Here Without You

Trevor Denson stood beneath the umbrella, the rain coming down like bullets from an automatic gun. As he made his way through the tombstone’s he searched for the one he thought he’d never live to see. She was never supposed to be in the ground, at least not this early in life. ‘Here lies Samantha Bryan’ though he’d read the words at least a dozen times over, the heart ache never went away. It’d been four and a half years, and each and every time he thought about it, it was like getting the news all over again. Closing his eyes, Trevor thought about that fatal day.

Trevor ran the razor blade across his jaw line, his brother Brent behind him grinning as though he’d just won the lottery.

“Remember, always go with the grain.” Brent said as he shaved his own face alongside his brother.

Trevor’s phone buzzed from it’s spot on his bed just outside the bathroom. Trevor grunted with annoyance.

“Wanna get that?” Brent asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“Nah, it’s Sam. Probably trying to get out of seeing her grandparents again. I’ll let her ring me out later.” He said, waving a dismissive hand.

Suddenly the umbrella was too heavy for Trevor to hold up; As it slid through his fingers he fell to his knees. Within seconds his hair was matted to his face, his back soaked from the rain.

“How could you?! How could you?! How fucking could you?!” Trevor shouted, his fist pounding the wet grass.

Tears filled his eyes as the memories of Samantha clouded his mind as he continued pounding the grass.

“How could you fucking do this to me?! We had fucking plans! You promised!” He shouted, his fist growing muddy as he continued to assault the ground.

The rain grew heavier as the tears flowed endlessly. As his fist grew numb, the fight provided by his anger began to die down. Exhausted, Trevor fell to his back. There, he looked up at the sky, it’s gray color reflecting his mood quite perfectly.

“SAMANTHA!” He shouted up at the sky.

Since he was a little kid, Trevor’s father always told him that when people died their souls still hung around and that when he passed on if Trevor ever wanted to talk to him all he had to do was speak his words out to the open sky and wherever he was, he’d get the message. And at that very moment, Trevor wanted Sam to get his message. She’d left him broken, tore a part with a Sam sized hole in his heart that would never be filled.

Sometimes at night he’d wake up, beads of sweat covering his forehead. Many nights, when he couldn’t sleep, he’d reach for his phone, calling Sam several times before finally remembering that she hadn’t missed placed her phone, nor had it died, nor was she simply not taking his calls; she was gone, never to return.

As the rain eased up, the clouds parted, revealing a bright blue sky.

“Trevor.” A voice called out from beside him.

Numb from the cold rain and too tired to form words, he simply grunted in response.

“Trev, we gotta get you home, you’re gonna be sick.” Said a soft feminine voice.

Looking up, Trevor locked eyes with a tall brunette who stood over him. As she crouched down to help him up, Trevor grunted.

“Bell, shit, I totally forgot about our date.” He groaned sitting up.

He’d been in the middle of getting ready for his date with Bella Mitchelle, a girl from his biology class, when the photo of him and Sam from the day he’d taken his first shot of testosterone set him off.

“That’s okay. We can reschedule.” She said holding her hand out to him.

Placing his hand in her’s, Trevor allowed her to pull him off the ground. Once he was on his feet, he coughed, spitting out some of the water he’d swallowed during the downpour.

Bella slipped one of his arms around her, hugging him close as he leaned on her.

“Come on, let’s get you home.” Bella said, as they began making their way back to her car.

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