A Rainy Day

Raindrops fell against the windows of Raven’s black Nissan Altima.    ‘What am I doing?’ She thought to herself as she watched droplets collect on her windshield.   It was eleven o’clock at night and she should’ve been at home getting the eight hours of sleep she required simply to function as a human being.… Continue reading A Rainy Day

Who Would Have Thought

 A walking wrecking ball, who loved to party, and a no-nonsense businesswoman, a neat freak, and a complete mess. On paper, they made absolutely no sense, but for some reason, some wild, outrageous reason, unknown to either of them, they were attracted to each other. “Opposites attract,” people say, but that was for magnets, Maggie… Continue reading Who Would Have Thought

You Should Call In Sick

Megan and Beth stepped onto the elevator and looked straight ahead. As the freshly polished silver doors came to a close Beth stepped forward and ran a hand down Megan’s crisp suit.   “Come home with me.” Beth said, gripping a hand full of the other woman’s backside.   Megan laughed, allowing her head to… Continue reading You Should Call In Sick

Oh How Times Have Changed

Felicity Myers stretched out across the long, lounge chair. With her shades resting high on her nose, she laid back, basking in the sun as the soft sound of Jon Bellion’s ‘JT’ poured through the Bluetooth speakers.    ‘A song a day for six years seems like light years away from today’  Jon sang.  … Continue reading Oh How Times Have Changed

The End of The Road

The Los Angeles sky was uncharacteristically gloomy, quite fitting for the day Sarah and Summer Halls were having. Sitting in a high rise in downtown LA, the pair looked down at the stack of papers that would officially undo decades of love and life they’d built.    Looking over the papers, Sarah tapped her pen… Continue reading The End of The Road

Running Late

“Mya, don’t forget we have dinner plans tonight.” Mya’s mother, Judy, reminded her as the older woman sat across from her daughter.  Mya hummed in response.  “I won’t forget mom,” Mya said, not bothering to look up from her computer.  Mya tapped away at her keys, making a few notes to herself as she looked… Continue reading Running Late

Memories Made of Dust

The airport was packed. Making her way through the sea of bodies, Aaliyah Jackson dodged large men as she approached the baggage claim area. Scanning the revolving belt, Aaliyah searched for her bag. After a couple of minutes, she spotted the ugly, green, polka-dotted suitcase. In a hurry her arm jutted out, grabbing the bag… Continue reading Memories Made of Dust

A Much Better Fit

Wait! Before you read this, check out Part.1 of Sarah and Rubby's story. Ruby stared into the eyes of the woman that she loved more than life itself. A bit cliche, but true nevertheless. There wasn’t a thing Ruby wouldn’t do for Sarah; So when Sarah suggested they head to city hall and get married,… Continue reading A Much Better Fit