Getting Out There

Madison Khan sat at her desk reading over the same email she’d been getting for weeks now. David Benzo wanted a top-dollar mural of his wife but wasn’t willing to pay top dollar for it. Madison and David had gone back and forth and honestly, it all felt very ‘old lady haggling prices at a garage sale’ and a mural from Jean Dejoure would never be caught dead at a garage sale.

After politely informing him that she would not be discussing this matter with him any longer, she sent the email and flopped back in her chair.


With her arms above her head, she stared at the thousands of little rectangles with bold headlines displayed on her computer. Being Jean Dejoure’s personal assistant was exhausting. Most assistants only ran errands, answered calls and emails, and handled other little tasks, but not Maddie. She also sold his works, vetted all the art dealers, and handled all other business that came Jeans’ way. For Madison the job was a dream, not only did she get to work closely with her best friend and watch him make art, but she also made fifty percent of all the commissions. Jean knew he was asking a lot of her, and he paid her for it too. 


“Still here Mads?” Jean asked as he emerged from his studio.


Sporting the paint-splattered jeans that he never washed, he made his way over to the coffee nook.


“Coffee?” He asked, waving his world’s greatest boss mug, Maddie made him. 



“Coffee sounds heavenly.” She said rising up from her seat.


Over by the coffee nook, Maddie and Jean stood watching the coffee brew before it began pouring.


“You work too hard. How are you ever supposed to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend from behind that desk.” Jean said waving a hand over to her desk.


“I’m working Jean, and I’m pretty sure you asking me this classifies as sexual harassment.” She said.


Jean rolled his eyes.


“Please. I helped you wax your vagina last week.” He said waving a dismissive hand. 


This was true, Maddie and Jean were as close as to people could be. They checked each other’s weird bumps, no matter where they were, dressed each other, and even showered together a couple of times, and Jean’s wife, Emily, knew all of this and had no problem with it. 


Maddie huffed.


“But still, my dating life is none of your-” 


Before she could finish her sentence, Jean swiped her phone from her desk and began typing.


“What are you doing?” Maddie asked staring at him.


“Putting you out there?” Jean said as he continued typing.


Making her way behind him, Maddie gasped as she saw him going through her photos.


“Jean Pierre! What the hell do you think you’re doing!”


Jean paid her no mind, instead, letting out an ‘oh la, la’ as he added a bikini photo to her profile.

Maddie gasped and quickly reached for her phone but Jean was faster, dodging her and making his way around her desk. 


“Jean this is a total evasion of privacy!” Maddie yelled.


Jean suddenly stopped running, causing Maddie to run into his back. Turning around offered up the device with a simple ‘voila’.


Snatching the device from him Maddie looked down at the phone. It was a playful headshot Jean took of her while he was testing out some new lights a few weeks ago. Her eyes were big and bold, her hair shiny and wavey, and honestly, she had never felt more beautiful than she did that day. Swiping more she saw a couple of photos of her messing with Jean’s cameras and hanging out with friends.


Scrolling further down Jean described her perfectly. This description was simple and sweet yet left the reader wanting to know more.


“Jean! This is amazing. Wait, why do you know how to write a dating profile so well?” Maddie said, eyeing her boss suspiciously.


“Emily and I are polyamorous,” Jean explained with a shrug. 


Maddie wasn’t that surprised. Both Jean and Emily were quite the flirts, and she’d seen them both getting quite cozy with people that weren’t each other. 


“Now go home, swipe, and talk to some beautiful people,” Jean said wiggling his eyebrows.


Maddie rolled her eyes at his antics but did exactly what he said. After packing her things and hugging Jean, she made her way to her car. 


When she got home, after making something to eat and taking a shower, she cleaned the tub, poured herself a massive glass of wine, and jumped in the tub.


“Jean’s a psycho.” She said to herself as she took hefty sips from her glass. 


Shaking her head, she opened up the dating app and began swiping. Within a few minutes, she got a couple of matches and began talking to a man from Ireland and a woman from somewhere in Europe. 


Her phone was constantly going off. After chatting up the Irish man and the woman from Europe for a bit Madison decided to call it a night. More talking and flirting could be done tomorrow. 

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