Fridays Suck

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Alexis woke up bright and early the next morning. Buried under the mountain of covers her wife required in order to stay warm at night, Alexis rolled over and pressed a few kisses to the back of the realtor’s neck and shoulders before slipping out of bed. After brushing her teeth and throwing her hair into a messy bun, she made her way out into the hall where she found a half-asleep Carter walking down the hall.


“Happy Friday baby.” She said, squishing the boy’s face.


She could feel the scruff of his unshaven face and the fact that he wasn’t her little boy anymore sadden her a bit. 


“No, it’s not a happy Friday. It’s a shitty Friday!” He said with a scoff.


She knew exactly what he meant. Friday meant that she wouldn’t be coming home to her favorite boys. Carter and his brother Tucker would be heading to their father’s house for the weekend. While they never said it in front of the boys, Alexis and Sarah hated to be without their boys. When the women first got together, Carter and Tucker (especially Tucker) would cry and throw fits, not wanting to be away from their mothers. This didn’t really help with Sarah’s whole ‘trying to get along with Michael for the sake of the boys’, and their constant request from mom and mama (Sarah) wasn’t helping either. 


“Aw come on, you’re dad’s not that bad.” She said, causing Carter’s face to fall.


“You don’t even believe that.” He said, rolling his eyes.


“Okay, that’s true, but he’s still your dad.” She said.


One thing Sarah never did was talk crap about her ex to their children.


“I know, but does he have to suck so bad? I mean I get it, you’re butt hurt, your wife left you for a woman, but does that really warrant talking shit about a woman you don’t even know?” He groaned.


After the divorce, Alexis stopped talking to Michael unless it had to do with the kids. His constant calls and texts asking if she missed his cock yet, and how long her ‘little charade’ would last made it clear that they couldn’t be friends like she had hoped. She broke his heart, she understood that. When she stood up on that altar and promised to be his forever, she truly believed she would be; she wanted to be more than anything. But they were kids when they got married. Neither of them knew the kind of people they’d become and she tried to tell him that but Michael wasn’t having it. All he was concerned about was his ego and how ‘his woman’ got ‘snatched’, despite the fact that Sarah wouldn’t even entertain anything romantic or sexual with Alexis until she settled things with Michael.


Alexis tried to tell Michael about Sarah when they first met. At the time Alexis found herself in her mother’s shoes, going through the motions with a man who never had time for her and their family. She told him before they got together, told him about her childhood and how she didn’t want to fall into that same trap; And Michael promised, promised that they wouldn’t make her parent’s mistakes, but there they were. Alexis felt like a single parent and she hated it, hated Michael for his lack of involvement, and hated herself for her resentment of him. 


Then, when Alexis met Sarah, it was like everything was falling into place. It just felt so right. It was wrong, Alexis could admit that, but being with Sarah was like being resurrected from the dead. Alexis made it crystal clear that she wasn’t a cheater; She never understood the point of infidelity. Why cheat when one could simply be upfront and honest about wanting out? But how could she talk to Michael when he was never there? 

Alexis made it a point to let Sarah know she was married, and the women tried to be friends. But with the constant hangouts and long conversations, things always took a turn between the two. After their first kiss, Alexis knew she was done for. But before she and Sarah could cross the point of no return, Alexis had to come clean. As one would imagine, Michael didn’t take it well. He called her a whore, and other vile names and morphed into someone Alexis couldn’t even recognize. But she didn’t blame him, she broke his heart, she knew that, but for the sake of their sons, she wanted to have some sort of relationship with her ex. But alas, that didn’t work.


“Some people take longer to heal.” Alexis said. 


While it didn’t excuse his behavior, she knew that seeing her with the woman she left him for couldn’t feel good. 


“Can’t I just stay home?” Carter pleaded, giving his mother his best puppy dog eyes.


“No baby. That will make your father even more annoying than he already is.” She said, causing her son to roll his eyes. 


Groaning, Carter turned around and made his way back to his room. 

“Trying to skip his afterschool ‘activities’ again.” Sarah chuckled leaning against the door frame of the bedroom.


“Always.” Alexis said with a nod.


“I don’t blame him.” Sarah laughed, earning a stern point from her wife.


Normally Sarah was mature and understanding when it came to Michael, but at times she couldn’t help but stoop to his level of pettiness. 


“Not today!” Alexis said making her way downstairs.


Sarah let out a laugh before following her wife down to the kitchen.


Hopping up onto the counter, the realtor watched as her wife grabbed their favorite mugs in preparation for morning coffee.


“So what’s the plan for the day?” Alexis asked as she set her wife’s cup in the coffee maker.


“Meeting up with Xena today.” Sarah said, causing Alexis to smile.


“Oooh, high roller.” Alexis said, raising her eyebrows.


Alexis was quite aware of her wife’s desire to work with more high-profile clients; the couple had talked about it extensively when they first began dating and still do.  


“Yeah. Is it weird that I’m excited to see all the condos?” Sarah asked, looking over at her wife.


“Don’t!” Alexis said, pointing a stern finger at the realtor.


“What?!” Sarah laughed, knowing that her wife could read her like a book.


“No shopping! We have enough houses, and we don’t need a condo!” Alexis said.


“But what if Carter and Tuck want a place?” She said.


“They have rooms! I don’t need fucking Michael kicking in my door. He already thinks the boys are spoiled as it is.” Alexis said.


Sarah rolled her eyes. Michael wanted everyone to struggle the way that he did. Carter and Tucker were two of the most grateful and polite children Sarah had ever had the pleasure of knowing; they deserved to be spoiled every once and a while.


“Oh please. Carter won’t even accept anything if it’s not his birthday or Christmas and Tuck couldn’t give two shits about where we live.” Sarah said.


The realtor was right, and she knew that Alexis knew that, but she dropped the subject. She had work to do anyway.


“Anyways, I’m gonna go meet up with Xena and drool over some of these homes.” Sarah said. 


“Drool all you want, just don’t buy anything.” Alexis said sternly.


Of course, Sarah would never make such a big purchase without talking to her wife first, but the way she talked about some of her listings it was like she was ready to throw down a fat stack for another home. 


“I’ll try not to.” The other woman said with an exaggerated huff.


Shaking her head Sarah couldn’t help but laugh at her wife’s antics. 

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