Employee of The Month

The lobby was empty. Other than a couple lingering dust bunnies, there wasn’t much to be seen. The floors were, as one would expect, filthy, dust turning the once rich, dark, mahoney wooden floors into a grayish color.


Hector, the one eyed doorman, who has since long passed away, stood in the doorway. With one arm raised, and the same toothless grin etched into his face, Hector stood propped up against the elevator doors. 


Hector leaning against the door was about as much trouble as a fly sitting in a window seal; since no one ever came to the County Inn anymore. 


The County Inn, a joke Hector’s boss, Josie, had come up with after the hotel had become popular amongst those fleeing their town to avoid jail, hanging, or some other punishment. 


Much like Hector, Josie was no longer alive; but unlike Hector, Josie died in a warm bed, surrounded by those whom Josie loved the most.


But for poor ol’ Hec? Well that bastard passed on the job. 


It was a Saturday when it happened; he was taking his usual, morning shit and ka boom. Like a bomb in World War II, Hector dropped a deuce so large, it ripped right through him. 

But as luck would have it, even as a skeleton, he was still stuck at his job.


“Alright Johnny! It’s my break time!” Hector yelled sitting up.


Hector didn’t really need to announce it; It wasn’t like anyone ever came through the lobby. But still, Hector liked to cover all his bases; and also, old habits die hard.


The pimple-faced teen poked a hand out of the little area behind the desk, and Hector shook his head.Had it not been for that massive shit, he would’ve been manager. 


But hey, sometimes, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. 

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