How About A Party?| Casey and Mya Pt.4

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Travis Hall laid on his back, tossing a tennis ball in the air while his girlfriend, Mya, sat at her desk typing away on her computer. 


“My, I’m bored. I thought you said we were gonna fool around.” Travis complained.


Mya laughed, Travis was the literal definition of a one track mind. 


After finishing up the sentence she had been typing, she spun around in her chair to look at him.


“No, I said YOU could fool around while I finish your history paper. Travis, how are you failing history? It’s like the easiest subject ever. All you have to do is listen to the teacher talk and regurgitate what he said on the test and worksheets.” Mya said.


Travis groaned dramatically.


“But Mr. Reeds is so boring. He just goes on and on about a bunch of dead guys know one cares about.” He said, rolling his eyes.


“Hey! I care. I find the past and where we come from to be fascinating.” She said, earning her another eye roll.


“Well that makes one of us.” Said Travis.


Mya opened her mouth to speak when her bedroom door swung open, causing both her and Travis’ heads to snap towards the door. As their eyes trained on Mason, excitement took over Mya’s entire body, while dread filled Travis’s.


“Daddy! You’re back!” She said, jumping up from her seat and making her way over to her father.


“I sure am.” Mason said, looking over his daughter’s head and over at her boyfriend. 


Mason held Travis’s gaze for a moment, glaring at him before pressing a kiss into the top of her head. 


“I need you to come downstairs, Casey’s here.” Mason said.


Mya nodded,before letting her father know she’d be down in a minute. 


As Mason made his way out of the room, he paused for a moment, turning back to look at Travis. Mason didn’t say a word, he simply held Travis’s gaze for a moment before walking out of the room. 


“What’s the matter with him, doesn’t he know how to knock?” Travis said with a scoff.


“Considering that he pays most of the bills, no, he doesn’t know how to knock.” Mya said, slipping into her slippers. 


Before Travis could say anything else, Mya made her way to the door. 


Rolling his eyes, Travis huffed before following his girlfriend out the door.


When Mya and Travis arrived downstairs, they found Megan and Maddie sitting on the couch, a tall red head between them. As Mya made her way over to the armchair her father was sitting in, her eyes remained trained on Casey’s. Casey’s eyes were blue, and deep like the ocean. Just looking into them made Mya swear that she could hear the sound of waves crashing. 


“Isn’t that right honey?” Mya heard, catching the end of her father’s statement.


“I’m sorry what?” Mya said, finally tearing her eyes away from Casey.


“I said you’re a pretty good tour guide, and wouldn’t mind showing Casey around. Maybe have a little get together with some friends, so Casey will see some familiar faces when school opens up.” Mason suggested. 


“Did he just tell us to have a party?” Maddie said, looking over at her sisters. 


Mason chuckled.


“Nothing too crazy. We don’t wanna scare Casey. That alright with you Casey?” Mason asked, looking over at them.


Growing up in the system, Casey was pretty much a seasoned vet when it came to meeting new people.


“Sure, a party sounds great.” They said with a smile.


“Yes!” Maddie cheered fist pumping.


“Alright Mads, call Chelsea. In the meantime, Mya, could you give Casey a tour?” Mason asked.


“Sure thing daddy.” Mya said.


As Mya rose up from her spot, and began making her way to the stairs, Casey and Travis both began to follow her. But, before Travis could get too far, Mason grabbed him by the back of his shirt. 


“Where do you think you’re going boy? The door’s this way, you got a party to get ready for.” Said Mason


Travis groaned as Mason grabbed him by the back of his shirt and spun him around.


Travis began to protest, but Mason would hear none of it.


“Out you go.” Mason said, pushing him out the door before locking it.

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