Done For The Day

Philip Hall pushed his blue-light-blocking glasses off his face and rubbed his eyes. For the past hour and a half, he’d been obsessing over the last paragraph of the novel he and his brother were co-writing. Phil had been sitting at the desk for hours, only getting up to pee and refill his water bottle. After the third break, he’d ditched the bottle, realizing that it was the reason for his frequent breaks.

Staring at the screen he racked his brain for words to improve the paragraph.

“Phil, it’s ten-thirty.” Michael, Phil’s boyfriend, said.

Turning around, Phil looked at the other man as the guilt began to set in. Today was Michael’s day off and rather than spending it together, Phil locked himself in his office.

“I’m sorry.” He said, his shoulders slumping.

“Don’t be! You finally caught a break after being creatively constipated for weeks. I’m just glad you stopped pulling your hair.”Michael said entering the room.

“It’d be a shame if I had to leave you because you went bald.” Michael said, pushing the golden locks out of Phil’s eyes.

Phil tilted his head back and puckered his lips. Smiling, Michael leaned down and kissed the other man. The kiss was meant to be a simple peck, but once they got started they couldn’t stop.

Soon Michael found himself in his boyfriend’s lap, his tongue dancing with Phil’s. After making out for quite some time, Michael began kissing the other man’s neck.

“Shall we take this upstairs?” Michael said.

Phil shook his head.

“Too far. I need you now.” He said, his voice coated with lust.

Pulling Phil from his chair, Michael held him close and spun around. Walking Phil over to the couch, Micheal pushed him down and lay down on top of him. The men made out for quite some time before pulling apart. Taking their time, the couple removed articles of clothing from one another’s bodies. Skin to skin, the boyfriends took turns pleasuring one another until both were spent. Flopping down onto the cushions, Michael pulled the blanket from the back of the couch and draped it over the two of them.

“I think that was some of your best work.” Phil said, resting his head on his boyfriend’s chest.

Michael gave a sleepily ‘thank you’ as they both closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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