Double Booked

Carter Adams pulled the blue light blocking glasses from his face, dropping them on the desk. Leaning back in his chair, he attempted to rub the fatigue from his eyes. For the past two and a half hours, he’d been staring at his screen, working on the script for a horror film he and his siblings, Nat and Nathan, were working on. Since Carter is the writer of the trio, it was his job to take the notes he, Nat, and Nathan wrote up and turn it into a script. For weeks now, he’d been chipping away at the story with Nat and Nathan popping in to edit, make suggestions, and comment on the Google Docs document.

As Carter leaned back in his chair, he folded his hands together and placed them on top of his head.

He’d been staring at his screen for so long that what was once a beautiful horror story about a corporate man losing his marbles and plotting to kill his boss, was now just a series of fuzzy letters on a screen.

Burying his face in his hands, Carter was in the middle of psyching himself up so that he could dive back into writing when his phone went off. Normally when he was working, Carter would put his phone on Do Not Disturb and drop it into the bottom drawer of his desk, but today he forgot. Since the computer screen was still looking a little fuzzy, he decided that maybe he was in need of a longer break.

“Fuck, I need to get my eyes checked.” He said to himself before looking down at his phone.

At the site of his cousin Chelsea’s name displayed across his screen, he couldn’t help but smile. It’d been far too long since he’d last spoken to her. Answering the call, he fell back into his chair as he pressed the phone to his ear.

“Chelsea! How’s my favorite cousin?” He said into the phone.

Chelsea’s eye roll was practically audible.

“Please! Favorite cousin my ass! If I really was your favorite cousin I wouldn’t have had to find out you’re coming to Canada from my mom! What the hell Carter?!” She yelled into the phone.

Carter took a sharp inhale through his teeth.

“I meant to call you Chelse, I swear. ” He said.

“Uh huh, sure you did.” She said, sounding unconvinced.

“My mom said something about you wanting to use the cabin too. How long are you gonna be up there?” Carter asked.

“Two days. It’s just a little party to kick off the summer.” Said Chelsea.

“Well it’s gonna take the twins, our friends, and I a bit to get up there , so you have your party first.” He said.

Chelsea groaned disapprovingly.

“You’re not gonna come to my party?” She asked, sounding quite sad.

Carter could practically see her puppy dog eyes. Thank God she didn’t FaceTime him.

“Well I mean you can wait for the twins and I but it’s gonna take us like forty hours to get there.” He explained.

“Forty hours! Why the fuck is it gonna take forty hours?” She said in disbelief.

“Some of our friends have a fear of flying and we gotta make a pit stop on the way. Plus, I actually kind of like driving.” Said Carter.

Chelsea huffed.

“Fucking psycho.” She muttered, causing Carter to laugh.

“Fine, I guess I’ll see you when you get here then.” She said.

After making him promise to keep her up to date with his drive, the cousins said their goodbyes and hung up.

Then, dropping his phone onto his desk, Carter decided to head upstairs to get something to eat before getting back to work.

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