Her Name Isn’t Important.

The hotel lobby oozed of class and elegance. With snow-white, marble floors, so shiny you could see your reflection, and the golden ceiling hanging high above their head, Lance Miller felt out of place. 


Raising their arm, Lance pushed back the sleeve of their cardigan, they check the time on their watch. Four P.M.; they were early. Lance never liked being late; all the rushing and scrambling gave them terrible anxiety. 


As they lowered their arm, a bright red dress caught their eye from across the room. Looks like Lance wasn’t the only one wanting to make a good impression. 


Brown mixed with blue as Lance caught the woman’s eye, smiling as they waived. 


The woman waved back as she turned and began walking in Lance’s direction. 


She was hypnotizing; the way her hips swayed as she walked. Her heel clacked against the polished tiles, and Lance couldn’t help but stare in awe.


If they weren’t so nervous, Lance probably would have knelt down and worshiped her.


Warm vanilla filled the air around Lance as they looked from candy-painted red lips to the bluest eyes they’d ever seen. 


The woman’s pupils were like a tiny island floating in the ocean. 


“Wow, you’re eyes, they’re so blue.” Said Lance, their voice filled with amazement. 


The woman smiled, and the ocean of her eyes glimmered.


“My eyes aren’t usually the first thing men notice about me.” She laughed.


Lance laughed as well.


“Well yeah, that’s because they’re men.” They said.


The woman laughed, her head falling back ever so slightly, catching the light and making that glimmer even more apparent. 


Lance held out their arm, silently offering it for the woman to take, and she did.


The pair took a couple of steps before the woman called out for Lance to wait, causing them to stop and turn to her.


“The room is this way.” She said, hooking a thumb behind them.


Lance chuckled.


“I know, but I do my best work after a good meal. I wanna get my money’s worth.” Lance said as they winked.


The woman blushed a little and Lance couldn’t tell if it was a part of the gig, or if she was actually blushing, but they decided to tell themself it was the latter. 


An hour later, as the pair finished their shared chocolate cake, the woman swiped her tongue against her bottom lip, licking the frosting from her lip.


“Time for dessert.” She said, opening her hand.


Lance took care of the bill before placing their hand in the woman’s. 


Their fingers laced together, and Lance couldn’t help but notice how impeccable the woman’s acting was.


From the red dress to the generic, but still cute, pet names, she really nailed ‘the role’. But with the woman having been an escort for many years, Lance was sure she had had a great deal of practice. 


After a long ride to the top, the elevator stopped on their floor. As they stepped off, the woman could practically feel the tension between her and Lance thicken. 


With all the teasing and flirting that’d gone on down stairs, the woman was ready to pounce; she wanted Lance, badly.


Slipping a hand into their slacks, Lance pulled out the key card. With a simple tap to the black square on the door, a soft beep went off, and the red light next to the square turned green.


Pushing down on the handle, Lance opened the door, and the pair stepped inside.


Tonight would be a sleepless night for the pair.

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