Dealing With The Drunks

Wait, have you read Cliff Diving?

Jade pulled up to the restaurant to find Carter, Nat, and Nate standing outside, waiting.

As the car came to a stop, Olivia looked up from her phone, and out the window. As soon as she looked up, she was met with the site of Nat. Dressed in a navy blue suit and a white button up, Nat looked delectable. With the two few buttons of their crisp, white button up undone, Olivia was able to see from their neck all the way down to just above their chest. As her eyes trailed over them, thoughts of licking a line from the base of their neck all the way up to their ear caused Olivia to turn beat red. 

    “What cha thinkin about?” Sophie asked as she leaned over. 

Olivia shook her head as the car began moving again. 

    “Nothing.” She said, turning to face her best friend. 

From the look on Sophie’s face, it was evident that she wasn’t buying it. 

After parking the car, the women made their way over to the guys and Nat. Starting with Carter, Olivia greeted the men before stopping in front of Nat. With their hands in their pockets, Nat smiled a childlike smile. 

    “Hi.” They said, removing their hands from their pockets and moving forward. 

Placing their hands on Olivia’s waist, they pulled her into a hug, allowing Olivia to smell them.  The sweet smell of vanilla was such a light contrast to their navy blue suit. Holding onto Nat, Olivia took a deep breath, filling her nose with their scent. 

After the greetings were all said and done, the guys and Nat held their arms out for the women, and headed into the restaurant. After being greeted by the waiter, he escorted the group to a well lit portion of the restaurant in the back. After being seated, everyone was handed a menu. As they looked over the menus, everyone discussed the drink options and what they might order in terms of food. Not long after, when they got their food, the conversation shifted from talk of wines and pasta types to catching up on one another’s day. 

    “So the twins and I are just swimming around in the water and I kid you not, I could feel my balls retreating into my body.”  Carter said, causing everyone at the table to laugh. 

    “Geez Carter, thanks for calling.” Jade joked. 

    “It was an impromptu trip. If you come over then I’ll take you. It’s right in the backyard.” He said. 

As the wine continued to flow, the gang began trading plates and talking about whatever came to mind. 

Being that Jade and Carter were the designated drivers, the two simply sat back and watched their friends make fools of themselves. Then, after two and a half bottles, Jade and Carter decided to call it. Lifting his hand up, Carter summoned the waiter and asked for the check. After paying, they all made their way back out into the parking lot.  

    “Wanna just follow me to the AirBnB?” He asked, holding Nat and Nate upright. 

    “Yeah, sounds like a plan.” Jade said. 

“Woah! This place is amazing!” Chelsea shouted as they walked into the AirBnB.

Making her way over to the couch, Jade helped her best friend sit down. Then, turning around, she was about to head back outside when Carter walked in, carrying Olivia. Sighing, Jade was relieved to see that her sister was out cold. Olivia could be quite the chatty drunk, and after driving all the way over from the restaurant with Olivia going on and on about how sexy Nat looked in their suit, Jade had had enough. 

“Thanks for carrying her in.” Jade said as Carter brought Olivia over to the couch. 

A moment later, Nat and Nate stumbled into the house. Using one another to stay upright, they stumbled over to the couch and flopped down beside Olivia. 

“Nat, Nate! You guys made it!” Olivia cheered, throwing her hands in the air. 

Leaning over to their brother, Nat slapped his chest a couple times to get his attention. 

“You hear that Nate? She said my name first. She said my name first because I’m cuter than you.” Nat said. 

Nate shook his head. 

“Nuh-uh, I’m WAY cuter than you.” Nate argued. 

Carter face palmed before turning to Jade. 

“Great, now their gonna spend all night arguing about who’s cuter. ” Carter said. 

Laughing, Jade placed an arm on his shoulder and leaned against him. 

“Be honest. Who you voting for?” Jade said with a grin. 

It took a minute, but Carter realized she was asking him which of the twins he thought was cuter. Shaking his head, he playfully pushed her off him before making his way towards the stairs. 

“Aw come on Cart! You don’t have to be scared, I’ll never tell them!” Jade said, walking after him. 

Following him upstairs, they made their way into Carter’s room. 

“So I guess you’re spending the night then?” Carter said, turning to look at her. 

Jade gave a nod before flopping down onto his bed. 

“There’s no way I’m taking those bitches home and dealing with them by myself.” She said. 

“In that case, wanna borrow some clothes?” He asked, making his way to his suitcase. 

Jade gave a nod, causing Carter to pull out a shirt and a pair of boxers for her to sleep in. Thereafter, he stepped out of the room allowing her some privacy. 

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