there. Together the two finished the edit in record time. Then, after high fiving one another and doing a little dance, they saved the file, and made a back up.

“Alrighty, let’s finish packing so we can go.” Nat said, after spinning around and smacking Carter’s leg.

After throwing his trash away, Carter washed his hands and followed Nat upstairs.

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