The Doctor’s Office


“Got everything?!” Jasmine yelled from the bathroom as she applied her lipstick.

Standing outside the bathroom, Perry couldn’t help but chuckle. Jasmine had asked that question about fifteen times in the last minute or so.

“Yes mom. Would you like to quadruple check?” Perry joked, causing Jasmine’s head to pop out of the bathroom so fast that Perry feared it’d come off.

“What did you just call me?!” Jasmine asked, pointing a stern finger at her lover.

Perry smiled a wide, shit eating grin.

“I said yes, beautiful love of my life.” They lied.

Jasmine pointed two of her fingers at her own eyes before twisting her hand to point them at Perry.

“I’m watching you!” She said, causing Perry to strike a pose.

“Oh Good, how do I look?” They asked, causing Jasmine to roll her eyes.

“Hurry!” She yelled.

By the time the couple got into the elevator, it was two thirty. Their appointment wasn’t until four, but it takes about twenty minutes without traffic and the couple decided to snag coffee on the way.

Outside the Airbnb, the couple made their way down the street and to a coffee shop. There, they ordered, grabbed their food, and made their way to a cozy corner by the window.

“You know you won’t be able to eat the day of.” Jasmine said as they sat down.

“Don’t remind me.” Perry said around a mouth full of yogurt.

”Babe, don’t talk with your mouth full, you’ll choke.” Jasmine warned.

Perry swallowed their mouthful of yogurt and began to speak when Jasmine narrowed her eyes.

“I swear if you call me mom again, I’ll never let you touch me again.” Jasmine warned.

Closing their mouth, Perry eyed their girlfriend carefully. With Jasmine’s lips pressed so tightly together that they could be used as a ruler, Perry knew better than to test her.

“Will do.” Perry simply said.

After finishing their breakfast, the couple made their way back out onto the streets of New York. Then, after waving a cab down, Perry held the door, allowing Jasmine to hop in first. For the entirety of the ride, the couple kept their conversation light and casual. Then, as the taxi came to a stop, Jasmine and Perry thanked the driver and after Perry paid him, they exited the cab. Hand in hand, the couple took in the massive, grey, building that seemed to stretch far beyond the clouds.

“Well here we are.” The couple said in unison.

Taking a deep breath, Perry and Jasmine shared a laugh. Then, squeezing Perry’s hand, Jasmine looked over at her partner.

“Ready baby?” Jasmine asked with a smile.

Perry took a deep breath and exhaled, pushing all the air out of their lungs. Then, taking a step forward they spoke.

“Yeah, let’s go.” They said after exhaling.

With Perry in front, Jasmine allowed her partner to pull her into the building.

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