Cliff Diving

Nat and Nate made their way through the forest, the sound of falling water getting closer and closer with every step they took. 

    “To the left!” Nat said, as they ducked under a tree branch. 

Continuing on, the twins made it to the other side of the mini forest and came face to face with a waterfall that seemed to stretch high into the sky. 

Standing there for a moment, the twins took in the sound of the rushing water and the sight of the rainbow dancing across the water. 

    “Wow, it’s amazing!” Nat said, as they and Nate looked at the waterfall. 

Looking up at the fall, the twins stood and watched as the water poured from the cliffs edge. 

    “Wanna go diving?” Nate asked, wiggling his eyebrows at Nat. 

Nat scoffed, a look of pure horror on their face. 

    “Hell no, you don’t even know how deep that water is!” Nat said. 

    “You’re right. Let’s find out.” Nate said, already pulling his shirt off. 

    “Nate wait, you don’t even-” Nat’s sentence was cut short as they looked to the right and saw the sign. 

‘Little Hawaii, the perfect diving spot.’ Nat scoffed at the sign; they’d been to Hawaii, several times, and this was not it. But nevertheless, Nat began stripping down to their boxers and joined their brother in the water. 

Nat and Nate fooled around in the water for a bit, challenging one another to see who could go the deepest, and splashing one another, before swimming over to the cliff. There, they climbed up to the top of the cliff. When they made it to the very top, they flopped down onto the cool stone and began panting. 

    “Fuck man, were outta shape.” Nat said, causing Nate to nod in agreement. 

Then, after lying there for a little longer, the pair stood up and made their way to the edge. 

    “Fuck we are high up. Did it seem this high when we were climbing?” Nate asked, looking over at his twin. 

Nat looked back at their brother with a look of unamusement. 

    “Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet.” They said. 

Nate scoffed. 

    “Please! I’m never scared!” He said, puffing out his chest. 

    “Fine then, go.” Nat said, slapping their brother’s back. 

    “Hey! Chill out, okay?!” Nate said, pushing his twin back. 

Then, taking a few steps back from the ledge, Nate began jumping up and down, psyching himself up. Then, running towards the edge, he stopped just before running off. 

    “I’m scared!” He admitted, turning around to face Nat. 

    “I knew it. You big baby.” Nat said with a laugh. 

    “Come on, we’ll go together.” They said. 

Backing up from the ledge, Nat and Nate gave themself a good amount of running distance.

    “Ready? One, two, three!” 

Charging forward, the duo ran to the edge of the ledge where they both jumped. The entire way down they screamed for dear life before making a splash. When they finally resurfaced again, Nate’s eyes were wild with thrill and excitement. 

    “Again, again!” He shouted. 

So again they swam to the cliff and climbed back up again. They made three more jumps before swimming over to their clothes to check the time. Seeing that they were approaching an hour of cliff jumping and horsing around in the water, the twins pulled on their clothes and made their way back to the house. 

Upon arriving, Carter was up and on the phone. 

    “Where have you two been?” He asked, looking back and forth between them. 

After explaining the cliff they found, the twins promised to take him there before making their way upstairs to get ready for dinner. 

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