I Have A Client For You

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Sarah stepped into the massive air-conditioned building. Tipping her head at the security guard seated at the round desk, she offered up a polite hello before making her way across the lobby.   

Sarah’s uncle, Andre, had called the other day, asking if she could make some time to meet up with him. He didn’t say what the meeting was for, but Sarah had a strong feeling that she already knew what this would be about. 

Andre had friends from all over the world who visited LA many times a year. Rather than renting Airbnbs or staying in hotels, these men and women preferred having homes in LA, and this is where Sarah came in. 

A few times a year, Sarah would hand off her regular listings to Donte, and she would escort bajillionares around the city, helping them find the perfect place to call home.  


“Hey unc.” She said, meeting her uncle in the middle of the lobby.


Andre smiled brightly. It wasn’t often that he got to see his busy bee of a neice. 


“How’s my second favorite niece?” He asked, opening his arms.


Sarah rolled her eyes as she walked into her uncle’s embrace.


“I’m starting to think if Lexi and I ever split she’d get you in the divorce.” Sarah joked.


Pulling back from the embrace, Andre nodded sharply. Andre nodded sharply.


“Damn straight.” He said, earning him a slap to the chest.


Sarah swatted his chest.


“Well have fun with Bill and Martha.” She said, causing her uncle to roll his eyes.


Andre shook his head, it puzzled him how two of the most uptight and cold people he’d ever had the misfortune of meeting could be related to someone as warm and kind-hearted as his niece-in-law.

“Ahh, fucking Bill and Martha.” He said, shaking his head.


“Enough dicking around, I called you here for very important business. Walk with me.” He said, nodding his head towards the elevators.


Stride in stride, the pair made their way onto the elevator.


“I have a friend.” Andre began.


Sarah gave a mock gasp, her hand flying to her chest.


“Really! unc, I’m so happy for you!” She joked, earning an eye roll from her uncle. 


Many people called Sarah a workaholic, but her eighty-hour work week couldn’t hold a candle to the ten thousand hours her uncle and father put in at their company. When she was a kid, and the two men were just refugees trying to make ends meet, she thought they were working; but having three jobs each, and going to night school was nothing compared to the work they did now. If it weren’t for the fact that her uncle and her parent did everything together, Sarah doubted if her mother would ever see the men. But somehow, despite all the work both her uncle and father did, they never forgot about their family. How they managed to run so many different businesses, and still have time to sneak Sarah’s children out of school for the occasional play date was beyond her. 


“Ha ha, very funny.” Her uncle said, wagging a finger at her. 


After pressing the number twenty-four on the elevator, Andre leaned against the wall and looked at his niece.


“Remember my friend Joey?” He said.  


“The CEO of the security company, right?” She said.


Andre nodded.


“That’s the one. His daughter is looking for a home and her current realtor is a moron. He’s  some stuffy old white guy who doesn’t understand that women can hold powerful positions nowadays. .” Andre stated.


Ahh, Mark Swells. Sarah was quite familiar with the old fashion man. He was the type to hold onto sexist ways of thinking and blamed it on being ‘old school.’ Sarah had had the misfortune of working with him once, and one time was enough for her. After making it crystal clear that she wasn’t interested in doing business with men like Mark, the two never crossed paths again.  


“Ahh, classic Marky.” Sarah chuckled, shaking her head.


“Anyways, Xena is well past over this house hunting shit, so spare her that time and show her the good stuff.” He said.


Sarah understood completely. Driving around the city and jumping from house to house wasn’t something that she was into. Though she loved seeing the various properties, she understood that her more high-stature clients didn’t have much time for that. So, she took the time to get a feel for their taste, and paired them with homes she was sure they’d love. This approach often slowed the buying process because her clients simply couldn’t choose, but for Sarah that made it all the more fun. She didn’t mind the wait cause afterward they never regretted it. In fact, she still had clients from years ago, recommending her to their friends and family and sending holiday cards, still thanking her for her work. 


“Does she have a number?” Sarah asked.


Shoving his hand into the inside pocket of his suit jacket, Andre fished out a business card. 


“According to her father, you’ll have better luck getting in contact if you email her. ” He said.


Sarah nodded and after making it up to her uncle’s office, the pair had brunch before Sarah needed to head out.


“Don’t work too hard old man.” She said, pointing a stern finger at him.


Andre chuckled, shaking his head as he presented her with his middle finger.


“Love you.” He laughed.


“Love you more.” She said.


Andre shook his head.


“Impossible.” He said before kissing her cheek.


Then, after saying their goodbyes, Sarah hopped back on the elevator and began typing up an email to send to the young CEO.

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