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You Should Call In Sick

Megan and Beth stepped onto the elevator and looked straight ahead. As the freshly polished silver do

Getting Out There

Madison Khan sat at her desk reading over the same email she’d been getting for weeks now. David Be

Oh How The Times Have Changed

Felicity Myers stretched out across the long, lounge chair. With her shades resting high on her nose,

The End of The Road

The Los Angeles sky was uncharacteristically gloomy, quite fitting for the day Sarah and Summer Halls

Running Late

“Mya, don’t forget we have dinner plans tonight.” Mya’s mother, Judy, reminded her as the old

Memories Made of Dust

The airport was packed. Making her way through the sea of bodies, Aaliyah Jackson dodged large men as

A Much Better Fit

Wait! Before you read this, check out Part.1 of Sarah and Rubby’s story. Ruby stared into the e

The Bride’s Not Coming

The Bride's Not Coming- It was supposed to be Sarah's wedding day but on her way down the aisle she h

I’ve Got These Feelings

Olivia Wild stared at the carpet of her bedroom floor as her best friend, Megan Williams walked back

Looking Dapper

Mya sat outside the dressing room, waiting for Huston to step out. Mindlessly scrolling through Insta