Go Around


“Todd hurry, Jade’s gonna be here any minute!” Chelsea said from the

bottom of the stairs.

“Jade?! Jade’s driving us to the cabin in that death trap she calls a car?” Todd said as he appeared at the top of the stairs.

Chelsea looked up from her phone, a look of disgust taking over her face as she looked at her little brother.

“What the hell are you wearing?” She asked, gesturing to his attire.

Todd looked down at the clothes he’d borrowed from their father’s closet and then back at his sister.

“It’s camo, so I can blend in with the trees.” He said.

“Why the hell are you wearing camo? We’re going to a party, not hunting.” Chelsea said.

Todd rolled his eyes and huffed.

“I read an article that says girls like hunters. Some shit about loving a manly man.” He said as he pushed his glasses back in place.

It was now Chelsea’s turn to roll her eyes.

“Todd you don’t even-“ Her sentence was cut short by the sound of a car horn just outside.

“You know what? Fuck it. You do you kid. Now come on. Got everything?” She asked as she turned around to grab her bags.

Todd gave a quick ‘yep’ and after collecting his things as well, the two made their way out the door.

“Party time!” Jade yelled, as she honked her horn.

Chelsea gave an equally as excited hoot as Todd rolled his eyes. Then, making their way down the stairs, the siblings made their way to the car. After tossing their bags into the trunk, Todd made his way to the passenger’s side door.

“Get in on the other side.” Chelsea said, as she got into the car and closed the door.

Todd looked at his sister like she had just spoken to him in Chinese.

“What?” He asked, disgust dripping from his words.

“I said, go. A. Round.” She repeated, speaking to him as though he were a small child.

Todd looked at his sister with pure hatred, knowing exactly what she was doing. If he went around to the other side, that would mean Sophie would be between him and Olivia.

“Todd!” Chelsea shouted, breaking his train of thought.

Trying to fight her on the matter was useless; So, huffing, he rolled his eyes and gave in. Making his way around, he sat behind Jade with Sophie between him and Olivia.

I’m really loving writing this series and I hope you loving reading it as well.

Thank you so much for reading this- Cyrus

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