Damn That Red Binki

Carter awoke to find himself face to face with a sleeping Jade. With her mouth slightly ajar and a few strands of hair in her face she looked peaceful. With every inhale and exhale, the few strands of hair swayed back and forth like trees dancing in the wind. For a moment Carter thought about running a finger across her cheek to collect the stray hairs and push them behind her ear, but that seemed far too intimate. So instead he simply watched; watched as the black strains swayed back and forth. 

    “Take a picture, I hear it’ll last longer.” Jade said, opening her eyes. 

Carter laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck. 

    “My bad, I didn’t realize I was staring.” He said, sounding a bit shy. 

That was strange; in the year and a half that Jade had been talking to him, she never knew him to be shy or unsure of himself; Carter usually oozed confidence, but then again, she didn’t really know him all that well. 

His lips parted again as if he wanted to say something, when Nate began speaking. 

    “We should go back to the lake.” He said looking around. 

    “I’m down. I just checked the weather and it’s supposed to be hotter than yesterday.” Nat said. 

After agreeing, the gang all made their way upstairs. Then, as Carter was gathering his clothes to change, Nate walked into the room. 

    “Hey big brother.” He said with a smile as he threw his arm around his brother’s neck. 

    “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Carter asked, narrowing his eyes at his brother. 

    “You know what makes the lake that much better?” Nate asked, his smile growing impossibly wider. 

    “What’s that?” Carter asked. 


    “A little bit of tree.” Nate said, making a joint smoking gesture. 

Carter laughed. 

    “And I’m guessing you want me to go and get it.” Carter said. 

    “Come on Cart, you know I can’t stand Jimmy. I don’t wanna be buds with the guy. Just gimme my weed and send me on my way.” Nate said, rolling his eyes. 

    “He’s lonely, give the guy a break, selling drugs is hard.” Nat said, walking into the room. 

    “Well, excuse the fuck outta me! I’m sorry I don’t wanna hang out above a meth lab!” Nate said. 

Carter rolled his eyes. 

    “Jimmy doesn’t cook meth.” Carter said. 

    “ Not since his last lab exploded.”Nat added, earning them a slap to the chest from Carter. 

    “Hey! That was an accident, he was cooking and he forgot and went to Walmart. Like you’ve never forgotten something on the stove.” Nat said. 

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are we going or not?” Carter asked impatiently. 

    “Alright, but we can’t bring anyone else, you know-”

    “Jimmy hates new people, we know.” The twins chorused. 

After finishing getting ready, the trio headed out the room. 

    “Chelsea!” Carter yelled as he made his way through the house, searching for her. 

Making his way to Jade and Chelsea’s shared room, Carter knocked on the door before getting a simultaneous ‘come in’. Pushing the door open, Carter stepped into the room before freezing. 

There in the middle of the room, stood Jade in a red two piece. 

Starting at the very top of her head, Carter allowed his eyes to travel southward over her face, down her neck, down into the valley between her breast and onward. It wasn’t until he began imagining tan legs wrapping around his waist that Carter finally reached his limit. 

Gripping the door, he managed to pull his eyes away from Jade and focus them on Chelsea. 

    “I need to borrow something but I can’t remember what it was.  I’ll be back.” He said twisting around. 

The women both looked from one another to Jade, smirking knowingly. Then, as Chelsea was about to speak, the door swung open, Carter bursting into the room. 

    “Nat, Nate and I have an errand to run! Wanna come ?. Carter shouted, finally remembering why he’d walked into the room. 

Chelsea laughed before throwing a knowing look Jade’s way. 

    “And what did you need to borrow?”  Chelsea asked with a smirk. 

Carter blinked a few times. 

    “What?” He asked, his eyes beginning to wander back to Jade. 

    “When you first came in here you said you needed to borrow something.” Chelsea said. 

She was having far too much fun watching her cousin drool over her best friend. 

    “Nobody, I gotta go.” Carter said, still looking at Jade. 

Then, after a second longer, he quickly turned around and walked out of the room. The moment he was gone, the women all bursted into a fit of laughter. 

    “Damn Jade, I’ve never seen him like that. Keep it up and I think you’ll kill him.” Chelsea said with a laugh. 

Turning their attention back to the mirror, the women continued getting ready. 

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