Hot Rod, Hot Box

Hold on there, before you read this, have you read Seeing Red?

Carter and Nathan swam through the swamp-like crowd of sweaty bodies on the makeshift dance floor. As they headed for the exit, Jade, who stood a couple feet away called out to them.

“Hey, are you guys leaving?!” She shouted over the pounding base of some rock song.

“Nah, we’re headed outside, gonna smoke. Wanna come?” Nate asked, wiggling his brows.

“Hell yeah, let me grab Chels.” Said Jade.

“Alright, we’ll be in the backyard, in pop pop’s hot rod.” Carter said.

After a quick nod, Jade dove into the sea of dancing limbs, in search of her best friend. It took a couple minutes, but Jade eventually found her bestie over by the snacks having a sandwich.

“Remind me to thank Carter for getting catering, these subs are fucking amazing.” She said, taking another bite.

“Will do. Hey, you wanna get high with Carter and Nate in the hot rod?” Jade asked, not wanting to wait any longer.

Chelsea gasped.

“In pop pop’s car?! I could never!” Chelsea paused for a moment, seeming to think about it.

“Fuck it, he’s dead let’s go.” Chelsea said, grabbing Jade’s hand.

“Chels, that’s so fucked up.” Jade laughed as she allowed the other woman to drag her through the crowd.

When they made it outside, the windows of the hotrod were already looking a little foggy.

“You guys started without us?!” Chelsea yelled, ripping the door open.

Carter let out a puff of smoke.

“You took too long.” He said, shrugging.

Huffing, Chelsea entered the car, Jade right behind her, and pulled the joint from Carter’s hand and took a drag.

“Well you seem cool, calm and collected.” He said sarcastically.

Pulling the joint from her lips, she offered it over to Jade who took it.

“Shut up.” Chelsea said, blowing out a puff of smoke.

Time ceased to exist as Carter, Jade, Chelsea, and Nate passed the joint around. As the weed began to work it’s magic, they discussed aliens, Area 51, and various other conspiracy theories. After some time, Nate decided that he’d had enough. Between the liquor and now the weed, he was in dire need of a nap.

“Alright kiddos, this old man is tapping out.” Nate said.

Everyone wished him a farewell as he headed to the door; But, before he could open the door, it swung open to reveal a tall, blond man.

“Hey Chels, you gotta get Todd. He’s running around slut-shaming all the girls, and just being overall weird. He’s really killing the vibes.” The blond said.

“Alright, I’m coming.” Chelsea said, rolling her eyes.

“You good here with Carter?” Chelsea asked, eying her best friend.

Jade took the joint from Chelsea’s hand. Looking over at Carter, Jade smirked.

“I think I can handle him.” Jade said.

After a quick nod, Chelsea exited the car.

“So, Chelsea tells me that you, Nat, and Nate make movies. What about?” Jade asked.

Carter perked up at her inquiry about his passion; Without even a moment of hesitation, he quickly and easily launched into telling Jade all about his and the trio’s experience making films.

They got started back in high school when what was supposed to be a short film, for a project, became a full fledged web show. Though it wasn’t Emmy worthy, their webshow blew most other shows out the water. They put it up onto YouTube, and it quickly started getting traction. From there, Carter and Nat began taking writing classes while Nate joined the drama club. The trio’s parents fell in love with the show, and began helping Carter and the twins buy supplies and equipment. Before they knew it, Carter, Nat and Nate were working out of the basement making three shows at once.

As Carter recounted their successes, flops, and quite a few hilarious mishaps, Jade hung onto his every word. Then, out of nowhere, a gust of wind came rushing into the car as the car door was ripped open.

“Jade! There you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Ryan said as he grabbed a hold of her arm and pulled her out of the car.

“Hey, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Carter yelled, getting out.

Ryan tightened his hold on Jade’s arm as Carter stepped closer.

“Mind you’re fucking business!” Ryan shouted, trying to pull Jade along.

Prying his fingers off of her, Jade stepped away from Ryan and closer to Carter.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” She shouted, rubbing her arm.

Ryan let out a huff of air.

“My problem?! You’re the one getting high with strangers!” He shouted back.

“What, Carter isn’t a stranger, I’ve met him once before.” Jade said.

Ryan tossed his hands in the air.

“Wow Jade, once before. I guess that makes you guys BFF’s then huh?!” He said.

Jade shook her head.

“Ryan, we aren’t together. We haven’t been since high school. Why the fuck are you freaking out for?” She asked.

Ryan scoffed, his head jerking back as if he’d just been punched in the face.

“Jade I’m looking out for you!” He said.

“Well I’m a big girl, I think I can handle myself. Thanks.” She said.

Before Ryan could say another word, Jade took a hold of Carter’s hand and pulled him into the car. As the door slammed shut, Ryan stared at the hot rod in disbelief.

“Jade! Open this door! We’re not fucking done here!” Ryan shouted.

With tinted windows and all the smoke, Ryan wasn’t able to make out what was happening. For a moment he thought about punching the glass, but Chelsea would kill him. So with no other option he headed inside to find Olivia, maybe she could talk some sense into Jade.

Soooo, Ryan’s a little dramatic. What do y’all think? How would you react if you were Jade.

Like I always say at the end of theses, I hopped you’ve enjoyed this installment of the Jade,Carter/Olivia,Nat series. If you have, be sure to hit that star.

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