Finally Home

“Alright fellas, I’m gonna head out before the wife finds someone to replace me.” Frankie Wallace said as they stood up from the desk.


The men currently crowding Frankie’s desk laughed before patting Frankie on the back whilst playfully telling them to hurry.


Sore as all hell, and ready to be in their bed, Frankie had to practically drag themselves to the locker room of the station. After grabbing their duffle bag, they made their way to their car, high fiving and saying good night to a couple co-workers on the way. When they finally made it to the car they cranked the car to life and called their wife.


“Hi baby.” Her voice was a warm wave washing over Frankie and pulling them in.


“Ahh, I’ve missed you so much. Sorry I haven’t called I just been-”


“Saving the world. I know.” She said.


Frankie laughed. They’d heard so many horror stories from the guys at the station of their wives leaving them or stepping out on them because they couldn’t handle the demands of the job, but Frankie’s wife Angel, was a God sent; with quite the fitting name. She never fussed or got mad when Frankie came home late. Never complained when they’d come home too tired to stand and just dumped all their gear off at the door. All she ever asked is that Frankie not leave their gun out for their four year old to find; and being the responsible gun owner they were, Frankie never did.

“But hurry up and get your ass home. I’ve got a surprise.” She said, her voice low and seductive. 


Perking up at the order, Frankie gave a ‘yes ma’am’ and a mock salute, despite her not being able to see them, and ended the call. 


The notion that Angel had something at home waiting for them was enough to carry Frankie all the way home. Pulling into the driveway, they threw their car into park and killed the engine before jumping out of the car; they’d get their gear later.


Making their way into the house they were hit with the sweet smell of vanilla and the soft hum of R & B. This could only mean one thing.


Before they could even finish their thought, their goddess of a wife appeared at the top of the stairs. Dressed in a long black silk robe Angel stood at the top of the stairs. With the robe left open, Frankie was able to see the red, very see-through bodysuit. With her matching sky high heels, Angel was quite the site.


“H-hi.” Frankie stuttered, looking up at their wife.


“I’ve missed you.” Angel said. 


Frankie nodded.


“I can tell.” They laughed.


Bending her finger in a ‘come here ’ motion she beckoned Frankie.


Without question Frankie climbed the stairs, making their way up to their wife. When they finally reached the final step, they gently rested their hands on her hips and looked into her chocolatey brown eyes.


“Hi.” They said again, their heart hammering against their ribs.


“You said that already.” Angel laughed, running her hands up their chest.


Frankie’s eyes fluttered close. All day they’d been dreaming of her touch, and now that her hands were on them, it was pure bliss.


Leaning forward, Angel trailed a line of kisses up Frankie’s neck, reaching their ear.

“How about you take a shower and then meet me in the bedroom.” She suggested, causing Frankie’s hand to tighten on her hip.


“I don’t wanna be without you.” They complained, causing Angel to laugh.


“I have to get the room ready. It’ll only be a couple minutes.” She promised.


Sighing, Frankie made their way to the bathroom, they stripped out of their uniform before getting into the shower and adjusting the water to the perfect temperature.


The warm water ran over Frankie’s entire body, causing them to sigh; they were in heaven. For a moment, Frankie had completely forgotten where they were. But then the ruffling from the bedroom reminded them that Angel was waiting on them. So after scrubbing the day away, Frankie rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. 


After drying off, Frankie fastened the towel around their waist and walked out into the bedroom.


The room was dark, the only light coming from the vanilla scented candles. The soft hum of R & B filled the air, as Angel entered the room.


“Lie face down.” She instructed. 


Doing as they were told, Frankie lied on the bed. Turning their head, they watched her float around to her side of the bed and grab a bottle that had been sitting on the nightstand. 


“Can you hold out your arm for me?” Angel asked.


Frankie offered up their arm, and they were met with the feel of warm liquid being dripped down onto their skin.


“Too hot?” She asked.


“Perfect.” Frankie replied.


A moment later, Frankie heard two thuds, most likely Angel’s heels falling, before the bed shifted. Straddling Frankie’s back, Angel dripped the warm liquid down their back. Then, working the oil into their skin, Angel ran her hands over Frankie’s entire back.


“Fuck.” They groaned, practically melting into the bed. 


With every stroke of Angel’s thumbs, Frankie felt more and more relaxed and wound up all at the same time; And the warmth of Angel’s center resting on their lower back wasn’t helping with the situation either. So when she rose up to get more oil, Frankie quickly flipped over, causing Angel to squeal in surprise. 


“Hey! I’m not done.” She pouted.


Frankie sat up.


“We can finish later.” They said, threading their fingers through her hair. 


Pulling her forward, Frankie kissed their wife. Their mouths collided, and Frankie wasted no time; as their tongue found hers, Frankie and Angel battled for dominance and Angel eventually won; It didn’t really matter to Frankie though, all they cared about was finally getting what they’d been dreaming of all day.


As Angel continued to kiss them, Frankie began undressing her. Undressing Angel was like unwrapping a present, only instead of ripping through the wrapping paper, Frankie took their time, pulling the body suit off slowly; Besides, Angel would kill them if they ruined her lingerie. Once she was fully naked, Frankie snaked their way down the bed, settling between her legs. Inhaling, their mouth practically watered at the smell of her. All day they had been dreaming of her taste, and now it was finally time. Moving forward, Frankie dove face first into their wife’s pussy. With their finger spreading her open, they ran their tongue up her slit, causing Angel to fist the sheets as her body shot up from the bed.


“Frankie!” Angel practically sang.  


Her legs shook as Frankie swirled their tongue inside of her. With every swipe of Frankie’s tongue, Angel released a string of profanities. Frankie took her higher and higher until there was nowhere else to go but crashing back to earth. 


As she exploded around Frankie’s fingers, Angel’s back arched, her hands finding Frankie’s hair. Holding their face against her, Angel screamed out their name, her body coming apart at the seams. Wave after wave, her orgasm ripped through her until she was a jelly-like mess. 


After wiping their mouth with the sheets, Frankie sat up and smirked.


Looking down at their wife, they watched as her chest rapidly rose and fell.


“Round one.” They said with a devilish grin.


They’d give her some time to recover before taking her again.  

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